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Sunday, August 25, 2013

OMG is here to stay

(Via BSM) THE OMG GIRLZ– Officially Miss Guided – is a play on words just as fun as each girl’s colorful hairstyle. “Officially” speaking, OMG stands for young ladies AKA “Miss” that are “Guided” in positive ways, hence “Officially Miss Guided.” Their mission – to let girlz everywhere know they can stand together as friends in positivity, true sisterhood and solidarity. – Info courtesy of

From appearances, one may make an assumption about these three adorable teenagers “Miss STAR” (Zonnique Pullins – 16 years old), “Miss BEAUTY” (Bahja Rodriguez – 15 years old) and “Miss BABY DOLL” (Breaunna Womack – 17 years old) based on the color of their hair or by their style of dressing. With that being said, Beautifully Said Magazine has a soft spot in our hearts when it comes to children working towards greatness no matter their makeup or background, as we believe in empowering the NEXT generation. The OMG Girlz allowed us to see them in a different light upon interviewing them on September 25, 2012 with Breaunna “Miss BABY DOLL” Womack being the most vocal of the three. During the course of the interview, these three, young women spoke about creating their own organization to empower young women as well as their entrepreneurial endeavors. Something that Beautifully Said Magazine stands for. In our day without disclosing our age *smiles* we had TLC…in this generation, the OMG Girlz are making their mark as the “IT” girl group…never judge a group by its cover.

Trisha LaNae’:
 Hello ladies how are you?

OMG Girlz:
 Good how are you!

Asha & Trisha LaNae’: We are wonderful thank you for joining us on today.

Trisha LaNae’: Let us talk about your debut album, what is the release date and what can we expect from the OMG Girlz on this project?

Miss BABY DOLL: For our debut album, Officially Miss Guided (self titled) we do not have a release date as of yet however, we anticipate that the album will be coming out the beginning of next year. We are still working on perfecting the music for our fans to give them our best. The sound on this album will be fun, age appropriate, moving music with a variety of R&B, Rap, and a little Soul and Hip Hop here and there. It is a great mixture as we like different types of music. We just hope that everyone can jam to it from the little babies to the grandparents (smiles!)

Asha: You are making it your mission through music to help young girls realize their potential to be the independent, strong and beautiful NEXT generation of leaders! How do you plan to continue to convey that message to your fan base as far as women empowerment?

Miss BABY DOLL: We plan to empower through our music and just being ourselves. We are careful in the words that we choose through our songs to show that we are united and actually do get along without all the drama. From everything that we do, we just want to portray ourselves as the independent women that we speak about.

Asha: I like that as young women in the spotlight, you are delivering a message of empowerment and using your talent as a platform to let other young women know about healthy, self-esteem. We look forward to you continuing to spread that message.

OMG Girlz: Awww thank you!

Asha: Aside from your music, is there anything else that you are apart of in regards to organizations/philanthropy work that continues in your message about uplifting young women?

Miss BABY DOLL: We have worked with our road manager in the past who has a group called Bella Organization. It helps young girls with financial limitations and provides fun things that teenagers like to do such as going to the prom. We were apart of the process of helping young girls through a clothing give-away where we gave away some of our own clothes. Also, we are working together on our own organization called One Main Goal which stands for OMG. We are excited about the organization as we would like to help those in need as well.

Asha: It is a wonderful thing to see that you ladies are not only performing but doing some community things as well.

Trisha LaNae’: Given that, it is three of you (smiles!) I wanted to break the interview up a bit starting with Miss STAR, how did it feel to have Lady Gaga pay the OMG Girlz a compliment via Twitter to her 20 million-plus followers?

Miss STAR:
 We were excited when we heard about it. We were coming out of meeting therefore, we were not made aware of it until someone told us that she tweeted about us. Our intial reaction was run to our phones in which we did so screaming (giggles!), and through record producer, Vince Herbert, we were able to speak with her as we are label mates. We thanked her for the compliment and she replied “You know, I really love you guys, I love your videos!” That was a great feeling for us!

Trisha LaNae’:
 Miss BEAUTY, how did you feel about the success of your first official single “Gucci This- Gucci That”

Miss BEAUTY: We actually felt really good about the success of the single. At the time the single was in rotation, we were not signed to Interscope and the response to the single from the fans was just really crazy (in a good way)! It was just awesome to see how many people were in love with the song!

Trisha LaNae’: Miss BABYDOLL, talk to us more about your recent performance at the Scream Tour, what was that experience like?

Miss BABYDOLL: We felt blessed that we were able to do the Scream Tour again. It was a great experience! While on stage performing, it felt a like a big party and we enjoyed the crowd participation. It was fun, animated and amazing!

The Scream Tour 2012 was headlined by Diggy Simmons, son of ordained minister, Joseph Ward Simmons better known as Rev. Run or DJ Run of the MTV series Run’s House and one third of the iconic 80’s Rap Group Run–D.M.C

Asha: The vibrant colors that you wear in your clothing and hair has become a brand of the OMG Girlz. Was that derived from your creative personalities, how did you come up with the OMG Girlz look?

Miss BABYDOLL: Our style is fun and we all like the same stuff. When we go shopping together, we typically pick out the same clothing. We love to set ourselves apart from other people and how they dress. We are very vibrant with the color of our hair and dress, and we consider ourselves unique. For awards show and red carpet events, we have stylist that come in and assist us, as well as our parents who lets us know what is age appropriate (smiles!)

Asha: We love that the parents are involved in your stage image (smiles!) Let our readers know what is next on the radar for the OMG Girlz!

Miss BABYDOLL: Soon! We will have our next single coming out with a video following, and at the beginning of next year we will have our debut album coming out so that will be something to look forward to. Also, look for the OMG Girlz to get into merchandising and every outlet there is while working very hard to win music awards (smiles!)

Asha: Awesome! We love the combination of the creative artistry and entrepreneurship you all have. On behalf of Beautifully Said, we would like to wish you continued success in your music and all other endeavors that the group is apart of. Please continue in your work of branding, entrepreneurship and your work towards your budding organization to help women to feel good about themselves, and just the overall message of empowerment through your music.

Asha & Trisha LaNae’: We thank you for taking the time out to speak with us on today.

OMG Girlz: Thanks for having us!

Asha: Miss BABYDOLL I just want to say you will probably go into some speaking roles based upon this interview, quite the professional speaker (smiles!)

Miss BABYDOLL: Thank you (Giggles!)

Asha & Trisha LaNae‘: Miss STAR, Miss BEAUTY and Miss BABYDOLL you are all great and wonderfully talented! Bye.

OMG Girlz: Bye!

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