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Monday, August 19, 2013


DJ XXXotic Mami, known throughout the Entertainment Industry as the pulse of the Independent scene as it pertains to Hip Hop and R&B for that matter as well. As a representative of the Mecca of HIP HOP, DJ XXXotic Mami has seen her fair share of ups and downs in the entertainment business. With over 15 plus years of experience under her belt, she has established herself and brand as a go-to for many of New York City and the surrounding areas brightest up and coming acts.

Currently working on the second installment to her Mixtape Series, The Unkept Secret® ,which is scheduled for a Summer time release, her buzz is at an all time high; TheUnkept Secret Volume 1 debuted May 1, 2011 and broke industry records with 6,684 downloads in 24 hours. After her accomplishments DJ XXXOTIC MAMI was rightfully dubbed "The Queen of the Underground" from many industry insiders, and people in the know.

Her resume of appearances, and hosting includes, In The Trap, The XXXecutive Decision, The A&R Report, as well as GX Media Concert Series, and Big Mondays sponsored by Big Boyy Management, which showcased her talent as not only the Queen of the 1s and 2s but also as a Radio Personality on some of the most widely regarded brand the industry has to offer including Da Matrix Studios, 1dotFM, DTF Radio,, Straight From The Booth Radio, as well as the site as a whole which receives over 1K in views daily. Aside from her work as a budding radio personality, DJ XXXOTIC MAMI maintains a healthy schedule of club work. To date, and going forward DJ XXXOTIC has been a major act at the top clubs up and down the East Coast scene.

DJ XXXOTIC MAMI has toured country-wide promoting and raising brand awareness for her company, Pivot Records, as well as overseeing the daily operations of a full-fledged FM station, which she owns, XTREME 104FM. Regionally, XTREME 104 FM is in the top tier broadcast wise (266K viewer hours since the top of 2012) in terms of subscribers and viewing audience which patronize a healthy selection of variety, spiritual, and music-related broadcasting.

DJ XXXOTIC MAMI is an official broadcast sponsor and affiliate of household brands such as istandard, urban threshold, and recently had a hand in the progression of entities such asKing of the Ring, and Queen of the Ring which are mainstays on the HIP HOP battle-rap scenes. In addition to that, DJ XXXotic Mami is an official Fleet DJs and a host for their annual members event in July ( this years event will be July 25-28 in Atlanta, GA). Other hosting credits include SOBs Presentation of America's Next Top Producer, sponsored by Mic Check Wednesdays and Hot 97, as well as Rip the Runway and the Underground Music Awards which took place at the world renown Arc in Bed Stuy BK home to legends such as B.I.G, Jay-Z; January of this year, DJ XXXotic Mami was honored at Queen of the Arena in Newark, NJ 2013 and has recently appeard on VH1's The Gossip Game


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With all the success, DJ XXXOTIC MAMI remains grounded and a champion of service,, she and her staff has devoted themselves to the uplifting of urban youth; For now, concentrated on the tri-state area, PMG GIVES BACK has been responsible for, and involved in various charitable events, including a tremendous benefit concert in which the proceeds went towards school supplies for the youth, as well as a coat drive benefitting the Salvation Army, and Children’s Services of NY.

With the help of her PMG team as well as Xtreme 104FM staff, along with her publicist, Jason Bourne, there is no ceiling on the DJ XXXOTIC name and brand; already having branded herself respectfully and efficiently, the DJ XXXOTIC umbrella will continue to soar to new heights



For your viewing and listening pleasure, you can catch DJ XXXOTIC MAMI frequently on any of these outlets:

Lipstick Incwww.xtreme104fm.comTuesdays 8-10PM EST

The A&R Fridays8-10PM EST

Follow DJXXXOTIC MAMI on Twitter: @DJxxxotic_mami

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Follow on twitter / Instagram: Jason Bourne @basquiatlxents, PR Rep, DJ xxxotic Mami

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