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Monday, September 16, 2013

New kids making noise around the world

Nowadays, rap music has gotten totally out of control. What once started off as music that came from the people for the people -- or better yet, from the streets for the streets -- has now become somewhat of a capital joke. It has become a music overrun with a slew of overnight sensations, wannabe hustlers who do nothing but brag about their money, cars, clothes and jewelry. Into this mix of fake bravado and gaudy bling is born a new hero, one who is not afraid to forge a new path by telling it like it really is out here in these streets. His name is Roam Bad Daddy, rap’s much needed breath of fresh air. He is not afraid to represent for the underclass – the people rap seems to have forgotten.
Having grown up on the east side of Savannah, Georgia, a city that has a staggering poverty rate of 22% and a jobless rate of 9.1%, Roam Bad Daddy knows what it means to go without. According to Roam, growing up was kind of rough. The product of a single parent home, his mother worked hard to try and make ends meet. Because his mother wasn’t really strict with him, Roam was allowed to explore the streets of Savannah’s east side. There, he became exposed to the harsh reality of life and the music he would grow to love (e,g. Trick Daddy, U.G.K, Eightball & MJG).
After honing his rap skills in the streets, his friends convinced the budding young rapper that he has what it takes to make it big in the rap game. It wasn’t long before Roam Bad Daddy was able to hook up with the rap world’s number one independent record label, Pure Pain Records. Once Roam Bad Daddy got with Pure Pain Records, he wasted no time getting down to business, dropping hot verses on the label’s then flagship artist Camoflauge’s Universal debut “Strictly 4 Da Streetz” and an independent release “Keepin It Real”. These verses created a strong demand for Roam. After the tragic death of Camoflauge, many people counted Pure Pain Records out; however, Roam picked up the mantle and continued to drop hot music, mix tape appearances and touring, tirelessly building a huge cult following in the Sea Port area and beyond.
Right now, Roam Bad Daddy is one of the hottest artists in the South. His current track “Do Dat,” a down and dirty out gritty song about handling one’s business in the streets is in heavy rotation in clubs and mix shows throughout the Sea Port area. The song is also a favorite among strip club DJs and dancers in Atlanta.

“People on my Team were/are have- nots. Somebody has to speak for them. Too many artists paint a fantasy portrait. I'm painting real life. I'm painting a still-frame picture to the world.”
-Roam Bad Daddy

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