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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spantaneeus Xtasty: Business Entity, Ex-Porn Star, Model & the Only Female Who Was Managed by Tupac Shakur.

For starts, what pleasure do you get out of life aside from your profession?
I’m working with the leaders in my city, helping out the kids, helping other people achieve their goals while putting them in a better situation where they see their dreams become a reality, or just doing a good deed.

What do you do outside of having sex on tape, acting in films and modeling?
I’ve been retired from porn for 10 years and my movies are still selling $20million strong.  I’ve been working on getting my music company to the forefront.  I have Hip Hop artists from New York and Philly.  In my leisure time I’m always thinking about business.  I’ll go to my beach house in Miami and relax.  I just might go horseback riding.  I even went whale watching in Iceland.  I’ve seen the world, from Hawaii to South America and more.

What places do you want to travel to that you haven’t gone to yet?
Italy and Amsterdam.  Amsterdam because of the Red Light district and you can smoke marijuana.  I don’t do drugs, but I like the idea there’s a country where it’s ok. There’s barely any drama there.  They’re probably high and mellowed out.  I think marijuana should be legalized worldwide.  You never hear about Amsterdam getting into wars.  Italy; I want to go there because I’m fascinated by the fashion culture.  If I went to Amsterdam I might never come back to the U.S.  People get so caught up in other people’s sexuality and judging those people.  There are a lot of people who are like, “You know what?  This is what I do.”  There are others who pretend like they don’t do it.  There’s nothing wrong with a sexual appetite, because we’re human and we’re animalistic in the first place.  What matters is how you do things and that you don’t go overboard.  It’s not bad to talk about sexuality.  In European countries, they talk about it and display it in their commercials which are very sexual.  We don’t have commercials like that.  You won’t see a man with a nude woman at his side.  People here would freak out, but we were all born bootie naked. 
What motivates you every day?
I don’t really have a plan.  I live by a calendar and have been doing so for most of my professional career. Seeing that I’ve achieved a lot already and it’s all I thought it would be, I get motivated just by coming up with new business ventures with a chance to follow through.

When you’re in public, do you get the celebrity treatment or do people leave you alone?
When I’m out, I’d say a good number of people notice me.  I’m tatted up.  There are times when I’ll be at the mall and it becomes a bit of a circus.  I don’t mind signing a few autographs, but otherwise that’s my personal time.  Sometimes I get escorted out by my security.  When I’m with a group of people/friends other people will look and recognize me, but not be as aggressive compared to when I’m by myself.  I dress low key, you know.  I’m not walking around in stilettos with a mini skirt all up in my ass. 

Do you ever feel objectified when doing public appearances?
I’m very comfortable.  I never do anything when I’m performing that makes me uncomfortable.  I seek out what I want when I’m touring.  I’m not always Spantaneeus the Playboy movie star.  I’d get to do scenes and my thing was doing a Chocolate Show, having fun with a lot of Hershey’s chocolate syrup all over my body with people touching me.  My bodyguards hated it. (Span laughs)  Why chocolate, you may ask?  I used to have a line of chocolate (“Ecstasy Chocolate”) that used to sell like crazy.  My favorite was Hershey’s by itself, or with a strawberry flavor to it.  I’m like a little kid with the candy.  (Spantaneeus points out)  Women approach me too.  It’s a whole other generation of women out there. Before Oprah went off-air she did a show that focused on Adult industry products, from the movies to the toys. The largest consumers in Adult entertainment are women, not men.  We’re talking about your soccer moms, everyday women, office females, married women, single and even widowed. 
(Tupac Shakur, R.I.P. 1971-1996)
What was like being managed at one point by Tupac?
It was a true blessing.  I miss him dearly.  Him being my manager; he was my ex-boyfriend, my friend and will be truly missed.  There’s no one I’ve ever had that could replace him.  Pac was a very smart and intelligent young man.  I learned a lot from him, a lot about Black history. As you know, the Shakur family has a place in history going back to the Black Panthers.  He was very much ahead of his time.  He wasn’t just what you’d call a rap artist.  He was a poet, also an educator who was about the people, unity, a movement and making something positive happen for the brothers and sisters in the hood. There aren’t any Tupacs in the music industry today.  We don’t have a Martin Luther King Jr. or a Malcolm X anymore.  We have leaders, but they aren’t like they used to be and I think that’s why so many people are giving up today, because they don’t see hope.  For the artists out now; your music should have a meaning that lasts 20-30 years from now.
(Howard Stern)
What did Howard Stern have you doing on his show and what was that experience like?
I’ve been on his show a few times.  He wanted me on there because of my World Record Gangbang with 551 guys in 6 hours.  That’s what changed the history of Adult entertainment for a woman of color.  Before that, the women who did gangbangs like that were mostly white women.  Howard was very nice!  If he wanted me on the show to act dumb like a bimbo, I’m not having it!

What made you as a woman decide to get gangbanged by 551 men?
I’ve done 350+ movies.  I wanted to do something that years from now, people would be like, “Oh My God!  Do you remember when she did that?!?!?!”  It was my last film and I wanted to go out like a nuclear bomb!  I retired by doing a bizarre, amazing movie.  It sold $3million in one week.  Ron Jeremy hosted the movie.  Buddha Co. from California did the soundtrack.  I wrote the script for the movie.  It took about 2-3 months to build the set.  I wanted to be more of a porn Cleopatra.  It turned out great!  In a movie like that you have 5 to 6 female porn stars called “fluffers” and they get the guys up for when they come to me.  1,000 guys showed up for the film. We had the AIDS test that was administered.  We had this thing called the “winner shot” where the guy has the condom on, fucks me and pulls out, he cums on me and then we had a guy who’d wipe the cum off my body. You don’t want to interview him.  (Span laughs)
I’m curious about what you looked like before your surgery.  What made you want to get breast implants?
I was actually a 36-DD naturally, so I had normal breasts, but I wanted something that was gigantic.  At the time I was in the music industry, not the Adult industry. I saw Dolly Partin one day and said, “I want to have a chest like that!”  I just like gigantic breasts.  I’m a chest woman!

What made you want to get into the porn industry? Other than money, is it a psychological thing with men, being able to manipulate us sexually?
(Spantaneeus laughs at the implication of using her sexuality to manipulate men)  Actually I got into the industry because I had a rock band and was a drummer early on.  A lot of people wanted me to get on the mic more, so as time went on I worked on my lyrical skills, back when Yo’ MTV Raps was still around.  I would dance for some of the artists on Ruffhouse Records. Someone passed a photo of me onto one of the largest Adult movie companies in California.  They called me and when I went to Cali, I had my business negotiated, so I wasn’t one of those chics that fly out there knocking on the door saying, “I wannabe a porn star!”
(Kim Eternity)
You did a scene with Kim Eternity.  What’s your chemistry like with her?  Do you consider yourself bi-sexual?
My chemistry with Kim is great!  She’s good people.  I was a contract girl and I’d know 6 weeks in advance who I’m working with on a film and if there’s an issue where I don’t feel right working with an individual, they’ll know about it and it won’t happen.  I’ll do scenes and have fun with women, but I don’t have relationships with women.  I don’t consider myself bi-sexual because I want to be with a man.  I don’t want any strap-on’s.  That won’t turn me on.  I need the real thing!  Gota have a man!

What do you enjoy most about lesbian love scenes?
It’s being able to see the finished product of the scene. I’ll look afterwards to see what I could’ve done better. When I first got into the Adult industry I would always look into the camera.  I wasn’t used to being filmed, so I had to pretend like the cameras weren’t there.  As time went on it became natural for me not to look at the camera.  I remember being on tour and I overheard someone being asked, “What’s the best girl/girl scene you’ve seen?” and she said “The Player’s Club” with Spantaneeus and Champagne.  That was a great feeling to hear my name like that.  I guess I do a really good girl/girl scene!

If you could invent a brand new sex toy, what would you come up with?
A blow up doll with removable tattoos.

Your online bio says 2 of your scenes lasted 24 and 19 minutes.  Is that the typical duration for your scenes?
It depends on the scene itself.  It could be a man/woman scene, a threesome, an orgy.  On average, about 45 minutes.  

What type of person does it take to get into porn?
It takes a unique person to get into the porn industry and for me; I was always a very sensual person.  I’m not a sex addict.  I would never take my job home with me. I’ve never dated a porn star.  Everybody thought Mr. Marcus and I were dating because we came into the porn industry around the same time.  People saw us together enough to think that we were dating, but we weren’t.  I would date someone in the entertainment industry, but not porn.

What’s your favorite position with a man?  
One of my favorites is doggystyle and it’s because I like looking at myself.  There’s a mirror and we see each other doing it in that position.
Have you ever met anyone that made you consider giving up your professional lifestyle to settle down?
I would never ask my partner to give up his career, so I would hope he doesn’t tell me to give up mine.  Any man, or woman who makes you do that is losing out on a part of who you are.  Why ask them to give up something they were doing before the two of you met?  The only person who would’ve convinced me to retire sooner was if Pac was alive, because he knew me before I got into the Adult industry.  I still would’ve done it for a brief period.  He didn’t really want me doing it in the first place.  He would’ve been the only man I would’ve left it all for.

Would you consider yourself a dominatrix? 
Yes.  I can definitely be like that.  I specialize in that. They’d have movies and pick me for the role.  I was always real nice with the women, but with the men I really get into my zone.

Is this the way you are usually, or is it just for the industry?
No, I’m very traditional.  I’m really not like that every day.  It’s in the script.

Are you equally recognizable in the Philippines as you are here in the states? 
I’ve actually never been to the Philippines, because my father came to America before I was born.  I grew up on Soul food dishes.  My grandmother was Cherokee Indian, so I’m part Indian, Black and Pilipino. 

I think people don’t have a choice as to how they get treated, but they do have a choice as to what they tolerate.  So, what advice would you give to mistreated and abused women out there?
I’ve never been in an abusive relationship, but if a man hits me then it’s over!  I don’t care who it is.  The love is out the window.  What women need to remember is if he hits you once, he’ll hit you again at some point.  A person who loves you shouldn’t be hitting you at all.  I don’t care if we have 10 children.  Thing is, the child will hear and see daddy hitting on mommy, and the children might grow up into the same situation.  You can’t change a man who’s abusive, period!  As a man, you can’t change a woman who’s abusive either.  You can’t.  If there are issues like that, then you need to get out because it can get to the point where you can get killed. A real man will never hit a woman, and I stand by that!

What is it that you do to stay in the great shape you’re in?
I go to the gym.  I love the gym.  It’s one of my best friends. (Span laughs)  I try to eat and drink healthier.  I drink more green tea and healthier juices.  Being on the road and living in and out of suitcases, there’s a lot of hotel food.  About 7 years ago, I had walking pneumonia and almost died.  I realized how your immune system can break down and you don’t even know it.  As I’ve gotten older I know I have to be wiser and go for my regular doctor visits making sure nothing is wrong.  The gym is a lifestyle.  Once you get adjusted to it being in your schedule, it becomes a great part of your life.
Any advice to the young girls out there who are considering doing porn and/or modeling?
Don’t just go into it for the money.  Do it for the passion.  I’ve met some young women who act clueless and there are other women who are smart and go into it as a business.  Don’t just go into it because you like to have sex.  As with any business, you can get caught up with the right or the wrong people.  Sometimes when people get upset, it’s because they got caught up with the wrong people.  I always got more involved in what I’ve done.  I got behind the camera instead of just being on it. I was always in tune with my own career.

What are 2 things on your bucket list?
Other than traveling to Italy and Amsterdam, it’s tough to answer that because a lot of the things I set my sights on doing have been done.  I’ll always have some type of business to manage.  I’d like to help out the homeless more.  When I was in college I did a documentary on the homeless.  I once saw a homeless woman who must’ve been 8 months pregnant and it really bothered me.  They have millions to fund the building and launch of a space shuttle, but there are homeless people all over the country and world.

On or off camera, how many times have you climaxed at best in one session?
I’m not going to say anything crazy like 20 times.  It’s been more like 3-4 times.

What’s the freakiest thing you’ve ever done?
I’ve explored all my fantasies and it would have to be that 551 Gangbang.  I can’t compare that with anything.

What do you want most out of life?
I’ve been blessed and fulfilled.  I’ve seen a lot of beautiful things and great people along the way.  I was on this radio show one time and there’s a fan of mine who won a contest to meet me.  She was a beautiful woman who was in jail for some reason and I happen to bring in a photo of the exact magazine cover she had in her jail cell for 5 years.  Tears flowed because she was so overwhelmed.  I was like, “Wow!” 
(Lady of Rage)
Which female emcee inspired you the most as a lyricist?
Lady of Rage.  It was like she had a one-hitter, but was extremely talented.  She had a sexy look mixed with that hard core appeal.  A lot of the female rappers back then weren’t sexy looking like they are now.  She was respected lyrically in a time when you had to come with lyrics, or they didn’t take you seriously.  Yeah, Lil’ Kim and Nikki Minaj do their thing, BUT I’ve got the total package!  You can get my movies and listen to my music.  So who is the real Queen B?  I fucked 551 men in 6 hours!  If you look at the history of bees, the Queen of the hive has sex with all the bees, so who is really the Queen B here???  I can’t say they’re my competition because they’re not.  I say, do a 552 Gangbang and then come back to me, otherwise there’s nothing to talk about.

What makes you feel attractive? 
The way people look at me is much different than how I view myself.  I receive a lot of compliments, but I never let it go to my head.  I’m very humble.  I tell almost every woman I see that they are beautiful and sexy, because they might not hear that elsewhere.  I can tell when a woman doesn’t hear it.  You can see the insecurities and lack of confidence in them.  I get that attention all the time, so I’m trying to share it.  Defining sex appeal is within you and not up to others who judge. It’s not just physical.  A lot of the younger girls put too much pressure on themselves to fit what’s referred to as “sexy”.  Some say, “I want to be you!” and I say, “No! Be you.”  For me, I’m a product of an image.

What’s up with all the tattoos?
All these tattoos have something to do with people that played a major role in my life.  Even if Pac was alive, I wouldn’t have him on my body, no matter how much he meant!  On my back, I have my grandma who’s like my guardian angel.  If you saw my custom tattoos, you’d know certain situations that happened in my life.

Give me 3 adjectives to describe who you are as a person.
Kind, humble and good-hearted.  I’ve never been ungrateful for anything in my life.  I’m very happy, very blessed, and appreciative of everything I’ve worked for and I’m very humble.  People say, “Wow!  You’re the type that could hang out on the block and even hang with mom.”  I fit right in like, “Hey!  What’s going on?!”  I’m a celebrity, but I’m a person with the same problems everybody else has.  Our job is a job just like everyone else, except the world gets to see it.

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