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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Author Paul Gilmour Releases New Book, Jeremiah’s Codes

Paul Gilmour Releases New Book, Jeremiah’s Codes  Author, Paul Gilmour, combines fact with fiction to create a fast-moving tale of sinister secrets and devious plots that span the globe.  Brisbane, Australia – March 14, 2014 - In his electrifying new book, Jeremiah’s Codes, Paul Gilmour tells the story of a heinous plot that spans decades and involves factual historical events.  The author weaves together an intricate story where real-world events like the Holocaust, Roswell, 9/11, the creation of the nuclear bomb and other historical events are actually intricate parts of a master plan created by The Trust. The Trust and its members are influential wealthy people from all walks of life who have a hidden agenda that’s much bigger than anyone can imagine. All The Trust needs to implement their devious scheme are the Thirteen Codes and the only person standing between them and their agenda is Jon Bennett, an ex-CIA officer. Bennett finds himself in the midst of a complex plot that could spell the end of civilisation as we know it. He has no idea how important his role is, but works tirelessly to defeat The Trust. Though the story is fiction, the author suggests that we should all question the things that government officials tell us. How can we possibly know the truth behind such events as the September 11th attacks or the true reason for the creation of nuclear weapons? Author, Paul Gilmour believes that ordinary citizens must get more involved and do their best to learn the truth instead of accepting what the news media says. As the story unfolds, Jon Bennett learns more about the workings of The Trust and their ingenious plan becomes more and more clear to him. Though even he doesn’t fully see the true scope of the plan, he knows that these people must be stopped by any means necessary.  Paul Gilmour adds, “Jon Bennett is a man who knows how to survive. Though he is a very flawed individual, his instincts have kept him alive against all odds. Now he must use all his CIA training, instincts and every other item at his disposal in order to destroy The Trust. Bennett knows that if he can’t stop them, they will eventually commit unimaginable crimes against humanity.”  Anyone who enjoys finely woven stories involving conspiracy theories will love this book.

 Jeremiah’s Codes by Paul Gilmour can be purchased at Amazon, Book Depository and at other major book sellers.  It is available in both print and e version. About the Author  Paul Gilmour grew up on the beach in Queensland, Australia and spent his youth chasing sporting dreams. After representing Australia at the Olympic Games, he learnt to fly aircraft and went to college before entering the hard-core world of law enforcement.  Now in his role as an Intelligence Analyst for the Police Force, he uses his work tradecraft to formulate explosive storylines aimed towards exposing the truth. 

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