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Monday, August 26, 2013

Drunk Judge Joe Brown Disses his former SHOW & Flirts with females at the SAME TIME? [VIDEO]

Judge Joe Brown may have some explaining to do after a video of him drunk was released on Monday. In the video, which is longer than 5 minutes, Brown takes flirts and pictures with beautiful women, and slurs his words and curses while talking about his job as a judge, his wife, and women.

When the unnamed cameramen mention his status as a judge court show, “Judge Joe Brown,” by saying jokingly, “Guess what judge, I’m not guilty,” Brown immediately replies, “F--k that –I quit… I do not do that bulls--- anymore.”

Brown, 65, was on the second highest-rated court show “Judge Joe Brown,” surpassed only by “Judge Judy.” However, the daytime show which was on-air for 15 years, was cancelled in March.

“'Judge Joe Brown’ will not be returning for another season,” said a spokesperson for CBS Television Distribution. “We would like to thank Joe for 15 great years as well as executive producer John Terenzio and the entire staff for all their hard work and dedication to the show.”

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