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Monday, September 23, 2013

New Video Alert- Future “Sh!t” Produced by Mike Will

Words by Alyson Robinson

Atlanta rapper, Future released the video for his new hardcore single ”Sh!t” from his new album, “Honest” which will be out on November 26 via Freebandz/Epic Records.

future_shit-620x351Future raps completely, and subtracts his sporadic crooning for this new single which has instrumentals produced by Mike Will Made It. The video, directed by Alex Nazari, has Future and his goons driving around late at night professing basically that some people are all talk and he’s the real deal.

“Talking ’bout you popping tags, n***a you ain’t bought sh!t
Talking bout a hunned bottles, n***a you ain’t popped sh!t
All you talk nana clips, n***a you ain’t shot sh!t
Spending money on these hoes, n***a you ain’t f*ck sh!t

Catch a n***a slipping at the red light
With ya AK, let me see you shoot it
You’re a goon, you’re a goon, you’re a goon, you’re a goon
N***a let me see you prove it”

Check out the video. Future doing his thing or nah?

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