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Thursday, October 31, 2013


TIME: 8-10PM
Fresh off their recent wins @ History In The Making (Santos Party House, NYC) as well as great showings during #StyleMeetzMusic (Rosewood, NYC), Mic Check Wednesdays (Drom NYC- Presented by Hot 97's DJ Spynfo) and Coast 2 Coast Magazine's Miami Convention, I AM ONE OF A KIND have become one of the most talked about groups in the industry. Buzzing to say the least, their promo and performance run continues to cap a highly productive 2013 calendar year. They will be bringing their music, and personality to DA MOVEMENT RADIO to give a candid interview to hosts LC, Base, and Sexy Slim. This is one show you do not want to miss !
Tune in (Fridays 8-10PM)
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One of the best parts of music journalism is the ability to be at the pulse of trends, in music and more, before hand. It is refreshing to meet new artists, embarking on the journey of sharing their brand of music, and culture, lifestyle with the world.  As a lover of music, I search far and wide for these individuals wanting nothing more than to support their grind and keep the buying public abreast as to what they can expect as the days turn. My latest offering involves a young MC from Harlem, NYC who goes by the name of Show Broadway, representing the Black Money Ent crew. I got a chance to sit down with the talented MC as we kicked it about life, music, and his plans for rise in the entertainment industry. Check it out:
JASON BOURNE: Do you feel boxed in as a Harlem rapper; there is so much expectation and assumptions made once you mention being from Harlem, is that something that weighs on you?
 SHOW BROADWAY: Honestly, I believe it is a gift and a curse. In my opinion, its the greatest place to be from. Harlem is like the spokesman for urban lifestyle; being flashy with the slick lingo, nice clothes, dope cars, drugs, etc. One of the pros is that Harlem has a lot of history. The cons are that youre expected to be great. No excuses what so ever. So, make a wrong move and that could be it because everyone is watching. People are critical towards us, especially those from our own community.

JASON BOURNE: How'd you get the name ShowBroadway?
 SHOWBROADWAY: The name Showbroadway was actually developed over time. My name has always been Show. Ive always looked at myself as the life of the party so to say. I can easily command the attention of a room. Broadway is where I am from and it speaks for itself. If you are from where I am from you know what Broadway is about. The two names sounded dope together.

JASON BOURNE: I understand you lost your parents at an earlier age to the street life- what kind of deterrent did that play, if any?
 SHOWBROADWAY: First things first, I have the best parents in the world. I am a split image of both my mother and father. I didnt lose them literally, but for a long period of time I lost them due to drugs. Thank God my parents were strong enough to bounce back. I thank God for providing that strength. If anything the experience made me stronger. It made me understand the value of family early in life.

JASON BOURNE: You have been categorized as having a smooth yet gritty style. that seems oxymoronic, but tell us how u make that work ?
 SHOWBROADWAY: Im from Harlem. We take pride in the way we present ourselves. Im a descendant of Big L, Camron, Mase, Jim Jones, and all of our greats. Have you ever heard of the expression smooth criminal? We make that rough, hood swag look good. I have that 99, 2000 flow, yet Im fly and popular with the ladies at the same time. I can get real ghetto fast, but I am able to clean up when its time.

JASON BOURNE: Black Money is something that you guys have been doing for a while I understand, take us back to the start and tell us about the foundation of it all
 SHOWBROADWAY: It all began in high school. I always rapped, but I knew I wanted to pursue rapping in high school. Thats when I fell in love with it. Black Money started as a brotherhood. We were just friends running around at that time. We would go to my friend Jrs house after school. Jr and his cousin Amado had a mixtape spot on 14th street. He would bring J Arms instrumentals to us. From there we started taking it serious. You have to understand, this was around 2001 when rap battling was at an all time high. In my opinion, that was the best time in hiphop music. The Roc, Diplomats, and G-Unit were on the rise. New York City was killing the game and as I fell in love wit the art, Black Money was Born.  

JASON BOURNE:  Where do you see yourself fitting into the Hip Hop landscape of today?

SHOWBROADYWAY: Honestly, I am not trying to fit in. I want to be seen and respected as an individual. Black Money is here to give off new energy. New York is back on the come up. I want to add to history, but at the same time be recognized as a hard worker who cares about the music. Ill let the people decide where I fit in as I produce great music.

JASON BOURNE: Last album you bought, and why?
SHOWBROADWAY: The last album I purchased was French Montanas album, Excuse My French. The reason I purchased it was because I support music. I always buy music. Im still in love with opening a fresh CD case. I enjoy reading the book so I need the official print. Im not a bootleg type of dude. I cop everything real. I wouldnt be a true artist of music or be able to sell music if I didnt buy it myself.

JASON BOURNE: First rhyme you wrote
 SHOWBROADWAY: That is an embarrassing question. I still remember the first rhyme I wrote at 11 years old. My name is Jay and Id like to say / all you silly rappers make my day / 'cuz you nothing you nothing compared to me / all you rappers is wack so you cant stop me. That rhyme is horrible.

JASON BOURNE:  What do you feel about social media's impact on todays music market?
 SHOWBROADWAY: Social media is almost everything now a days, especially for independent artist. Its a way you can directly connect to your audience. Social media can also be used in a wrong manner, but all press is good press in this business. It helps you promote yourself as well as your brand.

JASON BOURNE:  5 years from now, realistically where do you see yourself, as it pertains to music?
 SHOWBROADWAY: Regardless if I make it big or not, Im going to make music because I love to do it. Honestly, I think I am good enough to go all the way. Its a dream to get paid for what you love and if I can do that it will be a blessing. So, to answer your question realistically I see myself going all the way. Once again, Ill let the people decide.  







Is there an artist more visually appealing than Action Bronson? Ok that was a loaded question, I admit. But more than anything you have to respect his creativity and knack for promotional initiatives as he is back once more, with Party Supplies for Part 2 of Blue Chips. Check out the tracklisting below
01. Silverado
02. Intro feat. Big Body Bes
03. Pepe Lopez
04. The Don’s Cheek
05. It Concerns Me
06. Practice
07. Jackson & Travolta feat. Meyhem Lauren
08. Through The Eyes Of A G feat. Ab-Soul
09. Contemporary Man
10. Twin Peugots feat Big Body Bes & Mac Miller
11. Man & The Mirror
For your tastebuds, Here's the super funny trailer:


Baton Rouge, LA MC Webbie, well known for his ties to Trill Entertainment and Lil Bad Ass Boosie, is back with the fourth installment of his Savage Life Mixtape Series. Check out the Cover and Tracklist which he has released today.  The full project featuring Lloyd, Blake, Young Trill, and more will be available November 17th

 1. I’m Back
2. Fucked Her ft. Lil Phat
3. Bad Bitch 2
4. Make It Back
5. Realest ft. Lloyd
6. Another One
7. Big
8. Sugar
9. What I Do
10. Mine
11. Fine Ass ft. Blake
12. Look At Me Now
13. Shake What Ya Mamma Gave Ya ft. Lil Trill
14. Sneaky
15. Too Much
16. She Say
17. What U Mean

Stable Musik Group: Road 2 Made In Harlem Part 1




Friday, October 25, 2013


As journalist, my goal is to be a support of and contributor to this great culture that we know and love, which goes by the name of Hip Hop. At least 3 nights a week I am about and about in search of the best in up and coming as well as established talent, seekin collaborative opportunities; more than anything, a chance to spotlight the grind of these individuals who have pledge to give their all to the music and to the fans. Recently, I was introduced to a Brooklynite who goes by the name of Pretty. After watching her performance and getting to meet her team, I was very impressed, and felt that you would be too. I sat down with the 1st lady for a candid interview where she explained her life, her motivation, and direction, check it out here: We call this one "How a Pretty Girl Rocks"

JB: Do u find it hard to get ppl to initially focus on the music, as a result of your name "Pretty Girl"

Pretty: (smile) Actually not at all, the name is unique and automatically grabs people's attention; also when you have a pretty face to attach to the name, it makes it better.

JB: Is there any added pressure as a female artist in a male dominated industry?

Pretty: Of course there is, not for nothing but I have to be honest, there are a lot of women that bring a bad name to the females in regards to this music life. I hate to say so but there are so many women that will f***, suck and truck for a chance at a deal now a days, that when you get a female who is not about that life, and just wants to make music, since were already thrown into that category it makes it extra hard. Not to mention that there are men who in my opinion are intimidated by some females as we could go bar for bar with them if given the chance (laugh). 

JB: To date what would you consider your biggest accomplishment in music ?

My biggest accomplishment in regards to my music at this moment, is the fact that I took 1 whole year off from my career and although everyone said it was over, your career is done, your a mom, everything is finished, I took 2013 by storm! I released a video for my 1st single off my project that pulled close to 100,000, I have a mailing list of over 1,500 fans that request music and updates on a daily basis, and I am finally yes finally releasing my album, which is like major. I've done nothing but work with people my entire career, so to make this move, and have so much support around me from people as far as the United Kingdom is like amazing to me. Jason my music is in rotation in Africa, like isn't that crazy? (smile) 

JB: Explain: “Brooklyn molded, Born in Harlem, Boston Branded, Mashpee Mobbing"

Pretty: (laugh) I swear that's my favorite question Jason. Let me summarize this for people so they get to know me because that line is a classic defintion of who 1st is. I was born in Harlem, NY on March 18th at St. Lukes Hospital which explains the born in Harlem part. At a young age my mother moved me and my sisters to Cape Cod, Ma, because she didn't want us growing up in the city, and during my childhood I grew up in a small town called Mashpee, on Cape Cod; me and friends used to call ourselves the Mashpee set, cause we was always mobbing through the town (laugh) which explains Mashpee Mobbing. Being a typical teenager who was very into entertainment as you couldn't tell me I wasn't the next Queen Latifah (laugh) the closest city near me was Boston, so you better believe I was up and down the mean streets of Roxbury and Dorchester all day everyday. I learned how to hustle in the Bean and it was there that I realized I needed to make moves because what I wanted out of life I couldn't gain in Massachusetts. I wanted to entertain people: I could sing, I could rap, dance, all that, so I wanted to pursue it, and honestly I felt as if Boston wasn't the place for NiQ. Besides sneaking out to make every battle, competition or talent show, Boston was where the Hip Hop was born in me and I made the decision to rock out until I reach the top, which explains Boston Branded. Saving the best for last Brooklyn molded, most people get it twisted because I rep Brooklyn so hard, they immediately feel I am from here, which I was not born in Brooklyn, but when I made the decision to become who I am today, this is where life began for me in Brooklyn. I struggled in Brooklyn, I went many hungry nights in Brooklyn, I cried my eyes out in Brooklyn, I got my heart broken in Brooklyn, I walked miles and miles in Brooklyn as I didn't have enough money to utilize public transportation, I mean you get it right. I didn't know the true meaning of struggle until I made it to Brooklyn, and pardon me but Brooklyn is not easy, everyone ain't friendly, you get no hand outs, dudes ain't sweating a pretty face, feel me? You gotta get it how you live it out here, without showing your weakness cause Brooklyn ain't about that life (laugh) It's Do or Die out here, so that explains Brooklyn molded. I'm molded as a young woman who doesn't know how to do nothing but survive and make it with what I have, because that's the Brooklyn in. 

JB: Your list of producers that you have worked with is very impressive, who would you say you have the best chemistry with ? fellow artist as well ?

Pretty: Oh boy, I hope no one gets mad at me because I love all my producers, all of them (smile). It's really hard to pick one as I deal with the best, actually let me fix that all my producers are the best can't single them out, Willie Hardy, Purple Chrome, King Clive, Apollo De lorean all of them, now what? (laugh) We cocky on this side! (smile)

In regards to fellow artists, I have great chemistry with everybody I work with, not trying to toot my horn, but I'm a grinder, and this is what I do, when that is evident to those on the outside people can't do nothing but want to work with you, and I have a long list of artists that wanna rock out with 1st but haven't gotten a chance to as of yet.

JB: You were a member of Team Arliss correct, at one point they were on fire, tell us a little bit about that situation and the transition afterwards

Pretty: Arliss is my family. In 2007 I was part of the biggest Myspace street team called ANW D-Block. I've always been a D-Block fan so to help support the movement was nothing, Upon joining this team I was noticed by Kiid who is the brother of St.Raw, and once Kiid brought me to the attention of St.Raw it was over from there. St.Raw took me under the wing, started bringing me out to many events with improtant people, teaching me how to read music and count bars, showing me the ins and outs of writing, how to control my flow, all that. The first time he put me in the booth tho, I was then given the title of 1st Lady of Team Arliss, the only female of the group consisting of St.Raw, and Trav Arliss. He always said it was my voice, I reminded him of Little Kim with my flow, so with that being said, 1st Lady of Team Arliss was in full effect, you see them you seen me, you hear them  you heard me, all that. 

Oh boy, the transition afterwards was very smooth, the group didn't end on bad terms, you know things happen, I don't wanna touch base and get too detailed, but it was a mutual agreement to all go our separate ways. We all still support each other with each and everything that we do, and St.Raw is like my mentor, I learned a lot from him and best believe when I write a killer verse, he's on the other end giving me feedback telling me to slow down (smile). 

JB: You recently released the single for your upcoming solo project ""I Do It" talk about that a little

(First off, the hook is lit (laugh) When releasing a single, you know your faced with the main obstacle which is grabbing your audience attention. That is what I aimed for, the hook is catchy, the beat is sick, and I played with the wordplay just right. I spit bars, hit them with just enough commercial, and I gave them a video, which visual is very important for up and coming artists, because people wanna see the artist. I think I bodied this single, I can't front, I have gotten nothing but positive feedback, and damn near 100,000 views which for a 1st video is super dope to me. Keep in mind my team rocked these numbers with no major backing so imagine if they sign me  

JB: when can we expect the project

Pretty: We're shooting for December 4th this year. Hopefully all goes well and 1st Time Only is bumping through speakers everywhere. 

JB: You're next single is with the homey Goodz correct, that should be something dope

Pretty: I can't wait for the people to hear that track, which actually is the next single to be released that will introduce the album. Goodz is a Dope artist tho like for real, and working with him has been dope, not to mention he keeps you laughing all the time. He's a cool dude, and trust this is only the 1st track of many when I get him in the studio he never wanna leave, and you can tell him I said he loves 1st (laugh).


JB: Give me your top 5 wish list, of artists to feature with and why

Pretty: My answer will never change for this question, I promise:

1. Beyonce - I love her, her presence, voice, and her ideas are so Hot that you can't help but come off with a hit, our duo would be sick, I promise.
2. Nas - This man is an amazing lyricist, he is so positive and on point it's almost perfection. 
3. Jay-Z - Jay is a monster, his aura is so cool on a track it's undeniable, I love it!
4. Jada Kiss - This is my favorite Hip Hop artist ever since shiny suits and goggles (laugh), Jada is a lyrical beast, it would definitely be the battle of sexes being on a track him, cause I would give him a run for his money. 
5. Biggie - His flow is dope, his bars immaculate, and his demeanor so Brooklyn, that' enough right there (laugh)  

JB: Where can the people stay tuned to your movement ?

Pretty: Everyone can like my Facebook music at www.facebook.com1stdaPGBoss, Twitter:, Soundcloud:, Reverbnation: Also, people can join my mailing lists, its checked everyday, and I always respond:, for videos also, check me out on Youtube at: allabout1sttv

JB: Any shows coming up ?

Pretty: Yes I have a show on November 16th, at the Dream Lounge in Manhattan. This is a Music For Cancer Concert Series hosted by the Beautiful Melissa Irish. It's gonna be a dope event, I would love if you came Jason (smile) 
There you have it, not just a pretty face but an awareness of what her purpose is, who her audience is and can be, as well as the importance of articulation. Be sure to Get that 1st Time Only project when it drops, and support 1st !

Be sure to stay in tune with my feed for updates and more killer interviews with today and tomorrows hottest brands


Actor and comedian Gregg Wayans is proudly embarking on the next stage of his career, starring in the new Bounce TV original comedy series, My Crazy Roommate, continuing a decades-long Wayans family legacy.  Gregg is the nephew of the legendary Wayans Brothers, Keenan, Marlon, Shawn, Damon, and Kim, known as the "First Family Of Comedy". Gregg comes to Bounce TV, the nation's first broadcast network for and about African-Americans, after co-starring in the HBO-Cinemax program Zane's The Jump Off, as well as portraying major roles in the feature films Dance Flick andWe The Party.  He's also featured in the upcoming short-subject picture,Bloodthirsty.  "I strive to uphold the [Wayans] tradition," Gregg says.  The Wayans family has written, produced, or acted in 17 films and TV shows, including the 1980s comedy showcase In Living Color, the moviesWhite Chicks, Major Payne, Blankman, I'm Gonna Git You Sucka, and the situation comedy The Wayans Bros.
On My Crazy Roommate,Gregg plays the role of Sloan Simmons, who is friends with Chloe Lewis (Brittany Richards) and Brooke Chambers (Laila Odom), the roommates of the show's title.  
My Crazy Roommate,a Bent Outta Shape Productions presentation, is brought to your screen by longtime screenwriter and producer Bentley Kyle Evans, whose credits includeMartin and The Jamie Foxx Show.  "I'm thrilled to be working with Bounce TV, and have it be the home of My Crazy Roommate."  The new show airs on Bounce TV everyMonday at 10 PM Eastern7 PM Pacific time.  Visit  for local channel listings in your area.

New Music Alert: Lorde Features Rick Ross On “Royals” Remix

Lorde Features Rick Ross On Royals Remix

By: Adriene Morton

New Zealand songstress, Lorde debuted her electropop single “Royals” in March 2013, with the help of co-writer and producer, Joel Little. This art pop mega hit was the lead single that featured on her The Love Club EP as it kneeled at number one on the New Zealand Top 40 and stood tall and proud at number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Chart. 16-year-old Lorde shocked millions as she became the youngest artist to hold spot number one on the U.S. Hot 100 in the past 25 years. “Royals” was undoubtedly a commercial success, selling out 85,000 copies in just 2 months since its release and winning the 2013 Silver Scroll Award, in honor of New Zealand’s outstanding songwriters.

The New Zealand pop star sings over a finger-snapping beat and a slow tempo, revealing her unattached interests concerning the luxury and lifestyle of pop artists. She sings, “And we’ll never be royals (royals)/It don’t run in our blood/That kind of luxe just ain’t for us/We crave a different kind of buzz” Lorde shows that she’s not looking for the luxe in life, she just wants to “live that fantasy” of a world with no benzes and no mansions, but “a different kind of buzz”… just pure fun!

And there must be room for a boss on this all-time pop jam as Ricky Ross joined Lorde for a verse on the slow tempo snap song. Ross has no shame in his game as he raps about his life in the luxe lane, naming pricey items only the upper echelon can afford: Rose Royces, fur rugs, and of course the dead presidents! It’s no doubt that this street-pop mix is on its way to the top! Check it out!

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sony Music Sues United Airlines Over In-Flight Music

Record labels have searched left and right for copyright infringers. Now, they are looking up too.

On Tuesday, Sony Music and various subsidiary labels brought a lawsuit against United Airlines, Inflight Productions and Rightscom over copyrighted music being made available through in-flight systems.

According to a complaint filed in New York federal court, the defendants are duplicating sound recordings and music videos, then installing the allegedly infringed copies to servers located on board aircraft and then transmitting performances to passengers. All without paying any baggage fees.

Among the sound recordings at issue are works by Britney Spears, Carrie Underwood, Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson.

Before the lawsuit was filed, the record labels say they were contacted by a representative from Rightscom, a consultancy specializing in rights management issues, who explained he had been retained by the other defendants. This consultant is said to have "candidly acknowledged" that musical works were being reproduced and that "it is going to be necessary for Inflight to contact the labels individually to put the necessary licenses in place."

Discussions commenced, but the lawsuit states that during this time, United Airlines continued to offer its customers access to copyrighted music.

The tip-off appears to have triggered a deeper investigation into in-flight music and now a lawsuit.

The complaint filed by Andrew Bart at Jenner & Block also seems designed to avoid any possibility that the airline company could claim the possibility of making any statutory license.

For one thing, the in-flight music system that the airlines are running is deemed to be "interactive, on-demand," which would not be covered by a royalty collection outfit like SoundExchange.

Besides a copyright infringement claim, the record labels are also pursuing two additional claims for common-law infringement of pre-1972 works and unfair competition. Sony objects to the in-flight delivery of older music from artists like Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix and Santana. Claims over pre-72 music have been a hot topic of late in courts.

Sony wants to literally stop the music with an injunction, plus is seeking airline profits and statutory damages.

A spokesperson for United has declined comment.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Check Out Various Artist - WE HERE NOW (Mixtape)

Download 1

                   Download 2


Check Out Various Artist - WE HERE NOW (Mixtape)

Get your next project distributed at @Raphenom.

1. Intro Ejay Perry
2. Re-up: Swinga and the Athletes
3. I want it all: B.Martin, Kendrick Lamar and Juicy J
4.Know That: 2 pistols feat French Montana
5. I ain't even mad: Jay Rush
6.Whole Thang: Swinga and the Athletes
7. Prada and Mink: Big Moeses, Dame Grease, DMX and Kymmi Kim
8. Bottom B****: JT Money featuring Pleasure P
9. Celebrate : Chi Ali featuring Raheem DeVaughn
10. Underdog : Lil Scrappy
11. She Wanna Jae Mac featuring Dame Grease
12. Pound Game Lil Scrappy
13. Vibration Bone Crusher feat Raheem DeVaughn
14. Pop A Molly FLG
15. Show Me 40 Glocc
16, Everything NY Rome D'Marco and Uncle Murd

Plies – Faithful ft. Rico Love


Everyone’s favorite rapper is back with a hot new video joint and rapper Plies has solicited the help of music heavyweight Rico Love for the Faithful music video and from the looks of things, it’s abut to be a problem for some folks. His new album Purple Heart is expected to drop within the next few weeks so until then check out the video above.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

TYGA f/ Justin Bieber - Waite for a minute

Wait for a Minute

In addition to his own Music Mondays series, Justin Bieber lends his talents to Tyga on his new single “Wait for a Minute.” The Young Money rapper took to Power 106 this morning to unleash the official song after a previous version leaked in September.

It was originally recorded for Bieber, but will now serve as the first single off Tyga’s upcoming album The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty.

“That’s the new mature Bieber, so I just felt like it was great to do a record with him at this turning point in his career,” T-Raww told Yesi Ortiz. “Musically it just reminds me of when Timberlake got with Pharrell, when he went from *NSYNC to Justin Timberlake.”

The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty is due in the spring. “It’s gonna be a real good album,” he said of the follow-up to April’s Hotel California. “It’s gonna be more kinda how likeCareless World, my first album, was… It’s way less commercial. I felt like Hotel Californiawas more commercial and I made more radio-type records. This album is straight rap.”

The song hits iTunes tomorrow, but you can listen to the radio rip below.

New Music: Linkin Park f/ Pusha T – ‘I’ll Be Gone (Vice Remix)

Fresh off the top 5 debut of My Name Is My Name, King Push is back on his grind. This time, the Virginia MC drops a verse on the Vice remix to Linkin Park’s single “I’ll Be Gone.”

“I’m stylin’ on ‘em/ I’m swervin’ on ‘em/ I know it’s wrong, but life’s a bitch, she turn me on,” he raps.

The track will appear on the band’s upcoming remix album Recharged, due Oct. 29.

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    Monday, October 21, 2013

    New Music Alert: Curren$y Drops “442″ featuring Lil Wayne And Birdman


    By: Adriene Morton

    New Orleans breed, Curren$y has been cruising through life in the clouds lately with his soulful sound, and now he’s ready to take flight. Spitta has been releasing a number of mixtapes over the years from This Ain’t No Mixtape Pilot Talk, Jet Life Order, and the list goes on! The 32-year-old is stirring up major hits this year, recruiting A-list artists from all over to work with, and we can’t wait to hear the results!

    Curren$y reunites with Young Money’s Lil Wayne and Birdman for their brand new single, “442″. The rapper debuted the new song on New Orleans radio station Q93 Wednesday night, and it’s been buzzing the media ever since! We’re use to seeing  Spitta team up with his Jet Life crew, but we’re in store for something bigger and better this time around! The Monsta Beatz-produced track is pure genius as Curren$y gives his fans some serious New Orleans flavor as he teams up with Cash Money’s finest and slays the track.

    Spitta kills the hook as he raps: “442 442/Im burnin gas like a 442/We comin through, convertibles and coupes/My OG told me smash anything in front you”

    And not to mention Wayne’s sick flow: “Money to the ceiling/Pimpin is a gift I opened way too early/Like my hair curly, redbone curvy/Make em run from this/Alright, lipstick on my boxers  these bitches love my posture/Quick frankly Im Sinatra  Im shark and you tilapia”

    We see this pilot is in “Jet Life” mode as he raps atop the soulful beat and takes dopeness to a whole ‘nother level. Bump it!

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    CategoryNew Music Alert

    - See more at:

    Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz Resigns As Chairman of the New Black Panther Party

     A Paradigm Shift in Leadership for The Black Community

    Malik Zulu Shabazz

    Words by: Renee Gardner, Associate News Editor

    Are the New Black Panthers ready for a young fresh face to lead the coalition? According to various inside sources, the New Black Panther leader, Malik Zulu Shabazz, has decided to step down from his leadership position with the NBPP and Min. Hashim Nzinga will take over as the new head of the organization.

    Last year, Min. Hashim Nzinga made headlines for announcing a $10,000 bounty for the capture of killer George Zimmerman in the death of slain teenager Trayvon Martin and for his arrest in Gwinnett County, Georgia for allegedly selling a handgun at a Dekalb County pawn shop days after accepting a plea deal in Gwinnett County for writing a bad check.

    However, prosecutors decided to dismiss the gun charges against Nzinga after they acknowledged that he was never told he could not possess a firearm after his plea deal.

    Bro. Polight

    Bro. Polight

    Just a few weeks before his announcement, Shabazz participated in a highly anticipate debate with a young leader, Amun-Re Sen Atum-Re, also known as Bro. Polight, on the idea of sovereignty for Black people under white supremacy. Amun-Re Sen Atum-Re (Brother POLIGHT) is the Nu-Covenant’s Supreme Grand Apperception Nysu,author of 82 plus books and fluent in 8 languages – all at the age of 30.

    “If we killed all the white people in the world, we will still have black people problems.” – Bro. Polight

    While Polight combated Shabazz’s message of hating white supremacy and educating our people to deal under white supremacy, the thirty year-old Nu Covenant leader revealed realistic strategies and prerequisites to help deliver the Black community from their inflicted citizenship in the Unites States.

    “You decide which ones makes more sense, which is more practical and more logical to accept.” – Malik Zulu Shabazz

    Both preach black power, but judging from the debate, Polight seems to be more about action while Shabazz focuses on complaining about current issues that plague our communities. Polight even goes as far as using his 16-year old home schooled daughter who is preparing to further her education to study astrophysics.

    Brother Polight Speaking at a elementary school in Brooklyn, NY

    Did Polight reveal truths to Shabazz that made him reconsider his position, or did Malik realize his ideals were a bit outdated for our current situation? What does this mean for the future of the New Black Panther party?

    Take a look at an excerpt from the hour-long debate above, and share your thoughts below.

    “We’re dealing with a whole new dilemma and phenomenon in 2013. We have to wake up and realize we can’t use those old templates for 2013… Let’s demonstrate what black power is.” – Bro. Polight

    HHE has confirmed that Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz did officially stepped down as leader of the organization and has assumed the role of President of Black Lawyers for Justice. For information on the organization, go to: or follow them on twitter @blacklawyerfj

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