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Friday, September 6, 2013

New Music: Lady Keyz "You Came to See"

SONY Records Red /YLR Music recording artist, Lady Keyz, releases her latest single "You Came to See," off her upcoming 2013 album. Fans are definitely in for a surprise.Lady Keyz took a different approach this time around and fused her hip-hop roots, and her Caribbean background with a fast-paced, uptempo pop/dance record.

Her recent deal with SONY Records RED Division has motivated Keyz to challenge herself with new beats, and stepping outside of the box. "You Came to See" sets the tone for her new album and fans can get a taste of what's in store.

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You Came to See (Soundcloud Player)

Who is Lady Keyz??

LADY KEYZ merges Rap, House, R&B and reggae in an unapologetic fusion that sets her apart. Her rhymes are a mix of pundit lyrics in a methodic tone that bring audiences back to their roots in a soulful way.

Born in Chicago and raised in Miami Lady Keyz uses her background to eveal the music and pulse of the hood. From her eclectic fashion to her sultry demeanor; she reflects the beauty, struggle, and resistance of inner-city life.

In 1997, Keyz met three young women, Jan-Ice, Goldie, and Peaches. They became the rap group HOT GRITS. Initially,Lady Keyz was a little skeptical about being a member of a group. It became one of the most wonderful experiences of her life. Hot Grits toured Florida, courtesy of 99 Jamz, a leading radio station in Miami. They performed together for three successful years at venues such as The Dr. Martin Luther King parade and The Club House where other upcoming artist like Pretty Ricky and Rick Ross would. At their last show, they opened for the famous Miami rapper Trina at Club Strawberry's ending a long successful collaboration.

Keyz went on to write and record her own songs. She branched out into new creative realms with her music and found a new voice as a solo artist.

In 2007, she moved to New York City where she began to explore her Jamaican culture. She found the reggae beats to be a breath of fresh air and the perfect thread to tie together her new-found sound. Rap has become her muse and reggae her swagger, these two distinct genres make-up Lady Keyzsignature sound.

Similar to great female emcees like MC Lyte and Queen Latifah, who used their strength, not sexuality, to sell records,Lady Keys uses music to celebrate the growing pains of underprivileged youth. She has become a voice for the voiceless.

Having developed a distinctive sound with the merging of all her life and musical experiences, Lady Keyz has created her self-titled debut album. The album will be release in the early fall and be distributed by SONY Records Red Division.

Lady Keyz still resides in Brooklyn, NY and is currently working on her next



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