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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Drake breaks his silence over “Control”

Drake breaks his silence over “Control”

Out of everyone Kendrick Lamar name dropped on his “Control” verse that set the industry on fire, all eyes were on Drake and whether or not he would respond to K. Dot’s claims. Weeks went by and it was all crickets from Drizzy…until now.

During a recent interview with Billboard, Drake explained that he remained unphased by Kendrick’s verse on a first run through, “I went about my day, went and got dinner and kept it moving.”

Drake continued on with his thoughts and explained that he does not feel threatened nor does he believe Kendrick will ever be able to murder him, “I didn’t really have anything to say about it. It just sounded like an ambitious thought to me. That’s all it was. I know good and well that Kendrick’s not murdering me, at all, in any platform. So when that day presents itself, I guess we can revisit the topic.”

Who do you believe has the upperhand in the rap game?

Soulunique is here too stay

Soulunique Showband 
All songs written, performed and produced by Soulunique. copyright 2011

Led by brothers Redd and Gee, SU was formed to focus on eventually becoming a Grammy nominated act., quickly becoming every one's favorite RnB group, Their unique sound combines male and female voices on top of sultry, funk laden grooves to create mini masterpeices in their own right. SU has dominated their local Reverbnation charts, holding the #1 spot consecutively for over 80 weeks straight. They are currently still #1 RnB and #1 overall. Soulunique has also won the prestigious " Group of the Year"Jazz category award at the 2012 and 2013 South Carolina Music awards( two years in a row} ,participated in Dodge Dart's theme song contest, been featured in Th Ultimate Band Search, and many other accolades. 
From the award nominated relationship classic "Merrygoround" sung by Redd, to the smoldering "Like I Never Left" delivered by our songbird Joy, SU shows a range and depth not found in just any ordinary band. Listen to guitarist Sheldon's riffs on "Hit Tha Streetz" and "Room 2 Room" and you can't help but be mesmerized by the virtuosity and command he displays. "Imagination" 's groove takes you back to time love grooves were so dominate . Members Redd,Gee,Joy,Lesa,Nita, Shel, Myron and Noble 4 "bring tha Love Pain". Showband is here and ready to rock the house. Any time is good, but...... 
Now's time for some SOULUNIQUE!!!!!!!!


Friday, August 30, 2013

What to Look For In A Distributor

Selling your music on iTunes, Beatport, Amazon and the like USED to be something only a couple of companies could do. But today with the growth of the digital era, hundreds of digital distribution companies exist that will try to get your business. It’s important as an artist or record label that you make a smart, well-informed choice in entrusting your music to a reliable distributor that has the options and services that fit your current needs.

Here are some crucial questions that you can ask us and any digital distribution company out there when it comes to choosing the right company.

Do they have a staff?

It’s important for you to know who is handling your material and precisely what their team knows and does. Request to speak to some of the staff through phone or even through Skype video messages. If they are too “busy,” and if your Skype video shows the individual’s bedroom or den at home – whether they are new or established – chances are the so called “organization” may just be for front. Getting to know who works at company is smart, so ask questions to the managers of the company’s several business divisions. Talk with staff members to get familiar with what they do at the company. I’m incredibly proud to have a staff like the one we have now. Each one of them possesses resilience, professionalism, and ambition for the company and our clients and it’s rewarding to see people that work long hours not for themselves but for the record labels and artists that bust their asses to make music and get it heard.

Do they offer support?

Those that know me know that I’m pretty much attached to the hip to this business. On vacations, business trips, holidays, when our office is closed – hell, even on my honeymoon – I was checking emails and responding to customer requests. Now, I’m not saying that the company you deal with should always be on hand at every single second of the day as I personally love and enjoy this business which is why I’m constantly connected. However, I feel that I have an obligation to respond in a quick fashion to any client that messages me. If I’m unable to speak, I will ask one of my staff members to chime in. The point in this question: Before you deal with any company, you should know their company hours, and how and where to reach them so that you can get a reply within 24 hours. Issues happen and if you are sitting here waiting around for an answer, it will just create further problems. Get familiar with their worth ethic!

What type of technology do they have?

Here at Symphonic Distribution, our most important commitment for the remainder of 2013 and into 2014 is to develop more efficient technology than what we already have for record labels, artists, and eventually even other distribution companies to use. We’ve expanded our Content platform to deliver to more stores than ever before (including some such as Xbox Music, directly to them, not through another provider), have offered Daily Sales Estimates of various stores, and now even offer Label Statistics with an emphasis on social interaction.

Why have I just given you this brief resume of what we’ve done in the past two months of 2013? The point is that it is crucial to ask what type of technology a distribution company has. What are they doing to advance their systems? Are they staying updated with technology trends in the business? Find a company that has the technology that will allow you to track your sales, manage your content effectively and much more. As a side note, don’t waste your time with companies that say that basic things such as Daily Sales and a Content System are “coming soon” as these things are old news and if they don’t have them by now, all they will be doing is playing catch up.

Are there other ways they can get your music out there?

We’ve started to branch out to offer other services because Digital Distribution isn’t the only avenue artist and record labels can be making money from their music. We’ve branched out to provide Synch Licensing, CD Pressing, Mastering, Marketing, and have been delivering Ring Tones, Music Videos and more to iTunes for the past 2 years to diversify the offerings to clients. We will soon be the first electronic music-focused distributor to offer a premiere worldwide Publishing Administration Service, which will open up a whole new revenue stream for songwriters and composers.

Do they control your music and where it goes?

You are a record label and artist in the independent music industry, right? Then why in the hell would a digital distribution company ever make you deliver your music to places you aren’t interested in? From day one, we’ve been about choice and our system lets you choose when to release, which stores to make exclusive and doesn’t impose restrictions on delivering to 1 or the 100+ retailers we deal with on a direct basis. You should always have a choice on where your material is sent and if you aren’t being offered that choice then you should reconsider having that freedom.

Are they flexible on percentage?

When we first started, we had our own set pricing and percentage. But over the years, we listened intently to what our clients really want. That’s why we created the Distribution Option concept which lets you choose a deal that suits you. You get to choose from 5 options that each give you a % of royalties and/or even make it so you earn everything and we just get a fee for delivering. The point is YOU CHOOSE what you want. If you find yourself interested in any distribution company, the fair percentage nowadays is anywhere from 80%-90% of royalties and the 100% model is effective for those that have limited amount of releases. It’s a business and everyone should be compensated fairly for it so always keep that in mind and if they aren’t flexible, then perhaps ask them to state what the reasoning is for their pricing. If they can’t budge, they too like many businesses have their own costs and operations they have to run; thus there is a probably a good explanation as to why their pricing is as such.

What do people have to say about them?

Testimonials say a lot and you can definitely go by them but I always suggest going a step further. If you are familiar with who made the testimonial, speak to them directly and get their thoughts on the company. Know the pros and cons from someone that deals with them rather than just depending on the testimonials. I as well as many other companies can say that some partnerships work out great and there is nothing but positive vibes and then there are those that aren’t so positive but at the end of the day, it’s just business.

To conclude, there are many companies out there and we don’t like to promote ourselves as the best but we do work as hard as possible with as much detail as possible for each and every client of ours and questions such as these were ones that we’ve been asked and every individual aspiring to be involved with any company should ask.

By: Jorge Brea

CEO and Managing Director of Symphonic Distribution

IMPORTANT WARNING: This information and any attachments in this electronic mail may contain (cont) 

Mr Zimmerman wife speaks

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 9.10.30 PMShellie Zimmerman, the woman who is married to acquitted killer George Zimmerman is now speaking out after accepting a misdemeanor conviction for perjury just days ago.

The woman who sat quiet in a Sanford, Florida courtroom during her husband’s murder trial for killing 17-year old Trayvon Martin is shedding more light on who George Zimmerman really is and why she has finally had enough.

In an exclusive interview with Florida investigative reporter Christi O’Connor, George Zimmerman’s wife, Shellie Zimmerman, says of the acquitted k!ller, “he has beaten down my self-esteem”, according to O’Connor. Shellie Zimmerman also says that she is looking forward to moving on with her life after the trial.

george zimmerman and trayvon martin

O’Connor says she spent months trying to persuade Shellie Zimmerman to share her story, and finally Zimmerman, who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor perjury charges on Wednesday, agreed to sit down for an hourlong interview.

“When I asked her why she was doing [the interview], Shellie said, ‘I want to start my life back.’ George Zimmerman has beaten down her self-esteem,” O’Connor told “She has a moment in the spotlight. She wants everyone to know that she changed her life.”

Shellie reportedly told O’Connor that the trial put a strain on the couple’s relationship.

“We have been pretty much gypsies for past year and a half,” Shellie Zimmerman said. “We lived in a 20-foot trailer in the woods, scared every night that someone was going to find us and that it would be horrific.”

george zimmerman

Shellie Zimmerman, Convicted of Perjury

She also admitted her part in misleading the court about the couple’s finances.

“I can rationalize a lot of reasons for why I was misleading but the truth is that I knew that I was lying,” she said.

Shellie also acknowledged feeling alone and would not answer when asked whether she and Zimmerman were still together.

O’Connor, who is working on a book about George Zimmerman, says that the jury could have been swayed if they’d heard all of the evidence.

“What the jury never heard could have led to a different verdict,” she said.

The interview aired on Good Morning America on Thursday morning.

Don’t know about you guys but we believe Shellie Zimmerman along with the jury allowed George Zimmerman to get away with murder.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Markell Clay - Magic (Produced by Jamez Bonn)

Markell Clay was born by the name Markell Justice Clay on July 20 1990, in Virginia. He dreamed of becoming a performer since he was a child, playing everything he could get his hands on from a piano to the drums, and even your heartstrings.

His true passion and talent became the focus when he began singing at the tender age of 12. Relocating to the greater Atlanta area, his career began to soar. Markell quickly caught the ear of music executives, after his stint on the television show 106 & Park on the BET network back in 2010.

Following was the single that took the indie charts by storm with ‘Know It', Clay, quickly developed a dedicated fan base overnight. He continues to captivate his audience, and ever growing his fan base bringing him to the forefront.

Critics are calling Clay, the new Usher, with a soft soulful flow that appeals to all demographics. "My life is all about the music" - Clay, "I thank G-d for giving me the platform and the talent he has, and my fans for supporting me along this journey, this album is for them."-Clay
Markell Clay, Atlanta based newest R&B artist, has officially released the first single 'Magic', on his long awaited album titled simply 'Markell Clay'.

Besides the fact that Clay is doing things the right way, putting out hit after hit, staying on his grind in a positive way, industry executives are defiantly taking notice in his drive and determination to become number one.

During a recent radio interview they asked Clay where did he see his career in the next year…he had one word to give them “Grammy.”

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Interview: Aimee Kuzenski, Author of the Deus Ex Familia Series

Aimee Kuzenski is the pink-loving, stick-fighting,  author behind the Deus Ex Familia series, the first book of which,The Eye of the Storm, was recently released. Aimee took a moment out of her busy writing schedule to discuss the pantheons she chose for her book series and her rituals for writing with Victoria from the Geek Girl Project:

GGP: Eye of the Storm, the first installment of the Deus Ex Familiaseries, involves a whole cavalcade of gods and goddess. How did you go about picking who you wanted to include in the initial interactions?

Aimee Kuzenski: It started with the Four Horsemen: War, Conquest, Pestilence, and Death. I chose the Greek and Roman gods, because their stories are so incredibly human. The myths are like watching a super-powered soap opera! I picked what I’m most familiar with, but I didn’t want to stop there. I pulled in aspects of Celtic mythology, ancient Egyptian, and Sumerian gods, and dropped hints about other pantheons to make it more inclusive of the world at large.

GGP: The heads of the family are more traditionally considered to be the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Why did you choose to start with War, though Death is mentioned as having been the first to come to power?

Aimee Kuzenski: I started with War for a few reasons. He’s the most recognizably human of the Horsemen, despite his immortality. He has lovers, he has family troubles, and he has pride in his career. He’s dynamic, and he just spoke to me, especially with where I was mentally when I started the book. I hated my job at the time, and I funneled all that frustration into War’s journey.

GGP: Why did you choose to have your main character, War, take over the form of a woman in the military?

Aimee Kuzenski: I saw the old gods as struggling for relevance in the modern world and women’s struggle for acceptance in the military, so it felt like a good parallel. It was a way to link the old world with the emerging new world.

GGP: Were you in the military, or was there anyone in your family who was?

Aimee Kuzenski: My father guarded planes in Thailand during the Vietnam War and I have a few cousins currently serving in various branches of the military, but I never considered it for myself. I’m not sure I could handle being yelled at so much. Also, I’ve always been a bit of a loner rather than a joiner.

GGP: Camilla has a hard time fitting into established gender roles. Do you feel she is a representation of your experiences as a woman?

Aimee Kuzenski: Camilla is a lot bitterer about it, but to a certain extent, I don’t feel as though I fit into traditional roles. I never wanted kids, rarely wear make-up, and about the girliest thing I do these days is knit occasionally. I take stick fighting classes and revel in showing off my bruises. When I was a little girl, I had an extremely pink room full of My Little Pony. When I was 25, I had a 1985 Subaru that I painted bubblegum pink, with characters from The Powerpuff Girls all over it. So maybe I’m in denial.

GGP: One of your main characters has severe mental illness. How did you research his condition and why did you choose to send a character in this direction?

Aimee Kuzenski: Once I realized where Ian’s character was going, I took a break and did quite a bit of research, first online, then talking with professionals. One particularly eerie thing I found online was an audio sample created by an advocacy group in Australia, which tried to give neurotypical people like me an idea of what the inside of a schizophrenic’s head sounds like to them. It was really eye-opening, and formed the basis of Ian’s internal voice.

GGP: Discordia, War’s enemy and former lover, is a feminine role who has taken on a male form. War is a masculine role who has taken on a female form. What was your vision for this gender swap?

Aimee Kuzenski: It probably came from a few things. The book is about change, and the gender swap is one of the more obvious examples. I wanted to make sure I was giving equal time to each  gender, giving a voice to as many people as possible. I wanted diversity, in both the gods and human characters. Once I decided to have War take over the body of a woman, it felt most natural to put Discord in a man’s body.

GGP:  The ending of your novel appears ripe for a sequel. Do you plan to tackle all the of the Horsemen?

Aimee Kuzenski: You bet! I have plans for four  books. The second novel, To Break My Enemies, is about Conquest,  and its first chapter is included at the end of Eye of the Storm.  I’m ridiculously excited about the whole thing.

GGP: Do you write every day?

Aimee Kuzenski: I write at least a bit every day and I don’t count research as writing time. I try to get in about 1000 words at a sitting. It’s not always easy, but I have to prioritize it.

GGP: Do you have any particular rituals for when you’re writing?

Aimee Kuzenski: Coffee. Plenty of coffee.

GGP: Do you have background music or noise when you are writing? If so, what?

Aimee Kuzenski: I can’t listen to music with lyrics while writing – I find it way too distracting. I usually put on classical music (Wagner came out a lot for this book) or instrumental soundtracks. Video game soundtracks work really well. The music from the game Gears of War came up a lot on Pandora and that was particularly fantastic.


Aimee Kuzenski’s first book, The Eye of the Storm is available now fromAmazon

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Why Twitter is Better Than Facebook for Your Music Career

Promote your music on Twitter: it’s immediate and FREE!

When it comes to promoting your music career via social media, there are three big reasons why you should be spending as much (or more) time on Twitter as on Facebook.

1. You can reach everyone for FREE.Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm prevents a percentage of your followers from seeing the content you post — unless, of course, you pay Facebook to promote your updates, pics, videos, etc.

Twitter has no such restrictions. If your fans are logged into Twitter, they’ll see your tweets!

2. You can tweet as often as you want.Unlike Facebook, where your Edgerank score suffers the more frequently you post, Twitter lets you tweet as often or as little as you like without penalty.

3. Engage with your fans right now.Because tweets are like little micro-blogs, Twitter users are accustomed to a social experience where information is being exchanged at rapid-fire pace. It’s the perfect way to spread the news about what’s happening in your musical life at this very moment. 

There are equally loud factions in the Twitter Vs. Facebook debate, but with the changes Facebook has made over the past year and a half (to the users’ detriment, I would argue), it’s easy to see why more and more artists are favoring Twitter as a music promotion tool.

What do you think? Is Twitter a better music promotion tool than Facebook? Let us know in the comments section below

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New music from Nairoya Larson come check her out

Hey what's good? I just uploaded a new leaked track on my Soundcloud from Motown recording artist Stori. I'm not sure who produced the song but I think you'll like it, it's pretty dope. I'll make sure to send you more leaked tracks when I come across them. 

Check it out! Thanks

Singer Usher Raymond A No Show at Scheduled Court

usher raymond

Just weeks ago, Singer Usher Raymond and his ex-wife Tameka Raymond faced off in an emergency custody hearing involving the near drowning accident of their son Usher Raymond V.

usher raymond

#Tameka #Raymond, Attorney Richard Robbins and Alexa Ross/ Photo credit: Dennis Byron

During that hearing, Judge Goger listened to all the evidence presented by both attorneys representing the parties and after hearing all the evidence, dismissed Tameka Raymond’s emergency motion.

There was another scheduled hearing for Tameka Raymond and the singer to address the issue of her getting more parenting time with their children but for some reason Usher Raymond was a no-show even though both his high-powered attorneys John Mayoue and Ivory T. Brown were present.

usher raymond

Attorney Ivory T. Brown and Attorney John Mayoue/Photo credit: Dennis Byron

Once the judge discovered that the singer wasn’t present for the hearing, he requested both sides to appear in his chambers. Our source stated that the judge was not happy at all that Usher Raymond wasn’t there. Within 30 minutes, Tameka Raymond along with her two new attorneys (Alexa Ross and Richard Robbins) as well as the singer’s attorneys emerged from the judge’s chambers tight-lipped on what was discussed in the closed door meeting.

Our source stated that Mrs. Raymond was not happy at all with her previous attorney Angela Kinley’s representation of her during the emergency custody hearing and decided to hire her current attorneys.

We did learn that there will be another hearing scheduled for the month of October and the singer is expected to appear unless both sides reach a resolution before the next hearing.

Do you believe the judge will grant Tameka Raymond more parenting time with the children? Do you believe Usher’s work schedule is too hectic for him to care for the children properly? Leave a comment in the box below.

Illuminati are they here to stay ... We want too know

illuminati images

the Illuminati is a secret orginazation of the most powerful and influential elite in the world.They go back for centuries and maintain the same bloodlines.They set up the council on forign relations,the bilderberg group and the tri-laterial commission.those 3 groups all meet to plan the fate of the world.They consists of international bankers,top government officials,leaders in the energy cartel and media monopoly owners and have control over the U.N. and unesco.their subdivisions reach into everyones daily life without most sheeple even being aware of it. They also have ties to the freemasons,skull and bones, and the knights templar.their ultimate goal is for a one world government which they will control,also a one world currency,and they want control and ownership of all land,property,resources and people.Also they manipulate political parties,and the legal and illigal drug trade and federal agencies related to all matters listed above.
rockefeller foundation,ford foundation, carlysle group,J.P.Morgan,oppenhiemer,kuhn leub,federal reserve system and many others involved. check out bloodlines of the illuminati and new world order
The Bastards who killed Michael Jackson to prevent him from Revealing the truth about the New World Order on July 8th,2009 during his concerts.
The Illuminati has also killed Tupac, Bob Marley, and John Lennon.
Elite masters of deception who want to control your mind, soul, and your body, and rule the entire world.
"Illuminati want my mind, soul, and my body. Secret society, tryin to keep they eye on me." - LL Cool J
Something ignorant people deny exists. is a great website where you can find out more about the illuminati.
The Illuminati are the people who killed Kennedy, they are the people who print our dollars, they are the people who control our government and many others. The only governments they did not control in 2001 were: Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. If your memory serves you correct that is what Bush called the "Axis of Evil". So far they have taken out one and they want to move on Iran so they can get the oil. They want to create a one world government.
The Illuminati controls everything.
The rulers of this realm and many others like it. They are completely unseen, highly influential and possibly dangerous. Their ultimate prime directive: To reduce the surface population as much as possible so that control of the entire world can be easily administered and consolidated into one government. All this will be done through fear, over consumption, death from unnatural causes, man made (Hurricane Katrina) natural disasters, famine, Economic Disorder,Civil and Domestic Disorder, International Disorder,and ceaseless war.
High Gas Prices - $4.65 

War On Terrorism- 6,000,000,000.00 

Hurricane Katrina- 100,000,000,000.00 

Milk- $5.65 

Getting Drafted For World War 3 because of Illuminati Prime Directive- Priceless
They control everything.

If you don't have a girlfriend, don't have a real job, spend at least 90% of your waking life in front of a monitor at least one hundred times your dick length, and run a blog.
Man 1: "My cat died." 

Man 1: "The first black President in history has just entered the White House." 
Leave comment tell us what you think 

New Video Alert: Beestroh Feat. Ca$h Out “They Mad at Me”

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 12.45.29 PM

“They Mad At Me” is the new hit single from Beestroh ft Bases Loaded/Epic Records recording artist Ca$h Out; produced by the hip hop notable DJ Spinz of the infamous Hood Rich DJ’s with executive project production from Beestroh.

On They Mad At Me Beestroh is serving up unlimited doses of reality for the haters who seem to always envy his success. As an accomplished producer,actor,correspondent, and disc jockey at Atlanta’s Hot 107.9; courtesy of Radio-One,its only natural that one would acquire a sustainable number of fans aka haters.

On this latest hip hop masterpiece, Beestroh, Ca$h Out, and DJ Spinz take checking your haters to another level.

So the question remains..are you mad?

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New Video Alert: Ace Hood – Before The Rollie (Ft. Meek Mill)

acehood“Trials & Tribulations” is Ace Hood’s fourth studio album, released on July 16th, 2013 via We the Best Music Group, Cash Money Records and Republic Records. Supported by the hit single “Bugatti”, which has peaked at number 33 on the US Billboard Hot 100, as well as “We Outchea”, which features Lil Wayne. Other features include Meek Mill, Anthony Hamilton, Chris Brown, Future, Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, T.I., 2 Chainz, and Birdman. Before the Rollie is track 4 off of his studio album.

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MIAMI, FL (August 28, 2013) Miami based up and coming musical group Kulture Shock has released a video for their hot new single, “Sweet Life,” available from Poe Boy Music Group.

A journey through the daily life of Kulture Shock, “Sweet Life” gives fans a glimpse of insight into a world where the party never stops, the bottles are always full and the beautiful people don’t stop until the sun comes up. Featuring some of Miami’s most beautiful scenery from riding yachts on the city’s many waterways, to Jet Skis in Biscayne Bay, to cruising downtown in a custom party bus, “Sweet Life” is a nonstop party hosted by Miami’s hottest new act.


Filmed by Florida Film House’s renowned video director Blah G!, with music produced by The Oddictions, “Sweet Life” is an up-tempo club banger designed to keep the crowd dancing.


Video and Download Links

Kulture Shock "Sweet Life" DJ Pack:


Kulture Shock "Sweet Life" Music Video on VEVO:


Kulture Shock "Sweet Life" Purchase Link on iTunes:


About Kulture Shock

Fresh from Miami, these three young artists are putting their creative styles and musical talents together in a unique way that complements each other’s energy. Before joining forces to become a trio, original members Jase and City focused their efforts on song writing, and collaborating with various artists. After successfully landing a track entitled “Story of my life” with Interscope Record’s newly signed rapper Billy Blue ft. Akon, Jase and City were on a rise to stardom. Other songwriting credits included “Married to the Streets” by French Montana ft. Akon, and “Test Drive” by Atlantic Records recording artist, Pleasure P.

In 2009 Jase and City teamed up with solo artist, Stephie Lecor, a Miami native who had just wrapped the Van Halen nationwide tour as a backup singer for KyMani Marley. This songstress would be the missing piece to the group in the eyes of Poe Boy Music Group’s President, Big Chuck. Influenced by a wide spectrum of artists, such as Bob Sinclair, Kanye West, and Etta James, the trio enjoys all genres of music including Rock, Pop, Rap, R&B, and Country.


Follow Kulture Shock On Social Networks, and Online










Press, Bookings, or Business:

Ian Jackson


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Apple is getting closer to rolling out its free Internet radio service

Apple is getting closer to rolling out its free Internet radio service.

The company has reached a licensing deal with the world’s largest music label, Universal Music Group, according to people familiar with the situation. Apple is still in deep negotiations with Warner Music Group on some specifics. It also still needs an agreement with Sony Music, which has been tougher for Apple to get on board.

Apple spokesperson Tom Neumayr declined to comment.

The deal with Universal, which the Financial Times reported Thursday, could become very lucrative.

After much back and forth about the terms, the deal reached with Universal — and the one on the table with Warner Music — could prove far sweeter for the music labels than what they get from Pandora, the service that closest resembles what Apple is building, sources say.

France’s Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music (SACEM) and Universal Music Publishing have reached an international agreement with YouTube.

France’s Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music (SACEM) and Universal Music Publishing have reached an international agreement with YouTube.

The agreement is for the use of music of SACEM’s repertoire and UMP’s Anglo-American repertoire in videos distributed by YouTube throughout 127 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

The deal aims to facilitate greater transparency, coordination and data-sharing between the organisations while also ensuring equitable compensation for rights-holders.

The agreement is entered into via SACEM and UMP’s Direct European Administration and Licensing (DEAL) initiative, which works to create a unique and comprehensive platform of joint technical and operational resources for multi-territorial music licensing across all forms of media, which includes this deal with YouTube.

The music of UMP’s songwriters and composers affiliated with other European collecting societies will remain subject to licensing arrangements made by those societies.

Zach Horowitz, Chairman & CEO of Universal Music Publishing Group added: “Universal Music Publishing is pleased to have concluded this agreement with Youtube through DEAL for the proper remuneration of the composers we are privileged to represent. The digital market can only flourish if creators receive fair remuneration delivered through efficient and innovative licensing solutions. We are proud to be at the forefront of that effort with our partners at SACEM.”

Diddy & J Cole Fight at the VMAs? (The Response from Diddy & J Cole)

The rumor underworld is buzzing with word of an alleged scuffle at the Jay Z and Diddy MTV Video Music Awards after-party at NYC’s Dream Hotel last night (Aug. 25).

The D'ussĂ© and Ciroc sponsored event was star-studded, with Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Leonardo DiCaprio, Drake and more witnessing the alleged melee between Roc Nation soldier J. Cole and the CEO of Bad Boy records, Sean “Diddy” Combs.

The two allegedly exchanged words that turned into a physical altercation where J. Cole and Diddy roughed each other up. Seems like cooler heads prevailed and the party went on, yet without J. Cole in attendance as he was escorted out of the building.

Guess someone was on a “Power Trip”… Not much is confirmed on social media, but the legend of this so-called event will probably be seen in business more than anything else.


J. Cole and Diddy almost came to blows at a VMA after party and had to be separated by Jay-Z and security, this according to the New York Daily News.

The publication claims that the men got into a debate over Kendrick Lamar’s verse on “Control.” That debate somehow led to J. Cole accusing Diddy of murdering Biggie and 2 Pac, which didn’t go over well with the Bad Boy boss.

As things continued to escalate, Jay Z stepped in to breakup the argument, which didn’t go over well with Beyonce. “It was mayhem. BeyoncĂ© was yelling to stop and Jay Z was separating people and getting people away from Bey,” a source tells the paper.

It sounds like a scene out of a movie, but did it really happen? J. Cole and Diddy have both taken to Twitter to address the rumor.


“People will believe anything,” Cole tweeted, with Diddy adding on Tuesday morning, “I usually don’t address rumors but I got too much respect for my bro @JColeNC. We are friends The rumors are not true. We had a great party.”