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Monday, September 30, 2013

5 thing you need too do before your next gig

The great thing about live performance, in the moment live recordings and generally singing around the house a cappella is the opportunity for random and unexpected moments of genius. Or even mistakes. But one woman’s mistake is another man’s moment of inspired revelation. Honest.

If you want to improve your singing for live gigs, the trick to dealing with unpredictable circumstances is being able to improvise, concentrate and still have fun. Here’s a technique I use, involving singing along to my favourite song, that I use to improve my singing for gigs:

1) Boost your power
Play your favourite song through speakers (not headphones) and sing along with it, but turn it up a bit louder than usual so that you have to compete a little with the volume of the track in order to hear yourself over the top. Breathing as much as possible as though into your lower tummy area and standing in a sturdy position as if in an attempt to resist someone trying to push you over, you should be able to generate a more sustainable, higher volume. (If this doesn’t work for you, try leaning with your hands against a wall or door and your feet further away, so that you actually transfer your weight to your hands, and sing as though trying to “aim” your notes into the lower middle end of the wall.)

Singing leaning

Even a little bit of competing in volume with the track can help remind you to use more sustainable ways of singing louder so that you don’t strain your voice, which you can remember when you are in a gig situation and find yourself having to sing over the sound of other instruments (which may temporarily have been turned up louder in your monitor than you) or singing over general banter and drinks-clatter.

2) Learn the damned song!
If you are singing a new song and you aren’t 100% sure of the lyrics or get confused about which verse goes into the middle 8, singing along with a recording of it, over and over, may well be the best way of drumming it into your head so it becomes automatic. (That and listening to it everywhere you go, e.g. on headphones while travelling on the tube…) If you need to spend more time learning the lyrics, you’ll know from singing along to the song and noticing the parts where you come in late because you’ve forgotten the words. In that case, it’s often a good idea to also write out and re-write the lyrics, first just copying and then from memory, over and over so that you learn those intensively too. (This is super useful for those last minute gigs, where you’ve got very little pre-gig practise time.) Don’t stop for breaks or cups of tea until you’ve done 5 run-throughs of the song with no major errors or hesitations.

3) Improvise, improvise, improvise
Not only do you need to know the song well to perform it, but you need to know how to change it in the moment or add new parts to it. This is because you not only need to be able to be flexible about your performance to interact better with the audience, but also because if you do lose your way and make a mistake or someone in the audience distracts you, you can easily work around a mis-timed note or phrase and be creative with it. Creativity is your gift, so use it as often as possible! Having sung along to your track to learn it well and boost your strength in singing it, you’re ready to try the a cappella test.

Sing the song on your own, giving yourself the starting note and see if you can get through the whole thing without losing your way. (Check you’re still in the same key by the end and maybe even record yourself to listen back to how you may have varied the tempo in places – were those choices or little mistakes?) Once you’re clear that you can stay on track with it, purposely try to change the very beginning and very end of the phrases in the song. Go up at the end of the line instead of down, or speed up a little at the beginning of the line but slow it down by the end. Play around with volume, tempo and even lyrics. Where could you add an extra line or change the lyric in some way to reference your audience? Where could you add in a line of another song in the same key that fits in with your genre of music? (If you’re a solo performer, this is how you show that playing solo can be an advantage over playing in a band because you are in control and you can adapt and change things as the mood takes you!) The further you can take the song away from the original but stay true to the feel, mood and start and end of the song, the more flexible you’ll feel as a singer, and therefore, the more confidence you’ll have that you can deal with anything.

4) Improve your concentration
Gigs are generally full of distractions, from the noise at the bar, to the other instrumentalists or sound engineer’s fiddling around with levels or even audience member “participation”… Your job is to be adaptable, but to stay on your game and sing your song! Try seeing if you can get through singing along with your song while having the TV or radio on in the background. Can you stay focussed on what you’re doing despite the distraction? If so, you’re on the money…!

5) Have fun with it!
Yes, fun. Remember that part? That’s what music of all forms should be, whether the fun is derived from getting through that tricky high-note bit and totally nailing it with a wide smile on your face or flouncing about in a Gaga-esque outfit while singing, it should still be fun.



Make sure every practice session, whether singing along to a track or not, ends with a run-through (or two) purely to ‘have fun with it’. That could mean just trying to improvise some new ideas, sounds or embellishments into the song, or to put a bit of dancing into the performance or to sing it as loudly and confidently as you can. I often tell my clients to have a final go through to ‘play around with the song’ (improvise bits) and give themselves ‘permission’ to make mistakes. Trying new things often does lead to mistakes. But mistakes lead to learning, growing and improving, so it’s great to let yourself off the hook of being ‘perfect’ sometimes and see what happens….

Let me know how you get on and what you learned from this approach. And tell me your tips for preparing for a gig. What things do you do to help improve your performances?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Let's talk about getting your music video placed on these out let's


WKNI Andalusia Channel 25.1 Households: 100,000


KMCA Chico Redding Channel 10 Households: 300,000


WBQP Pensacola Channel 12.1 Households: 250,000

WTAM Tampa Channel 30.2 Households: 300,000


Cable Vincient  Channel 21 Households: 35,000


KCTU Wichita Channel 43.2 Households: 380,000


K45IY Alexandria Channel 35 Households: 525,000

K31HO Shreveport Channel 31 Households: 450,000

K45IM Monroe / Bossier City Households: 600,000


WBY33, WHPR Detroit Channel 33 Households: 1,000,000

JSUTV Jackson City Channel 14 Comcast Households 1,500,000


KBSU Bemidji Cable Paul Bunon Comm Households: 200,000




WNCR Raleigh Channel 41.1 Households: 3,000,000

WNCR Wilson Channel 412 Greenlight Cable

WNCR Greenville Channel 20 Suddenlink Cable

WTMH Kingston Channel 21.3 Households: 700,000

WTMQ Kingston Channel 41.3 Households: 300,000

WTMV Kingston Channel 33.3 Households: 700,000


WCSN Columbus Channel 32.2 Households: 1,000,000


KVQT Houston Channel 21.5 Households: 2,185,260

KAOB Beaumont Channel 27.4 Households: 131,281


KWCC Wenetchee Channel 47.2 Households: 150,000

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Their interface can support up to 99 decks for a maximum experience and even includes digital turntables with vinyl emulation for users. This emulation helps in preserving the hands-on feel of DJing with vinyl while allowing playback of audio recordings not physically available on records, allowing DJs to scratch, beatmatch, and perform other turntablism that would be impossible with a conventional keyboard and mouse computer interface.

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Elderoth is a true metal band

Founded in 2007 by guitarist/singer/songwriter/composer Collin McGee, Elderoth is a metal band originally formed in British Columbia, Canada. Elderoth has evolved, travelled, matured and has now relocated to the heart of the city of Montreal, Quebec.

With Montreal being one of the most active metal scenes in Canada, Elderoth has now taken their music and efforts to creative new heights and is actively pursuing multiple recording projects, tours and concerts. The band has recently released their debut self-entitled album in September 2012

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cobb County NAACP has committed support to the protests against Chuck E. Cheese

Cobb County NAACP has committed support to the protests against Chuck E. Cheese, which takes place early today at 11:30 a.m. outside Chuck E. Cheese on Cumberland Boulevard, Atlanta, Ga.

The rally is in support of the family of 9-year-old Marley Eschoe, who attended another child’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese in May. Marley’s father, Mark Eschoe, who brought Marley to the party, was not allowed to take her into the only available restroom. Little Marley suffers from lupus and had just recently been released from a three month stay in the hospital after suffering her second stroke in eight months.

Her father was denied access to the empty female restroom and was told he would have to take her to the men’s room even though it was overcrowded. The father also requested that a female employee stand by the door as a lookout while he took his daughter into the female restroom, and that was also denied by Chuck E Cheese management.

Management was informed of Marley’s condition, management’s response was  “I don’t care if she has special needs, I’m not going to treat her any differently from my other patron. I’m done with you.” Soon after management threatened to call the police to have Mark Eschoe removed from the property.

“I am father who is there for my children and to see the callous and insensitive way Chuck E. Cheese treated my baby and I is disturbing”  On Saturday, we want parents to bring their kids so we can show this corporation that special needs kids matter too, that Marley matters too,”said Mark Eschoe.

 The rally draws support from parents and protestors who support special needs children. They have also been given permission to gather at the McDonald’s on Spring Rd, Smyrna Ga.  The march will begin at  McDonald’s and end in front of Chuck E. Cheese where they will picket on a public sidewalk.
Check out the cause at
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Lee Banks - "Get U A Body"

Hello, Please post. ( Warning: Straight G-Shit from Bad Azz Ent )

Lee Banks - "Get U A Body"

Album: All Eyez On Lee: Download

Label: Bad Azz Music Syndicate

Hulkshare Download: Lee Banks - Get U A Body

You heard it here first on radio 

R&B Songbird Danielle Marie

Born in Boston as Danielle Marie Green, the R&B songbird, Phoenix (Previously went by "Danni"), has been sculpting her sultry voice since five years old. She's been under the wing of NFL Super Bowl Champion, Raheem Brock and signed to his independent label BeatModez Ent. Together they worked on her latest 9-track mixtape "Concrete Love" which feature brutally honest tracks and her single "Take A Shot" which has been featured on MTV and most recently on VH1 Soul.

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instagram: @SheIsPhoenix
Tumbler: SheIsPhoenix
Vine: SheIsPhoenix

Trial begins for teacher accused of sex acts with 12-year-old

Ethel Anderson was supposed to be the boy's tutor, but the Mango Elementary School teacher's texts to the 12-year-old boy conveyed a different type of relationship, a prosecutor told jurors Monday.

Tell me you love me because I'm madly in love with you," Anderson, then 29, wrote, according to Assistant State Attorney Rita Peters.

"My heart is seriously pounding right now thinking of you.""I don't want my husband. I want you."

Anderson faces multiple lewd and lascivious charges, accused of committing sex acts with a boy she had previously taught in first and fourth grades. She admitted to the acts — and to letting him fondle her — in a recorded conversation with the boy's mother.

Jurors will hear that recording today. They will also hear from the boy, who today turns 14.

Anderson's Feb. 29, 2012, arrest shocked colleagues at Mango Elementary, where she was named diversity educator of the year for 2011 and had a spotless disciplinary record.

The boy was not in her class. Anderson had been tutoring him since December 2011. She would go to his home, pick him up and take him back to her Riverview home, where deputies say they engaged in sex acts.

The boy told his mother about the acts in a text message that February, Peters said in opening statements Monday. The mother called deputies, who asked her to wear a recording device to a meeting with Anderson.

The meeting lasted one hour. At the end, Anderson confessed while the mother held her composure. She didn't lose it until she was alone in her car, Peters said.

Anderson's defense attorney, William Knight, told jurors they will not hear about any physical evidence during this week's trial. Law enforcement never found any DNA evidence.

"You simply have the allegations of this young man," he said.

The boy was a troubled student, both attorneys said.

It is also suspicious that the boy shared these allegations with his mother only after getting bad news about his academic future, Knight said.

Today, jurors will also get to see some of the text messages. The prosecution has hundreds of pages of amorous messages, which flew between the pair for months.

In some, Peters said, the teacher is obviously jealous. She does not like it when the boy talks to other girls. She declares her "undying love."

"Why don't you tell me you love me?" Anderson once texted.

"I can't wait to marry you."

Friday, September 27, 2013

Shawn Jay of Field Mob goes in-depth on his personal struggle juggling his family and his hip hop career.

Shawn Jay of Field Mob goes in-depth on his personal struggle juggling his family and his hip hop career.

The big homie Shawn Jay of Field Mob is hilarious as he keeps it 100. We love what he has to say about living with multiple baby mamas and children.

He wants everybody to know he is doing his thing but he is not RICH. He also want people to understand that Rappers are always lying about having money. He says that people have unrealistic expectations about the music business.

He also seems to have a dislike for women who make it hard for men to see their children.

He talks about how he always have to work.

He talks about his admiration for 2 ChainzTrindad James, and Rick Ross.

His advice for people who want to break it in the business he says to FIND REAL PEOPLE TO HELP YOU!

This is some real talk. Check it out!

So what did you think about his though

Playboy Energy Drink is coming too the music sean with a whole new swag

Playboy Energy Drinks

Girl Next Door:

Playboy Energy Drink and Sky Vodka Cherry. Served in a highball on the rocks.

The Red Head:

Playboy Energy Drink, champagne and a splash of Chambord liqueur.Playboy Energy Drinks

The Bouncing Bunny:

Remy Martin, a splash of lemon lime soda and garnished with a slice of lemon.

The Bunny Bomb:

Playboy Energy Drink in pint glass two-thirds full. Drop in a shot Jaegermeister and pound. Or, a large shot that is equal parts Playboy Energy Drink and Jaegermiester.

The Playmate:

Bacardi Limon and Playboy Energy Drink. Served as a highball on the rocks. Tastes like Bubble Gum.

The Grotto:

Cranberry vodka and Playboy Energy Drink. Served as a highball on the rocks. Lime wedge garnish.

The Mansion Royale:

A shot of Crown Royal and a half-shot of Amaretto Di Sarrono with Playboy Energy Drink. Served in a highball on the rocks. Cherry garnish.

The Carmen:

Playboy Energy Drink with Patron tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. Salted or unsalted. Served in a hurricane glass on the rocks. Lime wheel garnish.

Click the link if you want your own playboy drink for your next event

Chaka Khan Appears On “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s” For Birthday Celebration


chaka-press-photoWords by Alyson Robinson

Chaka Khan stopped by the Upper Crust Restaurant to celebrate her 60th birthday. Her visit airs this Saturday on “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s,” which is the Upper Crust’s show on OWN. The St. Louis-based eatery owner, Miss Robbie Montgomery, and her staff welcomed Chaka Khan with a soulful “Happy Birthday” song, along with cake and friendly chatter.

Miss Robbie and Son, Tim

Miss Robbie and Son, Tim

“It’s wonderful to be able to host special occasions like this,” said Miss Robbie, who will be celebrating a birthday of her own on an upcoming episode. “This is exactly what I was thinking about when I opened up the Upper Crust a year ago.”

Sweetie Pie’s was founded after Miss Robbie’s singing career in the 1960′s, as backup singer and Ikette, ended after she suffered a collapsed lung. The weekly show depicts the management of Sweetie Pie’s at the Mangrove, Sweetie Pie’s Upper Crust and the original Sweetie Pie’s. The latter was established in 1996 by Miss Robbie, who now runs it with her son, Tim.

The episode airs Saturday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hip hop legend Bun B is making a strange, but positive connection

Hip hop legend Bun B is making a strange, but positive connection with the Houston Symphony for a rare collaboration at Jones Hall for the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Houston in Concert Against Hate.

The new partners will take center stage on Nov. 14th  for a one-night event which will honor Houston civil rights leaders and prominent education reformers.

After the proud announcement, Bun B raved to CultureMap about his upcoming symphonic, hip hop-esque debut.

“It’s about carrying the message of the ADL,” the rapper said. He also added that he’s written original lyrics for the performance to highlight the ADL’s century-long battle against intolerance. ”I look at it as an opportunity for hip hop culture to join in that fight.”

Bun B is excited about the prospects of showing hip hop in a different light, versus the reputation of promoting violence.

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Hear Rocko new track, called ‘NunnaYu

With the many ‘serial twerkers’ for cash, one night stand Twitter fly outs, and proud side chick announcement these days, we really can’t fault Rocko for having a very minimal level of trust for outsiders. Well, this new track, called ‘NunnaYu‘, explains exactly why Rocko doesn’t trust to many. Now this is a special BET Awards weekend drop right here, and it can be found on the Street Runnaz: BET Hip-Hop Awards Special Mixtape. Check out the cool track from Rocko below, and share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Feature film producer Will Packer is shifting his focus to the small screen

Feature film producer Will Packer is shifting his focus to the small screen.

The producer behind features including Think Like a Man, Takers and Stop the Yard has inked a two-year overall deal with Universal Television, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Under the pact — his first overall television deal — Packer will develop new projects for the studio.

“We are excited to work with Will. We have been impressed by his keen eye on the feature side with several hit movies he’s produced,” Universal TV’sBela Bajaria said. “We are looking forward to bringing his enthusiasm and expertise into television.”

Packer recently completed production on Universal’sRide Along, starring Ice CubeKevin Hart andJohn Leguizamo. The feature is slated for a Jan. 17 bow. He’s currently in postproduction on Screen Gems’ About Last Night with Hart,Michael Ealy, Regina Hall and Paula Patton, and No Good Deed with Idris Elba andTaraji P. Henson. He’s currently filming Screen Gems’ Think Like a Man Too in Las Vegas and will next produce the banner’s Wedding Ringers.

Packer is repped by UTA and attorney Matt Johnson at Ziffren Brittenham.

He becomes the latest producer to ink a development deal with NBC’s studio sibling, joiningJosh FriedmanHappy Endings’ Brian Bradley and Steven Cragg as well as 30 Rock‘s Jack Burditt, among others.

Marissa Alexander, Woman Sentenced To 20 Years For Firing Warning Shot, Gets New Trial

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — A Florida woman serving 20 years in prison for firing a shot at her estranged husband during an argument will get a new trial, though she will not be able to invoke a "stand your ground" defense, an appeals court ruled Thursday.

The case of Marissa Alexander, a Jacksonville mother of three, has been used by critics of Florida's "stand your ground" law and mandatory minimum sentences to argue that the state's justice system is skewed against defendants who are black.

The 1st District Court of Appeal ruled that Alexander deserves a new trial because the trial judge handling her case did not properly instruct the jury regarding what is needed to prove self-defense.

The ruling, written by Judge Robert Benton, said the instructions constituted a "fundamental error" and required Alexander to prove self-defense "beyond a reasonable doubt."

But the court also made it clear in its ruling that the judge was right to block Alexander from using the state's "stand your ground" law as a way to defend her actions. That law generally removes people's duty to retreat in the face of possible danger and allows them to use of deadly force if they believe their lives are in danger.

Faith Gay, one of the attorneys representing the 33-year-old Alexander, said she was grateful for the "thorough consideration" provided by the appeals court.

"We are looking forward to taking the case back to trial," Gay said.

Alexander had never been arrested before she fired a bullet at a wall one day in 2010 to scare off her husband when she felt he was threatening her. Nobody was hurt, but the judge in the case said he was bound by state law to sentence her to 20 years in prison after she was convicted of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Alexander has maintained that the shot fired was a warning shot.

The sentencing sparked criticism from the local NAACP chapter and the district's African-American congresswoman, who said blacks more often are incarcerated for long periods because of overzealous prosecutors and judges bound by mandatory minimum sentences.

State Attorney Angela Corey, who oversaw the prosecution of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, has stood by the handling of Alexander's case. Corey said she believes that Alexander aimed the gun at the man and his two sons, and that the bullet she fired could have ricocheted and hit any of them.

Jackelyn Barnard, a spokeswoman for Corey, said that the conviction was reversed on a legal technicality and that the office was gratified that the "stand your ground" ruling was upheld.

Benjamin Jealous, president and CEO of the NAACP, called the ruling a "welcome development in a case that represents the double standards in our justice system."

"From the streets to the courthouse, race continues to influence the judicial process, and it certainly seemed to have played a role here," Jealous said in a statement issued by the civil rights organization.

The state's "10-20-life" law was implemented in 1999 and credited with helping to lower the violent crime rate. Anyone who shows a gun in the commission of certain felonies gets an automatic 10 years in prison. Fire the gun, and it's an automatic 20 years. Shoot and wound someone, and it's 25 years to life.

On Aug. 1, 2010, Alexander was working for a payroll software company. She was estranged from her husband, Rico Gray, and had a restraining order against him, even though they'd had a baby together just nine days earlier. Thinking he was gone, she went to their former home to retrieve the rest of her clothes, family members said.

An argument ensued, and Alexander said she feared for her life when she went out to her vehicle to get the gun she legally owned. She came back inside and ended up firing a shot into the wall, which ricocheted into the ceiling.

Gray testified that he saw Alexander point the gun at him and looked away before she fired the shot. He claimed that she was the aggressor, and that he had begged her to put away the weapon.

The judge threw out Alexander's "stand your ground" self-defense claim, noting that she could have run out of the house to escape her husband but instead got the gun and went back inside. Alexander rejected a plea deal that would have resulted in a three-year prison sentence and chose to go to trial. A jury deliberated 12 minutes before convicting her.

Alexander was also charged with domestic battery four months after the shooting in another assault on Gray. She pleaded no contest and was sentenced to time served.

Supporters of Alexander have asked Gov. Rick Scott to pardon Alexander, but her case has not yet been taken by the state's clemency board.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013