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Thursday, October 31, 2013


One of the best parts of music journalism is the ability to be at the pulse of trends, in music and more, before hand. It is refreshing to meet new artists, embarking on the journey of sharing their brand of music, and culture, lifestyle with the world.  As a lover of music, I search far and wide for these individuals wanting nothing more than to support their grind and keep the buying public abreast as to what they can expect as the days turn. My latest offering involves a young MC from Harlem, NYC who goes by the name of Show Broadway, representing the Black Money Ent crew. I got a chance to sit down with the talented MC as we kicked it about life, music, and his plans for rise in the entertainment industry. Check it out:
JASON BOURNE: Do you feel boxed in as a Harlem rapper; there is so much expectation and assumptions made once you mention being from Harlem, is that something that weighs on you?
 SHOW BROADWAY: Honestly, I believe it is a gift and a curse. In my opinion, its the greatest place to be from. Harlem is like the spokesman for urban lifestyle; being flashy with the slick lingo, nice clothes, dope cars, drugs, etc. One of the pros is that Harlem has a lot of history. The cons are that youre expected to be great. No excuses what so ever. So, make a wrong move and that could be it because everyone is watching. People are critical towards us, especially those from our own community.

JASON BOURNE: How'd you get the name ShowBroadway?
 SHOWBROADWAY: The name Showbroadway was actually developed over time. My name has always been Show. Ive always looked at myself as the life of the party so to say. I can easily command the attention of a room. Broadway is where I am from and it speaks for itself. If you are from where I am from you know what Broadway is about. The two names sounded dope together.

JASON BOURNE: I understand you lost your parents at an earlier age to the street life- what kind of deterrent did that play, if any?
 SHOWBROADWAY: First things first, I have the best parents in the world. I am a split image of both my mother and father. I didnt lose them literally, but for a long period of time I lost them due to drugs. Thank God my parents were strong enough to bounce back. I thank God for providing that strength. If anything the experience made me stronger. It made me understand the value of family early in life.

JASON BOURNE: You have been categorized as having a smooth yet gritty style. that seems oxymoronic, but tell us how u make that work ?
 SHOWBROADWAY: Im from Harlem. We take pride in the way we present ourselves. Im a descendant of Big L, Camron, Mase, Jim Jones, and all of our greats. Have you ever heard of the expression smooth criminal? We make that rough, hood swag look good. I have that 99, 2000 flow, yet Im fly and popular with the ladies at the same time. I can get real ghetto fast, but I am able to clean up when its time.

JASON BOURNE: Black Money is something that you guys have been doing for a while I understand, take us back to the start and tell us about the foundation of it all
 SHOWBROADWAY: It all began in high school. I always rapped, but I knew I wanted to pursue rapping in high school. Thats when I fell in love with it. Black Money started as a brotherhood. We were just friends running around at that time. We would go to my friend Jrs house after school. Jr and his cousin Amado had a mixtape spot on 14th street. He would bring J Arms instrumentals to us. From there we started taking it serious. You have to understand, this was around 2001 when rap battling was at an all time high. In my opinion, that was the best time in hiphop music. The Roc, Diplomats, and G-Unit were on the rise. New York City was killing the game and as I fell in love wit the art, Black Money was Born.  

JASON BOURNE:  Where do you see yourself fitting into the Hip Hop landscape of today?

SHOWBROADYWAY: Honestly, I am not trying to fit in. I want to be seen and respected as an individual. Black Money is here to give off new energy. New York is back on the come up. I want to add to history, but at the same time be recognized as a hard worker who cares about the music. Ill let the people decide where I fit in as I produce great music.

JASON BOURNE: Last album you bought, and why?
SHOWBROADWAY: The last album I purchased was French Montanas album, Excuse My French. The reason I purchased it was because I support music. I always buy music. Im still in love with opening a fresh CD case. I enjoy reading the book so I need the official print. Im not a bootleg type of dude. I cop everything real. I wouldnt be a true artist of music or be able to sell music if I didnt buy it myself.

JASON BOURNE: First rhyme you wrote
 SHOWBROADWAY: That is an embarrassing question. I still remember the first rhyme I wrote at 11 years old. My name is Jay and Id like to say / all you silly rappers make my day / 'cuz you nothing you nothing compared to me / all you rappers is wack so you cant stop me. That rhyme is horrible.

JASON BOURNE:  What do you feel about social media's impact on todays music market?
 SHOWBROADWAY: Social media is almost everything now a days, especially for independent artist. Its a way you can directly connect to your audience. Social media can also be used in a wrong manner, but all press is good press in this business. It helps you promote yourself as well as your brand.

JASON BOURNE:  5 years from now, realistically where do you see yourself, as it pertains to music?
 SHOWBROADWAY: Regardless if I make it big or not, Im going to make music because I love to do it. Honestly, I think I am good enough to go all the way. Its a dream to get paid for what you love and if I can do that it will be a blessing. So, to answer your question realistically I see myself going all the way. Once again, Ill let the people decide.  



  2. A true playa of the game - i am proud to say that this young artist is headed on tje right track. Anybody tries to stop him had got to deal with PIMPIN 694 Life!!

  3. B$M always has Ty ( The Artist ) and Harlem Music Group support!! We Harlem made playboy, Let's get it!!

    Ty ( The Artist )
    Harlem Music Group