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Thursday, July 31, 2014

“Hear Me Cry” is Sky Heavens new single.

 Premiering exclusively on Twit Music last week, “Hear Me Cry” is Sky Heavens new single.

“Hear Me Cry” written and co produced by Sky Heavens and produced by Ced Solo of Ivy League Hits. This “feel good” dance track is definitely a song that showcases mass appeal to a broad audience. If you turn on the radio, you can hear this song on any given station with any kind of format ranging from Hip Hop to Dub Step to EDM to Pop.“Everyone thinks Hear Me Cry is about masturbation,” laughs Sky. “But really, it is about finding your inner light and learning how to love yourself. Once you completely understand, accept and love yourself, it will be easier to communicate that self-worth to others. The track’s pulsating beat and catchy hook make it a sure bet as a future club banger.

Fresh off the Historic 2 day Concert at the Wembley Stadium, Sky Heavens recently performed with Rap Icon Eminem, the first rapper to ever headline at the Wembley Stadium, and graciously filled in for Pop Diva Rihanna & Dido on ‘Love the Way You Lie” , “Monster” , & “Stan”

“I have so much respect for Eminem and I’ve been a fan for years, so I’m definitely humbled and grateful for the opportunity.”

Brooklyn native, Sky Heavens was subsequently handpicked to join Eminem’s band as the sole vocalist on his blockbuster Home & Home Tour with Jay Z at Yankee Stadium, NYC and since then, has toured and performed with Eminem all over the globe.

She received her first big break with R&B star Carl Thomas as a background vocalist and recorded background vocals on his 2nd LP Personal Conversations on “Anything” and “Know its Alright”. Soon after she received her first gold plaque as a songwriter on Heather Headley’s 2nd LP In My Mind for “How Many Ways” and then began working with super producer and former Fugees front man, Wyclef Jean who provided Sky with the opportunity to do some vocal production, and writing.

 This latina songstress went on to work and tour extensively -nationally and internationally with some of the biggest names in music including: Nicki Minaj, Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake/Ciara, performed on Kanye West Glow In the Dark Tour & Alicia Keys International Freedom tour w Melanie Fiona, and also performed as a featured artist w Far East Movement, best known for their hit “Like a G6″ which included a performance that aired on MTV Push in Beijing, China. Sky has made numerous appearances on national/international tv platforms including Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, BET’s 106 & Park, BBC Radio 1, and never ending list goes on.
Sky Heavens has built a respected name in the music industry and with a rapidly growing fan base clamoring for new music Sky Heavens has quickly earmarked as one to watch on the music scene.
She currently gearing to release her new music video for “Hear Me Cry” set to be release in August.“> .

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Multi Platinum Producer Amadeus

Check out HRTV24's interview with Multi Platinum Producer Amadeus live from the famed Bad Boy Headquarters, Daddy's House Recording. For more on Amadeus, check out his wikipedia page:

Saturday, July 19, 2014

This past week in NYC was the site of Game Ova Empire Nay Nillz release party for his highly anticipated Brooklyn's Finest mixtape.

This past week in NYC was the site of Game Ova Empire Nay Nillz release party for his highly anticipated Brooklyn's Finestmixtape. Over the past 10 months Nay Nillz has been one of the most active artists on the NYC underground with stellar showings at many of the top venues in the city fromGreenhouse, WIP, Rosewood, Pyramid, Play Lounge, Cue Lounge, SRBs and more. To celebrate the release of his debut project, fans and supporters gathered at the famed Daddy's House Recording Studios in midtown NYC. The Special guest on the night included Multi Platinum Producer Amadeus who welcomed the crowd and congratulated Nay Nillz on his accomplishment of getting the ball rolling on a promising career in Hip Hop. On the 1s & 2s was none other than BK representative DJ Styles, and hosting was Game Ova Empire CEO Terrell Hubbard. Check out the Sapreme Films directed recap below:
In attendance media wise was some of the premiere publications today, includingFloss Magazine, HLM Media, iGrind, The Hype Magazine, Street Khemistry, TMI Films, BBS Promotions, AreSVP and more as partygoers sipped responsibiy on behalf on Twenty Grand Vodka.

ChazBo music who is the person behind the movement


Dae Bogan
Founder + CEO
ChazBo Music, LLC

Industry Blog:
Dear Friends:

It has been over two years since I began envisioning what has become ChazBo Music and ChazBo Bridge—a solution to help promote independent artists and showcase independent music to an audience of music lovers across the United States.
Over the past two years, we’ve successfully registered nearly 700 independent content owners—independent  labels, artist management firms, and unsigned artists—in over 15 countries. We’ve established content partnerships with several millennial targeted media companies and we’ve partnered with over a dozen outlets reaching over 150 million music lovers across the United States. From Shiekh Shoes to Shmek U, we’ve garnered strategic non-traditional exposure opportunities for independent music in retail stores and malls, and established deals to reach over 45 million students on 185 college campuses and smart devices. To date, we’ve delivered over 1 million hours of music video content to the American public through our outlet partners and proprietary network.
Earlier this year, our video distribution prototype platform ChazBo Bridge was selected by The Recording Academy as a member benefit to GRAMMY® members, making it the first service of its kind to join the esteemed program. And recently we were honored to curate and host a panel on the business of music videos at The Los Angeles Film School.
All of this has been achieved by word of mouth, an eager lean team and no traditional funding.
ChazBo Music has been in research and development mode for the past two years. During our R&D, we’ve heard from content owners and consumers, we’ve tested ideas, and we’ve seen what could and doesn’t work. We believe that during this time we’ve identified innovative ways to support independent music and help independent artists earn extra income while generating exposure for the independent music community. But to reach this potential we must take a step back.
Now is the time to exit this phase of R&D and begin building the ChazBo Music service and ChazBo Bridge platform that we envision. After careful deliberation we have ultimately decided to take a step back. To build a bigger and better suite of products we must gather what we’ve learned about content creators, evaluate the user and service experience, and better frame our niche position within the music industry. And most importantly, we need to align our core business and growth objectives with the financial backing that will provide us the freedom and foundation to make all of this possible.
Therefore, effective July 31st, 2014, ChazBo Music will cease operations and enter stealth mode. All previously scheduled video distributions to oulet partners and content owner campaign launches will take place as scheduled through the end of July. As of August 1st, no new videos will be accepted from content owners, no video campaigns will be launched to the ChazBo Music network, and no video distributions will be made to any outlet partner.
Over the next few months, our goal is to re-imagine the big picture, make a lot of changes, and build and launch a robust product and kickass service that will make the independent music community proud. And we hope to work with each and every one of you who’ve been with us through these two years of R&D.
Thank you for your business and for trusting us with your content. And thank you for being a part of something cool, something different, and something passionate.
Dae Bogan
Founder and CEO
ChazBo Music, LLC
Industry Blog:

Friday, July 11, 2014

Who is Mohombi ?

Few artists in the world can boast the kind of fascinating, tumultuous, and contrasting background as Mohombi. The colliding of his Congolese and Swedish worlds not only shapes him, but it defines him, as the stand out universal artist he is. Crossing boundaries and borders, his colorful past, already massively successful music career and inspiring ‘glass half full’ mindset, choosing creativity and positivity over comfort and mediocrity, filters through his every fiber as singer, songwriter, dancer, now label entrepreneur and family man. Still only in his late twenties, this layered R&B/pop star of substance, still has much more to do and show the world. The recipe of his varied gifts, topped with undeniable intelligence and charm, makes him incredibly interesting, tenacious and rare in the current transient climate of the pop world.

Fully understanding and appreciating the man and the artist means digging back into Mohombi’s past. Son of an African-king-come-politician and Swedish mother, Mohombi Nazi Moupondo was raised in the Congo with his 14 siblings. In 1998, many officials and their family homes were under repeated military attack and gunfire during wartime. The Moupondo family was not immune. Being children of a Swedish expatriate mother, Mohombi and his older brother, Djo, were given priority as foreigners for a chance to survive. Escaping in the middle of the night (after a failed attempt to leave the night before by boat), they were finally evacuated by plane, thanks to the UN organized, Belgium army. Given their plane was literally the last to leave before the airport was shut down, the two brothers considered themselves part of the lucky few to have the chance to survive. Having to leave their parents, family and beloved country behind, they slept at the military camp, nervously anticipating their departure while thousands of foreigners were also waiting to be dispatched to their countries. Unlike previous summer holidays to Sweden, this trip would be a life-changing one. Mohombi, merely 11 years old, was quickly thrust into independence and the need to fend for himself long before any of his peers. Like disappearing and appearing into a parallel world, Sweden would comparatively symbolize a place of revolution and freedom, and represented what he himself calls a ‘privilege’. This positive reframe underpins Mohombi’s existence, and his conscious choice to create feel-good, honest music is the ammunition to turn his adversities into positive story telling. He not only survived, but is determined to thrive.

“In life, you get to choose what kind of person you are going to be in the face of adversity. There’s a reason why I got to escape on a plane that night and leave my country, and music was the fuel for my getaway, and a reflection of who I am. I feel I’ve been given the opportunity to be an ambassador for the sheer joy of life, creating a brand of AFROPOP, bridging together the positive influences of these two huge music territories for me – Congo and Sweden – and it’s like the Swedish guy in me is singin’ and the Congolese is dancin’…”

Mohombi honed his performance and songwriting talents in Sweden. After studying at Rytmus Music High School in Stockholm and obtaining his bachelor’s degree in music and song from Stockholm’s Music Conservatory, he and brother Djo set on yet another adventure and created ‘Avalon’. The outfit combined their great love of hip-hop, dance hall and African beats. By 2008, Avalon had cemented its mark by not only selling over half a million records but also winning at the All African Kora Awards (African equivalent to a Grammy) for “Best Group-Diaspora Europe/Caribbean Category”. However, with music only being a part-time job, Mohombi knew it was time to leave his world behind once more. Under much less dangerous circumstances as his childhood escape, but once again risking it all, he set out to find the right person, and right place, to further his quest for success. That place would be a dreamer’s world of L.A, and that person, would be fellow semi-Swede, and heavyweight producer, RedOne (Lady Gaga, Usher, Jlo).

What ensued was an unprecedented level of success for Mohombi. The first signing to RedOne’s label 2101 records in 2010, Mohombi unleashed ‘Bumpy Ride’, smashing airwaves and charts around the globe, and then a succession of hits and star collaborations including “Miss Me” featuring Nelly (UK debut), “Dirty Situation” featuring Akon, all from his debut album ‘MoveMeant’. In 2011, he featured with yet another huge star, Nicole Scherzinger, with the feel-good “Coconut Tree” and released “Suave (Kiss Me)” with chart-buster Pitbull and Nayer.

Never resting on his laurels, Mohombi’s next big venture and new world? Taking on the business of self-determination and autonomy. Outside his never ending drive and popular demand to continue touring the world, he has joined forces with a carefully hand picked, formidable team, and created ‘La Clique Music’ – a fast growing, successful record label/publishing/event management company. Mohombi now fulfills another dream to “transmit his experiences and knowledge to the next generation”, including his most recent signing of artist Didrick - a wildly talented 19 year old, multi-instrumentalist, producer/DJ, already creating an invigorating assault on Scandinavian dance charts.

Staying relevant in the current music business climate, Mohombi aptly notes:

“The future belongs to the guy who has something to say about his tomorrow”.

Mohombi has indeed much to say about his tomorrow, with the exciting, impending release of his new single, “Movin”. Driven by infectious tribal beats and laced with illustrious vocals, this is the next installment from a broader, more mature perspective, influenced by his colorful years on this planet. “Movin”, lifted from his upcoming studio album, “UNIVERSE” (orbiting by end of summer, 2014), this multi-lingual (Swedish, French, English, Swahili, Lingala), European/African performer and songwriter, is evidently multi-dimensional and a citizen of the world. Inside that world, Mohombi’s most irreplaceable and most precious ‘hit’ to date - 10 month old son, Ayan.

“I consider my world to be pretty big, like a universe in fact. My constant is the joy for life itself, the sky studded with many stars, and “Movin” is the next planet to land on.”

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INSTAGRAM: @mohombimusic

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mizgin Demircan is a Swedish music artist that is making her debut here in the United States


Mizgin Demircan is a Swedish music artist that is making her debut here in the United States with her sexy, fierce music and intoxicating voice, best known for her single "Get U Off". She is turning heads and rocking stages, boasting raw, enthusiastic energy and an eclectic sound.

A true artist to her core, Mizgin dreamed of hitting the top of the charts ever since she first started singing, writing, and performing as a young girl. Growing up in Bollnäs, a small town in Sweden, the musical scene was limited and she had trouble finding things to participate in as a singer. Nevertheless, she threw herself into everything she could find, including school shows, small venues and local events. For a while she tried taking dance classes but somehow always ended up practicing at home in front of the mirror and creating original moves that felt more like her own style. While she occasionally draws inspiration from others, Mizgin is primarily self-taught and loves adapting and re-creating things into something new and different. She believes that allowing your individuality to pour out of you unfiltered is what makes a successful artist.

In 2008, Mizgin went out on a limb and auditioned for the popular Swedish TV show Körslaget, a competition in which seven celebrities return to their respective hometowns and each select 20 singers for their own choir. The seven teams then compete until just one is left standing. Hanna Hedlund was the celebrity singer leading Mizgin's team. They worked hard, dedicating three months of their life to practicing and performing each round before ultimately winning the competition. It was a thrilling experience that only intensified her desire to succeed.

Mizgin always felt like she was meant to do something great with her life and has worked incredibly hard to make that vision a reality. Armed with the knowledge that things are never handed to you in life, she chased after her dream with infectious enthusiasm. In 2013, she traveled to America with Oscar Andersson, a long-time friend who was planning to start a music company in Sweden. Serendipity brought her together with Kama, the talented production duo that would ultimately become her producers here in the United States, as well as co-writer Nav Ramasamy and talent manager Kelly Newton of Jack N Jill Management.

Her single "Get U Off" was originally slated for one of the biggest pop stars in the world, but Mizgin was so struck by the song that she knew she wanted it more than anything. She approached her producers and told them that she was not leaving until the song was hers. "You wanted someone hungry," she told them. "Well, I'm starving." True to her word, she did not leave the studio until her producers agreed to give the song to her. "They looked at me like I was crazy," Mizgin admits, "but in the end that's who I am." In everything that she does, she continues to inspire those around her with her infectious passion and dedication. Music is not just her dream, it is her life -- and nothing is going to keep her from making it a reality.

"The only thing that is endless in life is your imagination, so never be afraid to use it and believe in it. If you want something, go get it; no one is going to get it for you. You may get help along the way, but the only one that can truly take you where you want to go is you." ~Mizgin