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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cee Lo in trouble again with the law

And just when we thought it was over…

According to a TMZ report, LAPD is reinvestigating Cee-Lo Green’s date rape case to decide whether or not to prosecute the R&B star.

Last year, TMZ reported a Los Angeles woman accused Cee-Lo Green of sexual assault by allegedly drugging her. The two were having drinks at a downtown L.A. sushi spot, and the woman claimed that the singer spiked her drink with ecstasy, and the next thing she remembered was waking up naked with Green in the bedroom.

Cee-Lo and his sources state that these are all false allegations, but the woman says she has it all on tape. She filed a police report to LAPD, who suggested the victim to conduct a “pretext call”, where Green ended up apologizing and mentioning MDMA, but didn’t take accountability for spiking her drink.

The case was submitted to the L.A. County D.A, but shot down due to unsatisfactory evidence.  Nothing swarms this case more than deep suspicion as Green’s Lawyer discovered the Los Angeles woman only went to the police after being denied money from the R&B star.

D.A. refrains from prosecuting the singer, and places the case back in the hands of LAPD for further investigation. According to TMZ, D.A. wants police to find more witnesses, and perform additional toxicology tests to determine what, if any, drugs were found in the victim’s system. Police are expected to present the final report to the D.A. investigation agents late this week or the following.

According to a TMZ law enforcement source, it is unlikely for the D.A. to acquire enough evidence to prosecute Cee-Lo. Reason why? probably the story is bogus in the first place.

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