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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bobby Brown, Jr. (King JayAre) - Versace Remix Release

Bobby Brown, Jr. AKA King JayAre, enters the hip hop scene with grit, spice and a remix. As he enters this world of music and its sometimes unsavory characteristics throughout, he decides to do it his way, not settling with being a protege of THE Bobby Brown or "The Son Of". King JayAre is doing it his way.
One thing we know for sure is Bobby Brown produced some extremely talented children. Bobby Brown, Jr. is a product of his fathers talent, but a triple threat in his own right. Bobby Brown, Jr. Raps, Sings and dances. He has taken on the name King JayAre with a vigor and thirst for success with his own path to it.
Step into the world of King JayAre and experience the many surprises he shares next. King JayAre decided to have fun with what he loves, thus brings you a remix of "Versace" penned by Drake, before he follows with his mixtape, produced by his Official DJ, DJ B. Eazy (
New Remix Versace Official Video

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