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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Soulja Boy is in the hot seat for taking another man’s name and not taking care of his mother Lisa Way

205245_422876541087574_1687615570_nSoulja Boy is in the hot seat for taking another man’s name and not taking care of his mother Lisa Way. A man by the name of David Gresham aka Soldier Boy, tells that he use to date soulja’s mother. The man claims to know all the inside scoop on soulja boy. According to David Gresham, soulja boy mother Lisa Way use to be on drugs, and wants her son back in her life…. now that she is clean. The realsoldier boy claims when Lisa calls her son soulja, he just ignores her. The real soldier boy is also claiming that he was soldier boy back in the 90′s and still is.

He writes:

“I wasn’t gonna do this but when he post this tweet on Twitter I SAID FUCK IT PUT HIS AZZ ON BLAST no matter what people think about me doing this it’s a real life situation how he a Star and his Mother is struggling fuck that shit PUT HIS AZZ ON BLAST you out here FLEXING boy stop playing (I’m doing me. I got no time for groupie niggaz or distractions. I’m feeding my family ‼️) I had to do it because he doesn’t take care of his Mother like he should. This isher room where she stay in a rough hood in Atlanta, I also have MORE exclusive footage. I help her the best way I can but her son is out here livin it up and is able to really take care of her. The story get deeper but I’m not gonna get into that now but all I’m gonna say is Soulja Boy Tell Em you need to take care of your Mother, no matter what the situation is SHE IS STILL YOUR MOTHER boy stop playing. People SHARE THIS, got to put this dude on Blast.

Take care your Mother Deandre that’s all I’m say’n.

When we asked him to further elaborate on the situation, he stated:

“I use to date his mom before I went on the run she gave him my name I’m the real soldier boy of Atlanta and I’m back now free at last and he had not pay homage plus he don’t take care of his mother.”

The real Soldier boy adds

“She told me he just been ignoring her bro. she use drugs and I think he done all he can do he think she not gone change but I talk to her everyday she want help and it’s hope for her he need to take care of her.”

Peep out the slideshow and leave your thoughts on this situation.


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Source By David Soldier Gambino Gresham

Thursday, June 26, 2014

SoundCloud Is Working on Artists Payouts for Their Most Popular Users…

SoundCloud has gone through a lot of recent changes. Now, SoundCloud has released a new version of their iPhone app that focuses on the user listening experience.

This latest update completely removes the ability to record and upload through the app.

If you need to upload to SoundCloud on the go, some third party apps still offer the feature.

The iPhone app centers around two things:  The music feed, displaying tracks from followed artists, and trending tracks in various genres.

SoundCloud’s co-founder and CTO, Eric Wahlforss, has also told various outlets that SoundCloud is considering a new payout approach.

He says that accounts with millions of followers and listeners can expect some type of future monetization.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Da Grahynd Music and Xs10magazins has officially re-launched their New radio site in April 2014 and giving the number one claiming radio stations and magazines a run for their money. How is that?

Atlanta, GA, June 05, 2014 -- Da Grahynd Music is changing the way radio stations operate for Entertainment success. Their radio hosts inspire guests to change the way they think and speak about their dreams by transforming conversation, just like manifesting a dream, begins by setting an intention. Da Grahynd Music assists their guests in taking greater control of their career and life. 

Michael Neely, aka Big Mike & Kanzadia Dales, the owners of Da Grahynd Music said, “Our purpose was put forth into a plan to direct the mind to aim for greater success.”

The consistent actionable promotional efforts aligned their guests, advertisers, sponsors, and endorsers to make even the most impossible business goals, possible. This unique radio station’s intentions are to transform the conversations around dreams from fear and doubt, to hope and possibility, followed by efficient and effective action and results. Tune into to listen to how their quality music resembles the true essence of what Da Grahynd Music represents: passion, joy, hopes, and dreams of realistic creativity.

According to eMarketer, "79.3 Million people listen to Internet Radio weekly. In 2011, eMarketer estimated that 37.5% of US internet users ages 12 and up will listen to internet radio-including online streaming of terrestrial broadcasts and online-only radio stations-or podcasts at least weekly in this year. On a monthly basis, 44.3% of web users will tune in to online radio." As you can see, Internet Radio listeners are increasing by the masses that remain the driving force for the independent artist and entertainers to gain global exposure.

About Da Grahynd Music
Da Grahynd Music is the first BDS,BMI,ASCAP,SESAC,SOCON internet radio station that has recently obtained its own Mobile app on Tunein.  A strong platform was built for Da Grahynd Music that was designed around appropriate strategies for getting entertainers to where one wants to be. This involves 24-7, 365 days of Brand Promotion, Radio Rotation Airplay, Interviews, Blogging, Live Chat, Worldwide Viral Exposure, Featured Artists, Compilations, Hottest DJ’s, and Special Events to create major buzz. Da Grahynd Music radio station heavily demonstrates commitment to their guests, advertisers, sponsors, and endorsers for amazing outcomes to occur for all involved.

XS10magazine is a hybrid sexy urban lifestyle and consumer electronics magazine. We present a unique blend of entertainment news and technology reviews from around the globe. XS10magazine embodies a unique combination of edgy articles that feature coverage of music. A-list celebrities, promising newcomers, sports figures, new technologies, fashion, politics, sex, health, and travel. You can't have visually appealing editorial...this needs revision. How about, "XS10magazine's high quality editorials and visually stunning photography stimulate both the mind and the senses.
Michael Neely is a 29 year vet in the music business. He started in the music business back in 1985 in Atlanta Ga.

He got into the music business with good friends. Kenny diamonds,James Smart and mentor AL Haymon.
From then he grew with a hunger to know more and more when it comes to music. He has represented some of the hottest names in the music and entertainment business. 
Flo from badgirls club, Kebo Cyrus, Bushwick bill, Bizzybone, Lexis Mason, Momma Holiday, 

Together with his mentors Kevin Black,Jerry Heller,Steve Lobel they have taught me the pros and cons of the music industry.

Mr Neely brings too the (#RRMG) Rick Ross Music Group label. His knowledge of the music up and downs when it comes too music and thinking out side the box.
Michael Neely was just concerned as being signed too the RRMG LABEL as a AnR. Which he has said it's his honor too represent the streets and the talent that comes from the streets 
Michael Neely is a #AnR for #RRMG and it is my honor to be one. 

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Gucci mane made a diss track too Yogotti

From behind bars rapper Gucci Mane has just fired some warning shots aimed at fellow rapper The Game with his recent track “The Definition”. The song is your typical diss track; which is great promo for Gucci’s upcoming album The White Album.

Now that the shots have been fired we’ll see if Game comes back with something of his own for Gucci. Let’s not forget, The Game is no rookie to rap beef. Game is fresh off of signing a new independent deal too. With nothing but time for Gucci and a newly sparked fire beneath Game, we may just have hip hop’s next feud.

Check out Gucci’s diss track and let us know what you think.

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Travis Porter, released their new mixtape, Music Money Magnums 2

Four days ago, Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014, American hip hop group, Travis Porter, released their new mixtape, Music Money Magnums 2, on LiveMixtapes and DatPiff. On their twelfth mixtape since 2009, starting with “Who Is Travis Porter?”, the Decatur, Georgia trio has not signaled any decrease in their music grind. Travis Porter has one studio album, “From Day 1″ (May 2012), which featured “Ayy Ladies” featuring Tyga. “Ayy Ladies”, their most succesful song to-date, earned a spot on the Hot 100 at number 56 and sat on the top of Heatseekers Songs chart. The currently RCA Records signed group has announced that they are working on a second studio album, although the name nor the release date is yet to be unveiled.

The recently released mixtape, Music Money Magnums 2, features 13 tracks: one being “Pot of Gold” featuring 2 Chainz and “No Understanding” feat PhiJuju and Luciano. On June 4th, 2014, a video was released for “No Understanding” on WorldStarHipHopTravis Porter‘s unnamed second studio album, though there is no scheduled month, is set to release during the year of 2014.

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Nicki Minaj, has released a sneak preview for her new video, “Pills N Potions”

Trinidadian baddie and Young Money Cash Money Princess, Nicki Minaj, has released a sneak preview for her new video, “Pills N Potions”, on WorldStarHipHop on Friday, June 5th, 2014“Pills N Potions”, which was announced as the lead single on “The Pink Print” at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, has held a spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 as number 42 three days after.  Her new album, “The Pink Print”, is scheduled for release in 2014, though the month and day are to be announced. “It’s coming,” Nicki says, “just wait on it”. Born Onika Tanya Maraj, she has released three mixtapes between the years 2007 and 2009, which ultimately led to her singing with Young Money Entertainment. The Jamaica, Queens, New York native has received recognition as a trendsetter and fashion icon with her loud costumes, clothing and wigs, as well as her ability to channel alter egos (the most famous being British). With the mystery release of The Pink Print, directed by Nabil, “the most influential female rapper of all time”, suggests The New York Times, has fans on their toes anticipating impatiently. Nicki will NOT be pulling a Beyonce and will, in fact, unveil the release date [when] the album is really done and I’ve lived with it for a long time.

 Nicki Minaj – Pills N Potions (Teaser)

The title of her new album is heavily influenced by Jay-Z‘s album, The Blueprint. “He did such a good job of creating this Blueprint brand for male rappers”, states Nicki about her all-time favorite rapper, “and I wanted to do that [for] female rappers to be able to pattern themselves with what I’ve done one day”. Confirmed tracks for the seven-time BET Award winning female artist’s album include “Lookin Ass”“Yasss Bish”, and “Chi-Raq”. As opposed to her dance-pop style demonstrated in Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, the self-proclaimed Barbie said that she wanted to “focus on rap”.

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

The queen Mary J. Blige is back with new music

The queen Mary J. Blige is back with new music, today she delivers a new single titled “Suitcase” off the “Think Like A Man Too” movie soundtrack, of course she delivers on the vocals and the track is clearly a banger as well! Follow the link: - 

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Hoes and pimps, she says she will never make a sex tape the first time and her she goes again is this what RHOA really do for the cast teach them how to be a hoe?

Reality television has all the drama, comedy, and suspense that you could ask for, but something is missing—THE REALITY.  While reality shows have taken over the primetime market, one has to laugh as sitcoms have been replaced with low budget acting and soap opera-ish plots.  Reality television may have sitcoms in a decline, but TV show characters are at an all-time high.  Perfect example being Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars Mimi Faust and Nikko.  You can’t tell me that those two aren’t feeding us lines.

The LHHA couple’s sex tape is another fine example of acting, from the actual making of the tape to its release.  I’m just not convinced. 

Again we find Mimi and Nikko eating up the spotlight as they appear on Vlad TV to discuss the possibility of putting out another sex tape.  As the couple dismisses the possibility of a second planned sex tape, they did not say it out was out the question at some point down the road, especially if the money is right. While Mimi claims that the they’re not porn stars, I have to question what her definition is, because I see two people who “starred” in a “porn” and made “money” from it as a result. 

Check out the Mimi and Nikko conversation below and don’t worry, they keep their clothes on in this video.    

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Regardless of Yasiin Bey’s U.S. citizenship status

Regardless of Yasiin Bey’s U.S. citizenship status, the boy is still making good music.  The man who was supposedly banned from the U.S. drops a new joint featuring the sounds of beat maker extraordinaire Mannie Fresh.  With the “Let’s Go” track Yasiin Bey gives us that soul food for thought.  The Mannie Fresh produced beat compliments Bey’s lyrical skills as the veteran emcee delivers from start to finish.

Listen to “Let’s Go” below and feel free to share your thoughts.

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Lil Wayne talk about his new single and maybe his last album

Lil Wayne chatted this week about trying something different in his approach to promoting his upcoming and possibly final album. In a recent interview with ESPN rapper Lil Wayne spoke about the connection of music and sports and the impact it had on his current promotion for Tha Carter V.

During the conversation Wayne talked about using athletes to promote his album.

“Carter V Season” was all Kobe. He came up with it. I saw that and thought, That’s dope as hell, so that’s what we’re calling the [album] campaign. I thanked him. Then we thought about Floyd.”

We knew Floyd had a fight coming up. So all eyes were on him. I have his number, so I had my homey hit him up: Can you put this video of Drake out, as a little tease? He did [on April 30]. And it worked. That s— was crazy. I told him I appreciate him. He said he’s down for whatever else. That’s Floyd — down for whatever.

The YMCMB captain stated that he believed music and sports were connected through the youth.  “Music is youth, sports is youth, and to the younger players, music is their motivating force,” said Wayne.

Wayne continued the interview with speaking on his upcoming and highly anticipated album Tha Carter 5. He mentions that “growth and maturity” is what it all comes down to.

Still no release date for Tha Carter 5, but for now you can catch Wayne in the latest installment of his “Weezy Wednesdays” below.

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