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Friday, January 24, 2014



Big Lee AKA Leon Harris is a rapper/songwriter whom subscribes to the adage that "Iron sharpens iron." Ignited by the common passion of music, Big Lee has joined with I Am One Of A Kind , where he is seeing his dreams gleam once more. Born in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn, NY specifically the well known Ingersoll houses.  A true 80s baby, Lee is one of seven kids,  once put onto the dopest of MCs by his older brother, Gil Harris, who himself had a passion for Hip Hop; once introduced, he fell in love.  Beginning his foray into performance of the art,  Big Lee, turned his rhyme notebook which he started as early as the 5th grade into a craft, doing numerous shows by the time he entered Pacific High School.

 With a growing local buzz, Big Lee set his sights on expansion, taking his skill set to the stage at the renowned Pyramid Club in SOHO. As a true student,  Big Lee came up listening to everything from underground to mainstream commercial music. In 2006, he met Charles “CP” Caldwell while working at Houlihan’s Bar and Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY.  The two started hanging out and became close friends in a short amount of time, bonding over their shared love of music.  

He then was introduced to CP’s brother and partner Dwayne “Deacon” Jackson, whom was also impressed by Big Lee’s lyrical abilities.  Every since,  they all have been working together and have grown closer as brothers, providing the group with a great balance between R&B and Rap,  a rarity in the current music scene.  An intricate part of OOAK,  Big Lee has both blessed the stage and the mixtape which dropped in April of 2010, “I Am….OOAK” with a passionately unique flow.  He continues to study his craft and strives to get to the level he wants to be. Even through all his ups and downs, Big Lee still keeps a positive mind set, determined to come out on top.  

 “I have three loves in my life: God first, my children Bre and LJ along with family second, and music third.  As long as I have those three things in my life in any order, I’m blessed.”  

-Big Lee

With influences ranging from Big Daddy Kane, to Rakim, Kool G-Rap, MOP, Boot Camp Click, Nas, and more his knowledge of the culture is well rounded.  Wanting nothing more than to ascend to newer heights in todays music climate, Big Lee is focused on diligently offering his best to the genre which he has loved for so long.

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