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Monday, January 27, 2014


Canadian born international Hip Hop/Dancehall artist, Shawtee Re is not only a musician, songwriter, dancer, and actress but her undeniable beauty has landed her in many of today's top publications as a featured model as well. Currently signed to SMG/WOK/Sony Red Music, Shawtee RE was recently nominated for the coveted top female rapstress in Canada slot,  by HookedUP B Magazine, along with and the highly regarded

Pain and hardship is not foreign to Shawtee Re, something that makes her story all the more real, and her grind respectable. Born in Montreal, Quebec to a Trinidadian father and Canadian mother, Shawtee RE grew up in a household of much conflict and pain due to her mother's alcoholism and battle with anorexia. At the tender age of 6 years old, she battled with the knowledge of her mothers suicidal ways, and attempts on her own life. At 14, the starlet in the making, turned to the fast life as a way of escaping a hectic home life, and what she thought would be stability as a result of the chance to earn a quick buck.  When asked about her choices as a youngster, and the allure of the "streetlife" she often explains:

"It made me feel powerful when I was powerless... I was good at it..."

Given the name "Shawtee" (shorty) because of her petite presence, ( standing 5'3) she later incorporated "RE" as an ode to the street term so prevalent in the urban drug culture known as "RE-up". In 2006, after years of weekly visits to emergency rooms and even admittance to the psychological ward, Shawtee RE finally lost her mother to her addiction. This drove the rapper deeper in to the street life but also into music.

 "I made a promise to her on her deathbed that I would be successful in music...". 

 From 2008 to circa 2010, Shawtee realized her talent and potential to become a household name on the Canadian Hip Hop scene; after being featured on “Ambush TV” (Canada’s largest DVD magazine), she began working with local rapper $truck (DPG affiliate). With the help of his label,  she released two mixtapes 1st Lady (2008) and Diary Of A G (2009).  As a tandem, the two would become very active on the scene, gaining notoriety as opening acts for Platinum seller Flo-Rida and hosting the 2008 Juno Awards after-party with Russell Peters. 

Eclectically talented, Shawtee is an accomplished song writer, trained dancer, composer, and pianist. How's that for being well rounded ? As an actress she paid her dues as a student at the Quest Theater and University Of Calgary. Today Shawtee Re is fully focused on her musical, and modeling endeavors, relinquishing ties to the game of the streets. She inked a management deal in 2011 with 7 Figure Entertainment (Miami) and with that move she has seen the growth of her career exponentially as her music has been in rotation domestically and abroad

In more recent times her formed alliance multi Platinum Grammy award winning producer Ryan "Ghost" Bowser (Nelly “Dilemma” featuring Kelly Roland) has helped Shawtee RE to develop her unique style and sound while staying true to her story. With the success of her single, Shawtee RE has gone on to ink a worldwide licensing and distribution deal with AIN Music & Distribution/Blue Pie Records (2012). Her “No Remorse” project, hosted by international celebrity DJ Prince, has one again proven once again that she and her fan base are something to be wreckoned with. Focusing on creating new music for her upcoming album Bad Habits she and Ghost are once again in the studio, and tearing stages down performing live, most recently opening for legendary Dancehall artist Mr. Vegas.  Now inked to the Ghost Music imprint, Shawtee RE has "Gimme Dat", "Hello" and "Can't Keep Me Down" which has set the table for the release of her debut album to be distributed by as a joint venture betweeen SMG/WOK/Sony Red Music where as a recording home she has joined the likes of Eve, Knoc-turn'al and Childish Gambino.

With film work on the agenda,  "American Ghost" and her smash single I Dont Care currently available on iTunes, all eyes are now on this young artist and entrepreneur.


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