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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Anthony Weiner has made a habit of getting bad press

Anthony Weiner Loses Election, Chased Through McD’s

Anthony Weiner has made a habit of getting bad press attached to his name for a long time now. Many people probably remember him for sending sexual pictures to a woman named Sydney Leathers. Weiner, who once held a seat in the House of Representatives, was left with no choice but to resign his seat after the scandal occurred in 2011. He maintained this sexting scandal while being married to his wife, Huma Abedin.

Weiner was running for mayor in New York City, and while at one point, he looked to be a front-runner in the race, things could not have gone any worse and he ended up in last place. He was on his way to resurrecting his political career after the embarrassing scandal, but support dropped quickly after more news from his past resurfaced. His previous sexting partner, Leathers, went public with information that Weiner had continued to trade explicit photos with her even after his resignation from the House of Representatives, according to E online. In order to avoid being caught again, she also revealed that he started using the pseudonym of Carlos Danger. I wonder where he came up with that one, trying to intimidate someone?

After an embarrassing loss in the mayoral race, Weiner was taped flipping the bird to a curbside reporter as he left his primary night election party. It is sad when the careers of politicians seem to be continually derailed by personal mistakes, and Weiner has become the master at that in recent years. A handful of journalists took to twitter to discuss the absurdity of what Weiner did this time.

Sydney Leathers was able to completely derail Weiner’s career without ever even meet him. Yesterday, she showed up to his party in a skintight red dress, hoping to finally meet him. She stood outside hoping to encounter him, while this simply caused him to have to sneak into his own party and was forced to delay his concession speech. Leathers, a young woman only 23 years of age told reporters outside, “I’m kind of the reason he’s losing. So, might as well show up.” She was able to bring his once popular campaign to a screeching halt, says the Contra Costa Times.

To top it all off, Weiner attempted to evade Leathers by entering a McDonald’s that was next to where he was supposed to be giving his concession speech. However, before he could get too far away, she followed him in and let a whole string of press in along with her. Will he ever be able to live this one down? While being known for sending pictures of his penis, the public will certainly tolerate a middle finger going up and be thankful that nothing worse happened this time around.

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