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Monday, April 28, 2014

QParker112 cancelled out on a radio interview

Today we had a interview with @QParker112 and he never showed up or called in for the interview 
He has time to tweet about what he is doing which to me was not nothing big. We have been pushing today's interview for the past couple of days.

I don't understand why some artist feel that they are too big too speak too there fans on a indie level.
But I bet if I was going to pay him than he would kiss my butt cause he wants the money. 
We as fans pay all there (artist) bills that they have including personal  and entertainment wise. 
With out the fans these artist will not be in the place there are now. Artist now act like they are too high to be knocked down.
I may be one owner speaking my peace for my radio station
But some one has to stand up and he heard.. Artist need too give us fans/media repect cause we give it to them.

He can not say he does not know about the interview cause I have been taking him in all the tweets 
This is the tweet that has been going out for a few days now :

 4/28 we'll have live @QParker112  on Dagrahynd_Radio at 530p est calln 646-595-3287 #112 #KaratVodka #Amberstar

So he can not say he did not get the tweet or his staff did not get the tweet.

And I have been getting response by his manager or his PR via email. And this is there email 

So who ever he has working for him they need too get fired cause they truly don't know any thing.

All artist need all the attention they can get.. Cause some of them really need the help.

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