Lil Wayne, the YMCMB big wig released the sequel to IANAHB today but it had gotten leaked before the set date, leaving the world in awe as he struck a chord with his inspiring music. He hit it right on the head with the intro of the album titled ‘IANAHB’, this honestly has a great piano vibe with it. I really enjoyed it but then the dream of a conscious Wayne drops as you hear the lines “Yeah, I’m in the crib butt-naked, bitch,” then you’re just wondering, ‘is this a joke?’. No, this isn’t a joke, he’s making references to Transformers and just some disgusting sexual lines. The hashtag flow is strong within the song and it goes into some sort of jaws type melody and now we know Lil Wayne is hungry. Then it vanishes again with some random lyricism that makes no sense and introduces a random girl named Tammy. This song honestly messed with my mind, it’s inspirational with the instrumental but then you have Lil Wayne rapping about “Nuts and banana’s” and doing things to a piano.. Really? Wayne, you certainly aren’t a human being with that mentality.

The next song is ‘Curtains’ ft. Boo, I like the production but it’s ruined with Lil Wayne, I thought he was done with auto-tune after ‘Out of Love’, but nope he’s still one it with a mediocre lyric showing the bright side of the song was Boo on the feature without auto-tune and some flow.

‘Days and Days’ ft. 2 Chainz. I think Lil Wayne actually did pretty good on this song with some alright lyricism but his fast paced flow was a nice sound.

Then we have ’2 Chaaaaaaaaiiinzz’, who honestly ruined an average song, isn’t he suppose to be the #2 hottest rapper in the game? The vocal sample of the instrumental makes the song seem a little on the edge which adds a good feel to Wayne’s voice. Lil Wayne in the 3rd verse didn’t go as hard as his first verse but it was alright.

Next song is ‘Gunwalk’ ft. Gudda Gudda. The beat is mysterious and Wayne starts talking about how he’s strapped up and doesn’t care about the gun laws in the chorus. We’ve all seen that meme where it has Lil Wayne and a caption with the phrase “It’s a good thing nigga rhymes with nigga or this rapping this would be hard,” yeah, thisis the perfect time to use it.. Gudda Gudda comes in the third verse, he has a nice voice and adds a nice touch to the beat but it’s short and the song continues the chorus and fades off.


 ’No Worries’ except for the feature of Detail and his auto-tune hook making this song looking sub-par before twenty seconds even elapse. The one thing I like about the album so far is the banger beats that have a nice vibe. I’m not saying it lifts the album over Wayne’s horrible rapping but it’s something. This song doesn’t even deserve recognition, let’s just imagine it was never made.

‘Back to You’ one of the three songs on this album that doesn’t have a feature, has a great vocal sample in the beginning. Wayne comes in unison with the strong drum beat but then you hear his theme and just like ‘No Worries’, the song doesn’t deserve anyone to talk about it unless it’s in the top 50 worst songs of 2013 list. The vocal sample makes it look like it’s some sort of love song but with what Wayne is talking about in the verses I honestly don’t understand the song. Maybe the YMCMB catalyst is going over my head..

Next song is ‘Trigger Finger’ ft. Soulja Boi. The verse by Wayne is alright he has some eye-popping lines over the airy drum beat and the chorus is a catchy repeating line. It’s self explanatory about what the song is about but it’s executed poorly (but what isn’t by Lil Wayne) and then you have Soulja Boi with this super slow flow and you just want to fast forward over his verse.. No wonder he’s going bankrupt, damn.


Next song is ‘Beat the Shit’ ft. Gunplay. With what Lil Wayne has been talking about through the album, I really don’t want to listen to this song but it’s obvious what it’s about and you know it. You also know that the beat is gonna be great. Although, Gunplay had a great verse and could probably be one of the better on this verse and wasn’t about what Wayne was on.


The next song has another 2 Chainz feature with ‘Rich as Fuck’. Lil Wayne goes over a trap beat, he has some lines like the rest of the songs but sounds repetitive and what was used on one of his mixtapes. 2 Chainz comes in on the hook to repeat that “All my nigga’s look rich as fuck,” with Wayne coming after the transition with another mediocre verse.


Next is ‘Trippy’ ft. Juicy J. It has the right name for it’s beat, the instrumental is trippy and sounds eerie with the soft voice of Lil Wayne. The song is about weed and drugs, didn’t Wayne learn from the codeine incident?

The next song is ‘Love Me’ ft. Drake, Future. The song is supposed to be the best song on the album and it doesn’t look hard to achieve that especially with Drake on the feature. It’s just a love song with a good beat, simplistic verses from Wayne and good hooks with Future (why he didn’t do this on ‘No Love’ is beyond me,) and Drake. Best song on the album, yes?

Nope.. ‘God Bless Amerika’ is one of those slow songs, and it’s not bad, it’s actually better than ‘Love Me’. The best part of it is that it’s a solo work and it’s actually working in Wayne’s favor. Just like on the Carter 4 when he released a type of song like this, it was his best. I honestly enjoyed it. The flow is different and the melody of the beat is as well with this a bit more fast paced but it’s a good song. Well done and kudos to Wayne for making something with replay value.

The next song is ‘Wowzerz’ ft. Trina and Lil Wayne is back to his old self, which makes me feel sad for his potential if he actually tried. His subject matter isn’t appealing to most people and it’s repetitious nowadays. The Soulaj Boi beat doesn’t help either with an unoriginal sound and instruments. Trina on the feature is terrible, like what is this, another Nicki Minaj with worse hashtag ‘metaphors’

The next song is rock inspired titled ‘Hello’ ft. Shane Heyl. You have Lil Wayne over this hardcore rock instrumentals and he’s yelling the words ‘bitch’, ‘ya’ and ‘uh’. I don’t know if he’s trying to rap really fast or if he’s just really hyped and talking like he saw a monster. The song is weird and the subject matter is eerie. I hate when he says “What you think about that?” the last word in that phrase is emphasized so weirdly. 


Wayne yells.


‘Lay It Down’ ft. Nicki Minaj, Cory Gunz. I think it’s obvious this song will be bad, three of the main YMCMB members are on a track and one’s Nicki Minaj. I have no problem with Cory’s verse, it’s not as bad as the rest on the track and goes well with the “racey beat” he’s got a nice flow though, good job to Cory Gunz but you can’t say the same to the counterparts. Nicki Minaj comes in with this weird flow and sounds like she has tourettes or something and you can imagine her neck spazzing while she says this.. Ok skip that.

Next up we have a Dre (Not Dr. Dre, I think) feature with ‘Hot Revolver’. The beat is a medium paced drum and Wayne knows how to go over it. The song is overall alright, no real bad parts but nothing special.

‘My Homies Still’ ft. Big Sean is the last song on the deluxe album. The instrumental with a squeaky synth of a beat and powerful drum. The verses are alright, shining moment for Big Sean, not as much for Lil Wayne but really, when did Lil Wayne shine on this album except for 2 songs?

The overall album was below average-mediocre, nothing really special except for one song. It was barraged by a flurry of below average features that sometimes didn’t fit on the songs. Good beats were made to look like rubbish when you have Lil Wayne going over them. The themes of beats were made to look like a joke with the lyrics over them.

Lil Wayne – IANAHB II Rating:


Best songs: ‘God Bless Amerika’, ‘My Homies Still’ and ‘Love Me’

Worst songs: The rest..

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