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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


It’s nothing new for R&B diva Rihanna to be seen all over the web, but lately even more of Rihanna can be seen online.  Depending on what day you are online you can catch Rihanna either topless or bottomless. 

Today, we have Rihanna both topless and bottomless.  I think I just heard the sound of multiple jaws hitting the floor.  Earlier today RiRi surprised fans by sharing her unclothed pics via her Instagram and Twitter accounts.   The pictures are from a photo shoot for French magazine Lui.

Instagram quickly took down the pictures as it violated their rules of conduct.  The pictures still appear on Twitter, but no need to check, because we have them right here for you.

Styles P Releases New LP “Phantom And The Ghost

Yesterday one third of the illest trio to ever do it released a new album.  Yonkers rapper Styles P dropped his new retail album entitled Phantom And The Ghost and it could have not been at a better time.  Known for repping the streets, Styles P continues to stay true and proves that you don’t have to sell your soul to sell albums.

Styles P album

For this indie album Styles P enlist the help of his comrades Jadakiss and Sheek Louch, along with Rocko, Vado, Raheem DeVaughn, Chris Rivers (Big Pun‘s son), and more.  This album really goes in.  I mean, honestly, you can never go wrong with Styles P over a Vinny Idol beat, but you should already know that.  Emcees don’t typically stay relevant over the twenty-year span that the Lox have been doing it. Think about every rapper that has come and gone in the last twenty-years and yet the LOX stay solid.  Other production for this album comes from Harry Fraud, Joe Milly, Buda Da Future, and more.

Styles P is a true emcee, so it’s great to actually hear bars that speak measures.  The lead single “Sour” is evidence enough that the real is back.  “Sour” features Jadakiss and Rocko and is one of my favorite tracks off of the 12-track LP.  

Check out the album in its entirety along with bonus tracks: Stream & Download

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Monday, April 28, 2014

QParker112 cancelled out on a radio interview

Today we had a interview with @QParker112 and he never showed up or called in for the interview 
He has time to tweet about what he is doing which to me was not nothing big. We have been pushing today's interview for the past couple of days.

I don't understand why some artist feel that they are too big too speak too there fans on a indie level.
But I bet if I was going to pay him than he would kiss my butt cause he wants the money. 
We as fans pay all there (artist) bills that they have including personal  and entertainment wise. 
With out the fans these artist will not be in the place there are now. Artist now act like they are too high to be knocked down.
I may be one owner speaking my peace for my radio station
But some one has to stand up and he heard.. Artist need too give us fans/media repect cause we give it to them.

He can not say he does not know about the interview cause I have been taking him in all the tweets 
This is the tweet that has been going out for a few days now :

 4/28 we'll have live @QParker112  on Dagrahynd_Radio at 530p est calln 646-595-3287 #112 #KaratVodka #Amberstar

So he can not say he did not get the tweet or his staff did not get the tweet.

And I have been getting response by his manager or his PR via email. And this is there email 

So who ever he has working for him they need too get fired cause they truly don't know any thing.

All artist need all the attention they can get.. Cause some of them really need the help.

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Author Paul Gilmour Releases New Book, Jeremiah’s Codes

Paul Gilmour Releases New Book, Jeremiah’s Codes  Author, Paul Gilmour, combines fact with fiction to create a fast-moving tale of sinister secrets and devious plots that span the globe.  Brisbane, Australia – March 14, 2014 - In his electrifying new book, Jeremiah’s Codes, Paul Gilmour tells the story of a heinous plot that spans decades and involves factual historical events.  The author weaves together an intricate story where real-world events like the Holocaust, Roswell, 9/11, the creation of the nuclear bomb and other historical events are actually intricate parts of a master plan created by The Trust. The Trust and its members are influential wealthy people from all walks of life who have a hidden agenda that’s much bigger than anyone can imagine. All The Trust needs to implement their devious scheme are the Thirteen Codes and the only person standing between them and their agenda is Jon Bennett, an ex-CIA officer. Bennett finds himself in the midst of a complex plot that could spell the end of civilisation as we know it. He has no idea how important his role is, but works tirelessly to defeat The Trust. Though the story is fiction, the author suggests that we should all question the things that government officials tell us. How can we possibly know the truth behind such events as the September 11th attacks or the true reason for the creation of nuclear weapons? Author, Paul Gilmour believes that ordinary citizens must get more involved and do their best to learn the truth instead of accepting what the news media says. As the story unfolds, Jon Bennett learns more about the workings of The Trust and their ingenious plan becomes more and more clear to him. Though even he doesn’t fully see the true scope of the plan, he knows that these people must be stopped by any means necessary.  Paul Gilmour adds, “Jon Bennett is a man who knows how to survive. Though he is a very flawed individual, his instincts have kept him alive against all odds. Now he must use all his CIA training, instincts and every other item at his disposal in order to destroy The Trust. Bennett knows that if he can’t stop them, they will eventually commit unimaginable crimes against humanity.”  Anyone who enjoys finely woven stories involving conspiracy theories will love this book.

 Jeremiah’s Codes by Paul Gilmour can be purchased at Amazon, Book Depository and at other major book sellers.  It is available in both print and e version. About the Author  Paul Gilmour grew up on the beach in Queensland, Australia and spent his youth chasing sporting dreams. After representing Australia at the Olympic Games, he learnt to fly aircraft and went to college before entering the hard-core world of law enforcement.  Now in his role as an Intelligence Analyst for the Police Force, he uses his work tradecraft to formulate explosive storylines aimed towards exposing the truth. 

Check out "[THIS JUST IN ... AGAIN] Dozens of girls’ have ‘harrowing’ lawsuits against singer R. Kelly" on Dagrahyndmusic

R&B crooner R. Kelly has settled a number of sexual misconduct suits — the most high-profile involving teen girls in the 1990s before his infamous child pornography indictment in 2002. But sources say not all the settlements have been made public.

Page Six has exclusively learned that Kelly was accused of sexual harassment as recently as 2010 by a 36-year-old housekeeper, but he settled the case out of court for $100,000 to avoid litigation.
According to sources, the woman worked for Kelly for about a year, beginning in 2008 when the “Bump n’ Grind” singer did just that: talked dirty and groped his employee.

A source close to Kelly further told us that there’s been discord in the singer’s inner circle lately, and further secrets about him are “starting to float to the surface about the millions he paid out over the years to a wide variety of women.”

Kelly was acquitted on the child porn charges. But veteran music writer and Kelly chronicler Jim DeRogatis said last year that there have been “dozens of girls — not one, not two, dozens — with harrowing lawsuits.”

He added in a blockbuster Village Voice interview: “I think in the history of rock ‘n’ roll, rock music or pop culture people misbehaving and behaving badly sexually .. rare is the amount of evidence compiled against anyone apart from R. Kelly.”

Page Six reported earlier this year that Kelly dumped Coran Capshaw’s Red Light Management and is being repped by Devyne Stephens’ Upfront Megatainment.

Stephens did not comment.

Miss Irie Releases Tracklist for 'Pages In My Book' (Ep)

With tracks like the crowd favorite, female anthem, Still Crazy as well as Madusa (Remix) which she recently dropped a visual for Hated On, and Your Touch The BX own Miss Irie plans to take over New York City's throne as far as female R&B is concerned.  The songbird will be making a major splash with her debut project, Pages In My Book, a 10-track EP sponsored by Hand 2 Hand Entertainment which will be available April 26th via iTunes. Check out the cover-art and Track-Listing:

1. Introduction interview by StudioBug
2. Still Crazy Music (Produced by @argutuerrez7)
3. Shitted On Ft. Miracle D'Rellz (Produced by Ry Love)
4. Forbidden Fruit Ft. Johnny Tsunami (Produced by Tony 2wice)
5. Wonderful World Ft. St-Ray Music (Produced by Tony 2wice)
6. A lil more info
7. Hated On Ft. Jay Jemz The Don (Produced by Gwop Sullivan)
8. Entourage Ft. Niz Cash (Produced by Chuck Platinum)
9. Your Touch Ft. Domo (Produced by Chuck Platinum)
10. Married To My Hustle Part Duex Ft. Miss Irie (Produced by Tree On The Beat)
Sponsored by Hand 2 Hand Entertainment

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mac Miller Celebrates The Holidays And Releases Three New Tracks [New Music]

Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller has seen his fair share of “highs & lows”, but lately it has been nothing but “highs” for the marijuana music maker. Mac first received acclaim with his debut album Blue Slide Park, in 2011, which debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200 and became the first independently distributed album to debut atop the chart since 1995. Just a few months ago Mac left his label of four years, Rostrum Records, and has started a new journey of his own.

In recent days Mac has been very busy with delivering those most dope lyrics, producing music, and celebrating the “holidays”. This pass Easter Sunday was not your typical Easter, because there was an added treat for marijuana enthusiasts. Easter Sunday was also 4/20, a day used to celebrate cannabis. Mac kicked off the holiday festivities Saturday night at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver, Colorado. Fellow tokers Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa also came out to join in on the weekend-long celebration at the 4/20 Rally.

Once the smoke cleared over the weekend, Mac got back to business as usual and released three tracks as part of Most Dope’s Treejay and DJ Clockwork‘s new mixtape Home N Stoned. The tracks released by Mac are titled “Happy”, Walkin’ Home”, and “One Six Nine”. The three songs all stand apart as each brings a distinctive sound.

Mac received a lot of skepticism with his decision to leave the label that helped build him, but the voices from the peanut gallery seemed to have silenced and Mac’s movement seems even stronger. Mac is gaining support from everywhere. Even the folks over at think this will be Mac’s year to turn the industry upside down and claim his seat at the top. Long time friend Wiz Khalifa has paved the way for his Pittsburgh cohort and the possibilities seem endless. Check out the three new tracks that we have for you here and let us know if you will be joining the Mac Miller bandwagon any time soon.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ann Nesby is starting a new movement Life Music.. Her "Living My Life" single is an anthem for strong, empowered, secure women.

With a career spanning over two decades she has worked alongside a who’s who list of incomparable talents in the world of theater, film, and music.

Synonymous with creative artistic consistency, Nesby launched her professional career in the early 1980s working with the likes ofRev. James Cleveland and the Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA) to her first major off Broadway production, Sing Hallelujah under the direction of the incomparable Grammy award winning artist/producer Donald Lawrence.
At the close of the 1980s Nesby joined the Minneapolis based inspirational soul ensemble the Sounds of Blackness. Eventually becoming the lead vocalist to the emerging group under the auspices of music industry icons Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Nesby’s vocal dexterity and songwriting aptitude garnered the group a bevy of hit singles and an international prominence; the group with Nesby on lead vocals garnered two Grammy award wins in 1991 and 1993. Establishing herself as beyond quintessential Nesby worked alongside international superstar STING on the 1993 title track “Demolition Man” for the blockbuster film of the same title featuring Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes. By the mid-90s the Sounds of Blackness had amassed awards, international recognition, and critical acclaim, climbing the ranks from a onetime local music group to launching their first major tour with R&B crooner Luther Vandross to performing to an international audience by 1994 for the FIFA World Cup.
Nesby’s star power and creativity continued to rise and under the direction of Jam & Lewis she penned hit songs for R&B/Soul divas Gladys Knight (“Home Alone” from Knight’s chart topping 1994 ‘Just For You’ album) and the “The Right Kinda Lover” and“Someone Like You” from Patti Labelle’s respective top selling 1994 ‘Gems’ and the 1997 ‘Flame’ albums prior to her departure from the Sounds of Blackness and the release of her 1996 solo album ‘I’m Here For You. Nesby’s debut album blended her love of storytelling through song and wove a beautiful musical tapestry of R&B, Gospel, and Dance music, the album spent an impressive 60 weeks atop the R&B best selling album lists.
Returning to her other love of theater, Nesby began a production with then emerging playwright Tyler Perry in his first stage play ‘I Know I’ve Been Changed.’ Initially meant to be short run Nesby headlined the stage play alongside the likes of Perry and Gospel singing sensations Lashun Pace and Latrice Pace from 1998 through 2000.
Entering the 21st century Nesby continued to build upon the foundation of her artistic creativity as the music industry shifted at the beginning of the decade. With the release of her first Dance anthology, ‘The Dance Essentials’ on her independent record labelIt’s Time Child Records in 2001. The album showcased a few of Nesby’s top charting single remixes – “Love is What We Need,” “Lovin’ Is Really My Game,” “Can I Get a Witness,” to “Hold On” with production by some of the world’s most noted DJ’s and producers from around the globe – Mousse T, DJ Mijangos, Steve “Silk” Hurley, and Thunderpuss to name a few.
With the release of her sophomore album, ‘Put It On Paper’ Nesby returned to the top of the R&B charts with the album’s lead single “Put It On Paper” featuring the Rev. Al Green yielded Nesby her first solo Grammy Nomination for Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance in 2003, solidifying her as a force to be reckoned with.
Making her motion picture debut, Nesby scored the supporting role of Aunt Sally Walker in the 2003 musical comedy The Fighting Temptations opposite Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Beyonce Knowles. That same year she returned musically with the release of her third album, the inspirational treasure chest of urban grooves entitled ‘Make Me Better.’ Despite modest promotion or radio support the album garnered Nesby yet another Grammy Nomination for Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Performance in 2004. A year later she was nominated once more for a Grammy, Best Gospel Performance for her work on ‘The Fighting Temptations Soundtrack’ for the duet “The Stone” with Gospel legend Shirley Caesar.
Suffering a health scare in 2005, congestive heart failure, due to the rigors of extensive touring, poor diet, and weigh issues, Nesby shed over 100 lbs, regaining control of her health and new image. By 2006 Nesby continued to diversify her range as a recording artist with the release of her first traditional Gospel release ‘In The Spirit,’ which showcased the raw power and depth of her soul, as well as her range as an elite vocalist. As a treat to fans in the early 2007 she released the ‘Ann Nesby the Best of Live’CD/DVD, the musical/video collage showcased Nesby’s diverse repertoire of music encompassing the previous 20 years of her career–from Sounds Of Blackness through her solo recordings. The accompanying DVD video provided fans a first glimpse of the new slim and trim Ann Nesby.
Appeasing her R&B fans Nesby released the critically acclaimed 2007 album, ‘This Is Love,’ spawned Nesby yet another Grammy nominated single, “I Apologize.” Returning to the musical forefront two years later with the release of ‘The Lula Lee Project,’ a hybrid blend of funky up-tempo contemporary and soulful Gospel and inspirational songs aimed at showcasing the edgier side of her artistry, Nesby once again proved a vocal and songwriting force to be reckoned with. Collaborating with creatively eccentric Gospel artist Tonex, Nesby’s lead single “I Found a Place” positioned the album to peak at #13 on Billboard’s Top Gospel Album Chart and # 57 on the Top R&B/ Hip-Hop Album Chart.
Rounding out an impressive musical repertoire and catalog, she released her first ever holiday album in 2009, ‘Soulful Christmas,’ where she revisited classic holiday tunes “Silent Night,” “Oh Come All Ye Faithful,” to Nesby’s signature holiday hit single “Soul Holiday,” featuring Big Jim Wright and was featured as the musical backdrop of one of the poignant scenes in the critically acclaimed Lee Daniel’s film Precious in 2009.
With a career total of two Grammy wins with the Sounds of Blackness, Nesby has amassed an impressive six Grammy nominations as a solo artist since her 1996 solo debut album; the latest for Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group with Vocal for her duet with R&B crooner Calvin Richardson for the classic cover of Bobby Womack’s “Love Has Finally Come at Last” (from Richardson’s latest album ‘Facts Of Life – The Soul Of Bobby Womack’ and a nomination for Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance “Sow Love” from Nesby’s 2009 release ‘The Lula Lee Project.’
American Idol’s Randy Jackson refers to Nesby as, “One of the best singers in the known world.” Acclaimed by her peers and fans around the world for her down to earth spirit she has successfully chartered the waters of music, theater, and film. With each song she sings and each new role she undertakes – Ann Nesby personifies creative longevity unlike no other.

Twitter- @annnesby

Young Ciz Feat Trillavelli: Hold Me Down (Official Video)

Check the latest visual for Young Ciz's new single Hold Me Down featuring Trillavelli

Yung H Feat B Morgan: Trapped Butterfly

Check out the official video for RDI Records own Yung H new single, Trapped Butterfly featuring B Morgan

Monday, April 21, 2014

Who is this lovely lady Dia ? Brains and beauty

               We will be interviewing Ms Dia live on   4/25 

DIa has been with BLUE FLAME, a division of Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment Group (BBWEG) since 2007, and is currently the General Manager. In this role, Ms. Simms oversees the strategic execution of all brands under the House of Combs – including CIROC Ultra Premium Vodka, Sean John fragrances and the Sean John clothing lines. She leads a team of 30 for the multi-million dollar enterprise, and has contributed to its exponential growth and expansion in recent years. Simms’ career began working for the Department of Defense (DOD) in an accelerated Contracts program that fast tracked stand out candidates. A natural negotiator, Simms excelled working closely with major defense contractors to ensure the maximum return on investments for DOD. After several years in the Defense industry, Simms decided that she wanted to move into a more creative industry. She became a Senior Account Executive for Clear Channel Radio, where she counted Sean John and Bad Boy records among her clients. Simms also worked as Pharmaceutical Sales Representative for GlaxoSmithKline, becoming the company’s top performer in the Northeast region. She eventually founded Madison Marketing Inc., an events management and promotions firm she established with two partners, serving major corporate clients such as Seagram’s, Appleton Rum, Nabisco and Dada Sportswear.

In 2005, Simms was solicited to work with Combs when a position for Chief of Staff of his executive office became available. Originally offered the position of Combs’ assistant, Simms accepted the position even though she had never been an assistant. In this role, she quickly rose to the challenge by swiftly proving herself invaluable to Mr. Combs. She was promoted four times in her first three years at Bad Boy and eventually took the reins of BLUE FLAME. Born in Monterey, California, and raised in Queens, New York, Ms. Simms holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Morgan State University, and a master’s degree in Management with a concentration in Contract Management from the Florida Institute of Technology. Additionally, she is Level-II certified by the Defense Acquisition University.

Outside of work, Ms. Simms is active in the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, which provides entrepreneurial training for high school students, especially those from low-income communities. Also, Ms. Simms sits on the Board of the Women’s Employment Opportunity Project Inc. and volunteers at Brooklyn’s Grace reformed Church and Daddy’s House Social Programs. An embodiment of energy and dedication, Dia commutes to New York City from Atlanta weekly. She has homes in both Duluth, Georgia and North Bergen, NJ.

T.I. and Russell Simmons have entered into a creative partnership with greenROKS

T.I. and Russell Simmons have entered into a creative partnership with greenROKS, a youth oriented entertainment company.  greenROKS is a multi-media platform fusing music, story-telling and technology while developing a brave new world of cool content that drives today’s youth to be more conscious of relevant topics in the world.  The partnership will launch this Spring, first, with a series including mobile gaming, music and other multimedia platforms.

This marks one of the most unique, innovative collaborations in pop and youth culture, boasting an all-star team of executives with unparalleled expertise in gaming, technology, fashion, music, television, multi-media and pop culture. The greenROKS purpose is to develop nuanced projects, including mobile, video and animation that will engage and entertain, while educating youth on relevant health, environmental, social matters and family-focused issues.

Simmons shares, “Entertainment is what resonates quickest with youth, which today means online and mobile activities (based on broad affirming data) and it will continue to be the driving force to reach youth worldwide in the future. Technology anddigital media are the most important reference points for today’s youth culture. We are excited to add T.I. to this partnership and believe he will complement our executive team perfectly.”  

 T.I. also shares his excitement about the partnership, “To be able to team up with Russell, who has been a pioneer in youth culture for decades and greenROKS in creating groundbreaking, youth focused entertainment content was a no-brainer to me. This will allow young people to exercise their creative muscles by combining storytelling, music, math and science to enhance the user experience.”

Natalia Weissman, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of greenROKS, shares the overall vision of their creative group. “Our team is hard at work producing and preparing to launch an incredible series of educational and entertaining properties.” She adds, “We couldn’t ask for better partners in Russell and T.I. who are both respected influencers of pop culture. We are truly only limited by our imagination.” 


The greenROKS collective has found a way to organically engage and entertain, while also challenging youth culture on larger global issues. With an impressive string of projects and digital platforms slated for rollout this year, the multimedia company is atop of a coveted list of tech companies to watch.

greenROKS is expected to announce several new technologies and entertainment projects for Spring 2014.

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Francheyez: I'm Lighting It

Da Da Doe Entertainments own Francheyez drops the visual for his ode to the national stoner holiday of 420, I'm Lighting It, check out the Pow Productions produced clip here:

Tahiti Niti: The Garden (Mixtape)


Meet Harlem's Own Tahiti Niti

Known Musically as Tahiti Niti, this young artist was born On October 28, 1990 in the Sugar Hill section of Harlem, New York . A Trail Blazer by many accounts, he has Dreams of making it to the big screen via his lyrical talent as well as his personable nature and great work ethic.  Niti is the 3rd oldest and the only boy to two very hardworking and loveable parents who instilled discipline and moral character in their young king.
One of the more commonly asked questions asked of this upstart is in regards to his stage name. Very unique and descriptive, Niti took on the moniker Tahiti as a metaphoric ode to his very cool, smooth disposition; something like the Tahitian Weather he once thought to himself. Beginning his love affair with rhyme at the age of 12, Tahiti Niti would use written language as a relief from boredom and an as a means to expression. Soon thereafter, friends and confidants would hear him spewing his rhymes to himself and challenge him to project, which he obliged.  From there a new hobby arose, recording. At the time,  on cassettes. Niti would record anywhere and anytime that he could dreaming of one day taking his craft to one of the famous studios he had always heard about.
 Influenced by the late great Tupac Shakur, and in the same fashion Niti pours meaningful content and a real life perspective into his bars, a pledge that is more than evident on his debut project, The Garden, an homage to his hometown of New York City, now available via DatPiff. Arranged in spectacular order, the project is aimed at enlightening his peers, and warning against the pitfalls and disaster that can be seen everyday around his neighborhood.
"My favorite artists are those who took their responsibility to the culture and the opportunity to be a voice for the unheard very seriously. Given the same chance, I will be one of the greats."
                                                      (Tahiti Niti)
With plans to release the follow-up, The Garden 2, Tahiti is on his grind raising awareness of his brand and increasing his audience and presence on the Hip Hop scene.
Connect with Tahiti Niti via Social Media:
IG :@tniti_
Twitter : @coolteerap
Facebook : Niti Tee

Rainger: No Pain, No Gain (Mixtape)




Friday, April 18, 2014

"[MUSIC NEWS] Prince re-signs with the label he once said he was a 'slave' to, Warner Bros Records

Prince has been releasing music under his own label

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Pop star Prince has a signed a major deal with Warner Bros Records, the label he famously fell out with nearly 20 years ago.

The split was so acrimonious that Prince called himself a slave and changed his stage name to a symbol.

Now Prince says the new deal will see a release of his classic album Purple Rain in time for its 30th anniversary.

He will also regain ownership of master recordings made during his previous deal with Warner Bros.

"A brand-new studio album is on the way and both Warner Bros Records and Eye (sic) are quite pleased with the results of the negotiations and look forward to a fruitful working relationship," Prince said in a statement.

The Purple Rain album was released in 1984, as was the cult film of the same name.

The album will be given a "deluxe reissue" to coincide with its milestone. More of his classic albums are expected to get the same treatment.

"Everyone at Warner Bros Records is delighted to be working with Prince once again; he is one of the world's biggest stars and a truly unique talent," said the label's chairman and CEO, Cameron Strang.

Prince and his new band 3rd Eye Girl performed several shows in London in February

Prince signed to Warner Brothers records in 1977 and they released the biggest albums of his career - among them Purple Rain, Sign O The Times and the soundtrack to Tim Burton's Batman movie in 1989.

But by the time of 1991's Diamonds and Pearls, the relationship had soured.

'Lacklustre material'

"He didn't want to be told what to do any more," the star's publicist Chris Poole told his biographer, Matt Thorne.

Specifically, he wanted to be able to release more music, at greater frequency. Furthermore, he felt he should own the original master tapes of his music.

When Warners disagreed, on both counts, Prince began appearing in public with the word "Slave" written across his face. He eventually fulfilled his contract by giving the label a series of albums packed with off-cuts and lacklustre material - including Chaos and Disorder and Old Friends 4 Sale.

But the albums had damaged his reputation with casual fans, who could have cared less about an employment dispute. When Prince released his first post-Warners album - the pointedly-titled three disc opus Emancipation - it stalled at number 18 in the UK charts.

Prince's latest album, PlectrumElectrum, was recorded with his all-female band 3rd Eye Girl. The group played several low-key gigs in London in February.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How to Craft Your Music's Story?

“We were a band of white boys from Ohio that hitch-hiked our way to New York to try and make it big. Needless to say, by the time we arrived we were completely broke. We had nothing but the gear we hadn’t pawned yet and the clothes on our back. So when it came to finding a place to stay we were limited by the budget of what we were able to scrape together by busking in front of Yankee Stadium and ‘donating’ plasma.

Our first stroke of luck came in the form of a cab driver that was inspired by our tenacity and offered us the spare room in his townhouse in Queens. So we found ourselves the proverbial ‘fish out of water’ in a neighborhood that was racially, culturally, and financially worlds away from anything we had ever known.

Honestly, we were scared and intimidated. We really weren’t sure we were in a position to find any success in such unfamiliar territory. What we discovered was that music is a bond that builds bridges across unknown expanses. Beyond the differences separating us from the community that had taken us in, we realized that we were all blue-collared Americans looking to blow off steam after a hard day’s work.

We quickly established a reputation as the neighborhood good-time band by playing house parties and getting paid with fried chicken and cheap liquor. And from there it snowballed into steady gigs at the hottest clubs in the city and a national touring circuit that took us places we never imagined. We became more than just a band of musicians. We became cross-cultural ambassadors for sonic manipulation!”

It’s true that there are bands out there whose music is so compelling and instantly connects with such a mass audience that the story doesn’t matter. But that’s a one-in-a-million shot. You would be better off buying a lottery ticket. But then you’d have a story to tell.

The truth of the matter is that if you want to take a proactive approach to getting attention for your music you have to think about that kind of stuff. Whether you are looking for some press or simply to connect on a deeper level with your fans, your story matters.

That’s right. Not only do you have to write and record the songs, but you also have to tell an engaging story.

What stories are people looking for?

Press and fans alike want to know what makes you stand out, what makes you unique. You’re awesome voice and catchy melodies are actually pretty much meaningless. That stuff is white noise because it doesn’t separate you from the competition. That’s not to say that skills don’t matter. Your musical ability is the first thing you must master on your way to becoming a professional musician. However, it is the context with which your present your music that will give you the edge when it comes to getting the gigs, fans, and attention you will need in order to sustain your career.

The good news is that the stories are already there. All you have to do is develop the narrative. Think about that throughout your creation process so that it doesn’t sneak up on you. What you will discover is that you have a way to present your music with context.

Did your crazy producer help you develop your sound by locking you in a basement full of vinyl and throwing hammers at you? Did your neighbor call the cops on you because of your noisy rehearsals, thus inspiring you to steal his girlfriend and write a song about it? Was growing up next to the airport the catalyst for your love of tube screamers? Did a spiritual journey to the homeland shape your vision of the world? The key is that you have to dig deeper than, “We showed up in New York and paid our dues.”

The stories are imbedded in your life, your music, your career, your lyrics, and your inspiration. All you have to do is apply a simple process to formalize the narrative. Then you can string a thread from all of those pieces that illustrates an overview of your entire career and creates a philosophy that resonates deeply with your fans.

Try this:

Go though every song you have ever written or played and ponder the most interesting thing about each one. It could be something you are doing musically, a technique you are using, your inspiration, or an idea you are trying to articulate with the song. It could have something to do with the instrumentation, the lyrics, the arrangements, the context of the music, or the band dynamics when you recorded the song. It could be about the traditions that you are drawing from, adapting, or changing. It could be an experience from your tour or feedback from a fan. Well, I think you get the idea.

For each song, write that singular element on a post-it note and stick it on your wall. Then rearrange, expand, and rearticulate the narrative as your catalogue grows and your music matures.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season 3 is on its way and the trailer

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season 3 is on its way and the trailer for it is right here!  Love and Hip Hop Atlanta gives viewers a taste of the hip hop world seen through the eyes of several women involved in the industry and it never fails to entertain.  Many reality television shows forget to be real, but LHHA gives audiences a true look behind closed doors.


Season 3 clearly shows that there are levels to these seasons.  This season is filled with drama, love triangles, babies, and a sex-tape.  Yes, I said a sex-tape.  Mimi Faust and boyfriend Nikko Smith are giving fans an even deeper look into their lives with their homemade sex-tape that will be released by the same company that made Kim Kardashian a star, Vivid Entertainment.

Joining the cast this season is Waka Flocka and his fiance Tammy Rivera.  Also expect to see Karlie Redd‘s new man, Yung Joc adding to the drama.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 premieres Monday, May 5th at 8 p.m. ET. 

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Alicia Keys feat. Kendrick Lamar “It’s On Again” [Official Video]

Grammy award winner Alicia Keys and certified platinum rap artist Kendrick Lamar recently collaborated on a Pharrell-produced track for the upcoming Amazing Spiderman 2 soundtrack.

Alicia, Kendrick, and Pharrell

The track entitled It’s On Again opens with a hard-hitting verse from Compton’s own and from there is guided by the incredible voice of Ms. Keys.  This is the first time that the two have worked together and hopefully it is not the last.

Pharrell joins Kendrick and Alicia in this visual jam packed with scenes of the new Spiderman movie.

The Amazing Spiderman 2 hits theaters May 2nd.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

MackMilly’s new single features a Jadakiss verse & OFFICIAL VIDEO


MackMilly’s new single features a Jadakiss verse & OFFICIAL VIDEO.

Seems like Jadakiss has been busier than usual these days! Last month, the D-Block general was spotted in the studio with 50 and Styles P. Fiddy recently spoke to press at SXSW, confirming a Jada feature on his new project, Animal Ambition.

Now the Kiss of Death himself has a feature on rapper MackMilly’s new track, “What You Say.”

Take a listen below and tell us what you think.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Did Vybz Kartel Snitch To Try And Get His Murder Sentence Reduced???

As previously reported, Reggae sensation and dancehall star Vybz Kartel was found guilty of murder in March.  Vybz Kartel, whose real name is, Adidja Azim Palmer, along with three co-defendants, were found guilty of murdering an associate, Clive “Lizard” Williams, over a missing gun. Another defendant was cleared of the crime during the trial.

A  Jamaican judge  sentenced Vybz Kartel and three other men to life in prison for the 2011 murder of an associate and from the looks of things, the dancehall star won’t see the light of the day until he’s  73.

Well according to The Jamaica Observer, Vybz snitched on a few folks to try and get his sentenced reduced which doesn’t seem to have helped the star.

CONVICTED entertainer Vybz Kartel told the police the whereabouts of several wanted men in Portmore, St Catherine and provided the authorities with information that led to the recovery of 17 illegal firearms, a highly-placed police source has disclosed.

The move by the embattled entertainer was part of an effort to gain his freedom, or at least a vastly reduced prison sentence, the police said.

The startling revelation came to light during a Jamaica Observer interview with a member of the constabulary’s top brass late last week.

“He wanted to meet with the commissioner who assigned a member of the high command to meet him. During the meeting he offered information on wanted men in Portmore and also coughed up a number of illegal firearms. He was trying to broker a deal to get the charges dropped,” the source said.

The police said several wanted men were subsequently nabbed.

Kartel along with AndrĂ© St John, Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell and Kahira Jones were all found guilty and slapped with life sentences for the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams, who police say was bludgeoned to death at a house in Havendale, St Andrew, on August 16, 2011.

The men will have to serve 35, 30, and 25 years respectively if the Appellate Court throws out their appeals, which will likely be heard in a minimum three years from now, based upon the pace at which such appeals are dealt with.

According to the police source, the artiste made the offer when he realised that the walls were closing in on him, after homicide investigators were sealing up their probe into Williams’ murder.

The police also said that Kartel and a funeral director also met with a top-ranking cop after a probe was launched into whether or not Williams’ remains were cremated.

vybz kartel 2

Police are also probing the disappearance of funeral home operator Jennifer Edwards, who went missing in January.

The police said evidence was suggesting that Edwards was killed and her body disposed of as she had knowledge of sinister dealings relating to Williams’ body.

“We believe she was killed because she was the weak link and she knew too much, but we are still investigating,” the source said.

Last Wednesday, Police Commissioner Owen Ellington drew the ire of defence attorney Tom Tavares-Finson when he declared that Kartel (real name Adidja Palmer) was the boss of a criminal outfit that was responsible for more than 100 murders.

Tavares-Finson could not be reached for comment on the latest allegation as the Sunday Observer prepared for a press deadline.

The Sunday Observer source went even further and named a well-known gang based in several Spanish Town communities, as the gang that the commissioner was referring to.

“He was very influential in the Klansman gang. That gang used to carry out his killings for him until his Gaza Empire started doing the murders themselves. We have footage of him and a leading Klansman member bragging about the best places to kill people, whether in the church or other places. That Klansman was heard bragging that he shot eight people in a church already,” the source said.

The Sunday Observer has also been informed that the police have in their possession additional footage of the video that was shown in court where men were overheard planning murder.

The footage, the source said, showed a headless body, believed to be that of Williams, lying on the floor.

It was not clear why that was not entered into evidence during the recently concluded trial.

Shawn Campbell, another police source said, may have been a victim of loyalty to the ‘Worl’ Boss’ as he now faces the possibility of serving a 25-year sentence after refusing a deal to plead guilty to accessory before or after the fact and serve a three-year sentence.

The police said that Campbell may not have known that Williams and the prosecution star witness Lamar Chow were earmarked for death when he accompanied them in a taxi driven by a man known only as ‘Need For Speed’, to the ill-fated house.

vybz kartel

“We have information that he was under the impression that the men would be beaten for their carelessness in the disappearance of the two guns. When he arrived, we heard he was surprised to see so many strange men, who we believe to be members of the Klansman gang, and that is why him tek weh himself.

We know that it is only after the voice notes were revealed that he became aware that he, too, could have been harmed over the guns. Maybe he would have acted differently if he had heard some of the things that came out in court,” the source said.

All four convicts are now being housed in a maximum security section of the New Horizon Adult Remand Centre on Spanish Town Road in Kingston where high-risk inmates are kept at the State’s pleasure.