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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Everyone and their grandmother knows what YouTube is

Everyone and their grandmother knows what YouTube is. There’s a viral video here, a music video there, an embarrassing celebrity video here, and crazy moments in history there. YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world. Millions of videos are uploaded each and every day covering a million different topics. There are pros, cons, and controversies associated with YouTube (as with many websites), but there is also a hell of an opportunity for many individuals that have a YouTube account with original material to make revenue.

We get a lot of inquiries from artists to distribute their content and all they have is a YouTube account. Before we launched our Content ID service, we looked at the fact that people had YouTube channels as “nice” but didn’t see much potential for revenue growth. After a year + of research and planning, we finally launched our Content ID & YouTube Monetization service and have already claimed and monetized thousands of videos all over the YouTube spectrum.

This article will tell you about how Content ID works and why it’s important for you.

First, you need a YouTube account. (Tough I know.)

Once you have a YouTube account, upload your videos! With this piece, we always want to recommend that you upload material that is fully owned by you, the user, and that is able to be monetized and claimed all over the internet. If you upload material that is not rightfully yours and claim it (unless you have permission to do so), you open up the potential for issues arising from your uploads and for you to be potentially removed from YouTube.

Once you’ve done those first two steps, you register your channel with a Content ID partner. Of course, since we’re writing this, we’ll be a little biased and recommend that you register with us by visiting We’ll also throw in that we offer content owners the most competitive % rate in the business, as you’ll see in the comparison chart. Once you register, we put our Sherlock Holmes hat on and use YouTube’s sophisticated Content ID technology.

The Content ID technology will compare your videos against other videos uploaded on YouTube. If it finds a match, we’ll be able to claim and monetize each one of those videos. In some cases, we can even take the videos down to ensure that anyone who does not have the ability to upload the videos flat-out doesn’t upload the videos ever again. Even though YouTube’s technology is quite sophisticated, there is still a manual process involved to ensure that any matches that are not picked up (such as audio or visual) are found and properly claimed which is why our staff spends time daily to find and match any videos not located. This is a lot of tech language but basically, you upload your videos, we monetize them, and then we go after monetizing other accounts for you. We pay the best share in the Content ID business (90% of NET proceeds to be exact).

Now, the work and fun isn’t over because you too have to contribute and do what you can to grow your YouTube channel. The only way that you can really expect results is to promote your channel to the fullest and upload as much quality-driven content as possible to increase your views. Our job will be to look and scour the internet but you must do your part to make it successful as well so that revenue can flow.

So if you didn’t know about this aspect of the industry, we encourage you to take advantage and register your YouTube account for Content ID. We also encourage you to do an amazingly viral video of you wrestling a crocodile in a unicorn outfit because chances are, CNN or some major media outlet may in fact place that video in their broadcast. Yes, you may completely embarrass yourself for all of eternity but if you have the tools in place, you may just be the one with the last laugh all the way to the bank! Oh yeah, go ahead and register today!

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