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Thursday, October 10, 2013


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Mr Dre as even many of his peers call him, was born in NY before learning the importance of Southern Hospitality while milling around the suburban terrain and back roads of North Carolina. His passion for music was spawned at an early age, as he was drawn to instrumentalization, beginning to play the drums as early as 3 years old;  never looking back, by the time he reached middle school  he was a member of the band, moving onto lead drummer and marching soonthereafter. 

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Returning to New York while entering High School, his passion for music heightened, and he sought knowledge on how to be hands on.  "Love at first sight" is what he describes his affair with Hp Hop as,  Joining the armed forces as a band major, was an opportunity for Dre to solidify his future, all the while still being able to pursue his musical goals. After a while, Dre realized that his niche was in the way of coordinating events, and band organization. Not only did he recognize, but so did others, an opportunity to be CEO of Rampage Entertainment, while working for tech titan AOL took Dre to Oklahoma. No stranger to traveling to accomplish what is necessary; spearheading Rampage Ent's rise to prominence on the Vegas Strip gained Dre alot of reverence in the music business.

After returning to NYC with a renewed perspective and business sense, Dre found a new love for radio.  After a shortlived stint at a fledgeling station, he and Bless B decided to join forces and launch THE EDGE SHOW on the popular GID RADIO broadcast.  A mainstay on the Underground scene as host, and judge, the dynamic duo of Bless & Dre and their EDGE SHOW brand are highly sought after and on the rise through the internet radio ranks.

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Check Mr. Dre out Monday Nights 6-8PM on THE EDGE SHOW

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