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Friday, January 31, 2014

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Monday, January 27, 2014


Canadian born international Hip Hop/Dancehall artist, Shawtee Re is not only a musician, songwriter, dancer, and actress but her undeniable beauty has landed her in many of today's top publications as a featured model as well. Currently signed to SMG/WOK/Sony Red Music, Shawtee RE was recently nominated for the coveted top female rapstress in Canada slot,  by HookedUP B Magazine, along with and the highly regarded

Pain and hardship is not foreign to Shawtee Re, something that makes her story all the more real, and her grind respectable. Born in Montreal, Quebec to a Trinidadian father and Canadian mother, Shawtee RE grew up in a household of much conflict and pain due to her mother's alcoholism and battle with anorexia. At the tender age of 6 years old, she battled with the knowledge of her mothers suicidal ways, and attempts on her own life. At 14, the starlet in the making, turned to the fast life as a way of escaping a hectic home life, and what she thought would be stability as a result of the chance to earn a quick buck.  When asked about her choices as a youngster, and the allure of the "streetlife" she often explains:

"It made me feel powerful when I was powerless... I was good at it..."

Given the name "Shawtee" (shorty) because of her petite presence, ( standing 5'3) she later incorporated "RE" as an ode to the street term so prevalent in the urban drug culture known as "RE-up". In 2006, after years of weekly visits to emergency rooms and even admittance to the psychological ward, Shawtee RE finally lost her mother to her addiction. This drove the rapper deeper in to the street life but also into music.

 "I made a promise to her on her deathbed that I would be successful in music...". 

 From 2008 to circa 2010, Shawtee realized her talent and potential to become a household name on the Canadian Hip Hop scene; after being featured on “Ambush TV” (Canada’s largest DVD magazine), she began working with local rapper $truck (DPG affiliate). With the help of his label,  she released two mixtapes 1st Lady (2008) and Diary Of A G (2009).  As a tandem, the two would become very active on the scene, gaining notoriety as opening acts for Platinum seller Flo-Rida and hosting the 2008 Juno Awards after-party with Russell Peters. 

Eclectically talented, Shawtee is an accomplished song writer, trained dancer, composer, and pianist. How's that for being well rounded ? As an actress she paid her dues as a student at the Quest Theater and University Of Calgary. Today Shawtee Re is fully focused on her musical, and modeling endeavors, relinquishing ties to the game of the streets. She inked a management deal in 2011 with 7 Figure Entertainment (Miami) and with that move she has seen the growth of her career exponentially as her music has been in rotation domestically and abroad

In more recent times her formed alliance multi Platinum Grammy award winning producer Ryan "Ghost" Bowser (Nelly “Dilemma” featuring Kelly Roland) has helped Shawtee RE to develop her unique style and sound while staying true to her story. With the success of her single, Shawtee RE has gone on to ink a worldwide licensing and distribution deal with AIN Music & Distribution/Blue Pie Records (2012). Her “No Remorse” project, hosted by international celebrity DJ Prince, has one again proven once again that she and her fan base are something to be wreckoned with. Focusing on creating new music for her upcoming album Bad Habits she and Ghost are once again in the studio, and tearing stages down performing live, most recently opening for legendary Dancehall artist Mr. Vegas.  Now inked to the Ghost Music imprint, Shawtee RE has "Gimme Dat", "Hello" and "Can't Keep Me Down" which has set the table for the release of her debut album to be distributed by as a joint venture betweeen SMG/WOK/Sony Red Music where as a recording home she has joined the likes of Eve, Knoc-turn'al and Childish Gambino.

With film work on the agenda,  "American Ghost" and her smash single I Dont Care currently available on iTunes, all eyes are now on this young artist and entrepreneur.


Saturday, January 25, 2014

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Friday, January 24, 2014



Big Lee AKA Leon Harris is a rapper/songwriter whom subscribes to the adage that "Iron sharpens iron." Ignited by the common passion of music, Big Lee has joined with I Am One Of A Kind , where he is seeing his dreams gleam once more. Born in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn, NY specifically the well known Ingersoll houses.  A true 80s baby, Lee is one of seven kids,  once put onto the dopest of MCs by his older brother, Gil Harris, who himself had a passion for Hip Hop; once introduced, he fell in love.  Beginning his foray into performance of the art,  Big Lee, turned his rhyme notebook which he started as early as the 5th grade into a craft, doing numerous shows by the time he entered Pacific High School.

 With a growing local buzz, Big Lee set his sights on expansion, taking his skill set to the stage at the renowned Pyramid Club in SOHO. As a true student,  Big Lee came up listening to everything from underground to mainstream commercial music. In 2006, he met Charles “CP” Caldwell while working at Houlihan’s Bar and Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY.  The two started hanging out and became close friends in a short amount of time, bonding over their shared love of music.  

He then was introduced to CP’s brother and partner Dwayne “Deacon” Jackson, whom was also impressed by Big Lee’s lyrical abilities.  Every since,  they all have been working together and have grown closer as brothers, providing the group with a great balance between R&B and Rap,  a rarity in the current music scene.  An intricate part of OOAK,  Big Lee has both blessed the stage and the mixtape which dropped in April of 2010, “I Am….OOAK” with a passionately unique flow.  He continues to study his craft and strives to get to the level he wants to be. Even through all his ups and downs, Big Lee still keeps a positive mind set, determined to come out on top.  

 “I have three loves in my life: God first, my children Bre and LJ along with family second, and music third.  As long as I have those three things in my life in any order, I’m blessed.”  

-Big Lee

With influences ranging from Big Daddy Kane, to Rakim, Kool G-Rap, MOP, Boot Camp Click, Nas, and more his knowledge of the culture is well rounded.  Wanting nothing more than to ascend to newer heights in todays music climate, Big Lee is focused on diligently offering his best to the genre which he has loved for so long.

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For more info on Big Lee as well as the I AM ONE OF A KIND collective, visit:

Check out the visual for Big Lee's IN THE FORT featuring CP of IAMOOAK


Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Ana Baby has a purpose. That purpose is to musically uplift the world from the depths of monotony. While her Puerto Rican and Black heritage leaves you breathless. She has many talents and tricks up her sleeve. Her most extraordinary quality is her performing ability. Leaving anyone who listens captivated. Born in Brooklyn, Ana Baby made her entrance into the world as Saleana (Sa-Le-Ana) Birmingham. She is the youngest of three children, Her mother and siblings moved to Harlem, where she was raised. During her adolescent life, she was known to be an odd ball. Wearing and doing what she wanted even at the tender age of 5. She was very outgoing and outspoken.

Growing up she was known for hanging out with the older crowd in areas like Greenwich Village of downtown Manhattan, which has influenced Ana’s sound tremendously.  Ana.B’s story is the one of the underdog. Ana was the cliché outcast teen who seeked direction. She attended the High School of Art & Design. Her keen sense of fashion and her artistic eye lends to her eclectic taste in music. Never really fitting in w/ the suburban kids, nor totally the urban crowd. She was the late bloomer who was shunned, only to become the swan in the end.

You can be certain that Ana.B’s music is filled with creativity, personality and an urban edge. She is musically inclined, with a very fun and playful vibe. A confident attitude and a humble appeal, Ana.B has that ‘jen ne sais qui!’ ” I use to think being different was a disadvantage. But now I know I am a gift. What I do is FIRST NATURE…”

Check Out The Latest from THE REAL ANA BABY

Turnt up Featuring Jadakiss

Knockin Featuring Chinx Drugz


Tuesday, January 14, 2014


"There is no greater joy than having the experience of taking an idea from concept to completion and I have enjoyed every day as I’ve worked on my new Brand Ashea Avion CO."


Determined to provide comfortably stylish garments for both men and women, regardless of shape or size, Ashe Avion Collection the brand is the product of seeing a void, and having the courage to provide a great product. In today's fashion world that is easier said than done, however with the quality of items that this brand offers their goal is most certainly in reach.  Transcending perception, expectation, and stereotype one stitch at a time.

Launched in 2004 as a fashionable example of what is the fusion between love, life, and couture Ashea Avion is a brand surrounded by individuals that support and indulge in a lifestyle.  Involving intricate color schemes intertwined with well placed patterns:

"The surprise of seeing the work come alive, my products wake up and brighten both genders' attention to beauty."

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 As a brand, Ashe Avion is refined, quality as its best; tastefully done.



Monday, January 6, 2014



When it comes to stage performances, Lord Vital is second to none, the Brooklyn, New York representative is at the forefront of The Everything is Beast Mode movement, as well as a pillar of the tri-state area's Hip Hop scene; recently he took to the stage @ Club XL with a ferocious freestyle, after winning the much coveted ASMA for Punchline Artist of the Year. His demeanor is that of a disciplined individual, always willing to impart knowledge on peers as well as all those who are willing to listen, vowing to go BeastMode at every chance. Check out my interview with the veteran emcee
Jason Bourne: Lord Vital, Mr BeastMode is what happens to go around a lot, break down for us the science behind the whole Beastmode movement
Lord Vital: Well the phrase I use is #EIB for "Everything Is Beastmode". This Is the mindset that you must have in order to live the lifestyle. In any aspect of life whatever you do go Beasting with it. It doesn't matter if it's working out, your music, shows, raising your kids or family in general go hard and be the best that you can be at it. Without taking no shortcuts. We work hard with no excuses. The movement itself grows rapidly in the calisthenics community because my fans force themselves to adapt to the lifestyle in order to attempt the crazy shit that we come up with while working out. But it's all about promoting health and becoming stronger as a human being. My movement changed a lot of lives for the better, and to think that all it took was a couple of pull ups to inspire the world to say "I CAN DO THAT". Not saying that it is easy because it's not. It encourages them to know that it is possible.

Jason Bourne: I understand that both your parents were accomplished instrumentalists, how did that influence you as an artist and your overall love for music

Lord Vital: My parents influenced me a lot musically. My mother plays the piano. But she only played songs that she wrote and composed. I guess that is where I get my writing skills My father he played all kinds of instruments. African Congo drums were his favorite. He would go to Prospect Park every Sunday and play with a wide variety of other artist and my family would just sit and listen for hours; even though I can't play any instrument, I've learned to appreciate different sounds that I use today when I sit with my producer and we create my beats.

Jason Bourne: First studio you ever recorded in? what do u remember about your first time in the studio and understanding how songs came together and the roles that each individual played in the process?

Lord Vital: This is funny because the first studio I've ever recorded in is the same studio I record in now. It had to be around 1994 and the manager I had at the time made me earn my way into the booth. I use to battle rap back then and he had me doing shows with no songs. All I had was verses that I would put together to make songs. He would say that I wasn't ready to get into the booth yet. This used to get me heated but he was teaching me about patience and playing my position which I didn't understand at the time. His younger brother was his main artist. He was good but always needed a hook or chorus for his song..... That was my key to getting in the booth. So now when we would go to the studio and the started recording I would automatically start writing a hook. By the time he finished his verse I would jump up "I GOT A HOOK!". I was ignored for a few but when they finally listened they knew then that I really had talent. Now I've been rapping since the early 90's but it wasn't until my producer grabbed me up and made me his artist. This is when I began to understand the musical side of a song and how the verses should fit. He taught me how to arrange music and showed me that every song isn't the same.  

Jason Bourne: Who are some artists that you consider as peers and you have developed a great chemistry with over the years. How has that chemistry played out in song (name features)

Lord Vital: I've developed relationships with a lot of artist over my years but the ones that I had the privilege of creating with are very few. I feel and believe that certain artist are not ready to do music with me. This has nothing to do with skill level, It's all about chemistry. But the chosen few include my brother Rockness Monsta who was easy to record with because I was and still a huge fan of his work. I used to write like him when I first started. My dudes Billy da Kid & Cortez from Murda Ave Gang. We started out doing shows together way back and recorded a couple of tracks since then. We've always respected each others craft. My boy Trife Boss we've toured many states doing shows so when we got in the booth we already knew what to expect. I think it's safe to say that if I don't respect your show performance, then I probably won't do music with you.

Jason Bourne: I must say that when it comes to a performance, I have seen you in action many times, and what stands out for me is the energy level that you bring to the stage. Tell us a little about your preparation for a show

Lord Vital: When you love doing something, you don't need to prepare for it. I love doing shows and performing the music that I create and it shows in my stage presence. Plus I go Beastmode on stage. Performing for me is a major part of doing music. It's backwards if you're an artist and you record but don't do shows. "YOU ARE A WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY", that's like buying a car and don't drive it; just don't make sense.

Jason Bourne: How did you get the name LORD VITAL

Lord Vital: The name Vital I chose because I knew that I would become an important part of anything I was associated with. Like a vital organ to the human body, you may live without me but it will be difficult. Lord was giving to me by other artists I used to rap with in high school. There was different levels to our battle community back then,  And I was a Lord. 

Jason Bourne: Aside from the music you are very active in the workout world, through calisthenics you have helped shaped the mind and bodies of many, when did you first fall in love with HEALTH

Lord Vital: I was always an active kid, and I was part of a gang. But this one day I was in one of my local parks planning to rob some random person, I was spotted by someone who changed the direction of my negative energy and transferred it towards positive energy by introducing me to the game of calisthenics. Through the years I was taught "YOU'RE ONLY AS STRONG AS THE ONES YOU TEACH" which means that no matter how strong I became it didn't mean anything if I didn't share it with some one else. I took that and shared it with the world. And the calisthenics was just a hobby to me, helping the world become stronger through my talent, I fell in love with that. 

Jason Bourne: You recently won an ALL STAR MUSIC AWARD for punchline artist, tell us a little bit about that

Lord Vital: I was nominated for four awards. But out of all of them Punchlines Of The Year was the one that meant the most for me. Me winning that award was for me to show myself that they still respect my pen game as a lyricist; even though I song write, this is where I started from. The bars, the delivery and content. This means more to me than Artist Of the Year to be honest. 

Jason Bourne: Whats next on the menu for the 2014 year for Lord Vital

Lord Vital: I have a couple of things lined up for the 2014. My boy Rock Redd will be home shortly so we can finish up the E.I.B Empire Group album. Of course I'm recording another solo project. I also will be traveling the world where my fans are who support the E.I.B movement whether it's for the music or the calisthenics. So I'm getting that together. I'm creating new E.I.B apparel that the world can wear in and out of the gyms because they love the brand I've made. Also I'm lining up my own Everything Is Beastmode Concert series because I've been doing other people shows for too long for me not to have my own. I will be in a couple of short films and webisodes, one called "Atlantic City Chronicles" that we're about to start filming season 2 for. And just keeping the brand alive because as you see it's more than music.

Jason Bourne: Where can fans and supporters get updates and stay in tuned with your work

Lord Vital:

To stay updated with me you can fan me on Reverbnation 
follow me on Twitter
friend me on Facebook and like my fan page

Friday, January 3, 2014


Back by popular demand, after his incredible debut at the October session of Style Meetz Music, SMG's own frontrunner Stable blazed the stage with the help of labelmate Tickey Boom as well as V12's Nazkar & Sinn Tha Saint as well as Game Ova Empire's own Nay Nillz AKA Mr BK Representer. Check out the Heroin DVD Directed clip below:

For Inquiries:


Well known Media contributor, and frontman for established brands such as Kwan Lee TV and BYC promo, Kwan Lee would have you know that is just as skillful on the Mic. The cornerstone of this great culture we call Hip Hop is beats, rhymes, and delivery. Check out how Kwan Lee breaks his down via his latest offering The People Vs. Kwan Lee Part 3 (mixtape)