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Saturday, September 14, 2013


One of the coolest southern rappers you ever gone meet. Born and raised in Union Springs, Alabama. I developed a love for music when I was young. I was writing, rapping, and free-styling in high school. After graduating I moved to Killeen, Texas. It was there that I met up with another rapper named Uncle Maine and we formed the group U.M.L.B. Crunk and Aggression was our first album. We later decided to go our separate ways with the group and I started back being a solo artist. Afterwards I dropped three solo mixtapes: Respect My Flow, Radioland, and Money Is Tha Motivation. I am currently living in Fayetteville, North Carolina where I am still pursuing my music career. I have recently released a mixtape as part of B.D.S. BOYZ titled: Bang Dat Shit Vol. 1, which is available for free download on I am about to drop my new solo mixtape titled Clubs and Subwoofers. On this mixtape you can find my new hit single “BULL SHIT” which is in heavy rotation right now. I have appeared in many articles and opened for many artists. I have also performed at many local and regional events. My music can be heard on many underground music internet stations, as well as most local radio stations and clubs in North Carolina, and surrounding areas.

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