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Monday, October 7, 2013


The brand of Gloria Velez can be traced back to her early years of modeling at age 15 for ELITE modeling agency. Being born in New York and raised in Florida, Ms. Velez was blessed with the essence of hustle and the natural beauty of her physical attributes.

Upon realizing she was blessed with more than just
the “stand there and look pretty” ability, she then
showed another talent, dance. Her talent led to her securing as dancer roles with artists N-Sync and Sisqo touring during weekends and school breaks.

Gloria aka “Glo” went on to set history as a trailblazer in elevating the
video role of a model just as scenery to stealing the spotlight in videos. After her
presence was so spoken about in the now infamous Ja’ Rule “Holla’ Holla’” video the
video model role was changed forever. Then going on to establish an even larger
presence in DMX’s video with Sisqo and the ever remembered Jay-Z video “Big
Pimpin’”. She would change the landscape of video concepts and the process of
casting for models within videos. These performances earned her top honors as
BET's "Video Vixen" and XXL's "Eye Candy" of the year awards.

           Gloria Velez Bio

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