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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Risen star Indiana native rapper, Rochelle “Hot 16

Indiana native rapper, Rochelle “Hot 16″,  makes her debut onto the music scene with a hyped, burning desire for success.

The young, female rapper exudes just as much confidence when talking about her career. She got the name Hot 16 from other rappers who thought her lyrics were just that, hot.

“The whole Hot 16 thing came up when I was featuring on a lot of tracks and stuff, people would come to me like, “ah yea man, you have a hot 16, that was a hot 16.” I used to like kill features, tracks and everything, People would always say hot 16 so it became a “Rochelle Hot 16,”” she said.


She goes on to explain that she brings more to the table than just her name and a hot record, which is what Hot 16 represents.

“I’m more than Hot 16 today as I’ve matured and got older and stuff, I’m more about making a great record.”

Hot 16 also mentions her plans for the future and the impact she wants her music to make. She explains that she wants her music to connect “emotionally” rather than in a “physical sense.”


“What I’m planning on adding to music is a different perspective of what’s going on in everyday life, my perspective of things. I want to connect to people who think like me,” she said. “My definite purpose in music is to speak wisdom and knowledge to people who need to get it from a different perspective.”

The very self assured artist said she knows that people gravitate to what she says so she feels some obligation to say things that are worthwhile.

“God gave me this gift to put these words to get together and this voice that amplifies what needs to be said,” she said. “This is just the beginning, there’s going to be to a lot of great things, a lot of great records that make you think about things you never thought about before, and that’s Rochelle Hot 16 for you, that’s what I do, this is what I was meant to do.


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