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Friday, September 6, 2013

Next to Blow: Producer Get Cool Atlanta’s Own Talks Working with Goodie Mob, T Pain, David Banner and Film

get cool

Words by Alyson Robinson

Atlanta producer, Get Cool, of Atlantic Records, is referred to as one of the hottest producer in the south. Cool proves to be exactly what they say he is, scoring opportunities to work on hot tracks with artists like Ashanti and Cee-lo Green.

Cool has been in the industry as a producer for about 14 years and while looking back on his career, seems to be pleased with his repertoire so far.

“I got started back in the day, I just loved music. I was always into music, but Boyz II Men was singing, I was trying to sing like Boyz II Men, I was trying to sing everything,” said Cool. “I was trying to sing and went from being in a singing group to going in the studio and liked the production … we used to sing off of whatever and my mom got me a key board and I thought about being a producer back then. I started making own tracks and everything and it just went from there.”


Get Cool looks up to Timbaland the super producer and names him as his primary inspiration.

“Timbaland is the god of music, of all the producers. I’ve studied him so long that I know his music…. by the ear I know his music. When I hear a Timbaland track I know its Timbaland,” he said.

Get Cool has worked on projects with David Banner, Goodie Mob, T-Pain, Juvenile and many more over the course of his career, but highlights that it was actually the song with David Banner that earned him a place with Atlantic records.

“The song that I did on the Good Mob album … record kind of put me out there to a degree, but everybody probably didn’t know what I did that really put me in the industry and got me signed to Atlantic records, was the song [with] David Banner called “On Everything” featuring Twista, … It was on the radio a few years ago…but that put me on the map, it all started with my home David Banner.”

Currently Get Cool is working on Cee-lo Green’s solo album and also with Ashanti on her comeback album. Cool speaks about how much he likes when artists take chances and Cee-lo Green especially, is known for doing that. “Don’t be scared to take chances, create their own style… that’s the main thing I love about working with Cee-lo. I can go all the way left field and Cee-lo wont care because he’s about to go all the way left field anyway. I love that.”

Movies are also a part of Get Cool’s list of things accomplished. He has produced and rapped on a slew of songs that has set him on untouchable heights in the industry. These movies include “Step Up 3D,” that he did two songs on, one of which was the mega hit “Shawty Got Moves.”  ”Let Me See It, ” the other song from “Step Up 3D”  featuring Petey Pablo also appeared on Season 4 of the TV show Friday Night Lights. His presence was felt in “Stomp The Yard 2″ where he did four songs and also the trailer for the film. 

His production for the songs “Super Freak” for the TV show “The Arrow” on NBC, and “Go” on the video game “Midnight Club Los Angeles” for XBox and the Playstation 3, both prove Get Coolto be the master of versatility.

Get Cool left advice for upcoming producers that they should remember that diversity is important.

“Don’t be a one way producer, that’s not a producer in my book. If a country group comes to you and say we need country records, you’re supposed to have country records.”

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