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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Singer Usher Raymond A No Show at Scheduled Court

usher raymond

Just weeks ago, Singer Usher Raymond and his ex-wife Tameka Raymond faced off in an emergency custody hearing involving the near drowning accident of their son Usher Raymond V.

usher raymond

#Tameka #Raymond, Attorney Richard Robbins and Alexa Ross/ Photo credit: Dennis Byron

During that hearing, Judge Goger listened to all the evidence presented by both attorneys representing the parties and after hearing all the evidence, dismissed Tameka Raymond’s emergency motion.

There was another scheduled hearing for Tameka Raymond and the singer to address the issue of her getting more parenting time with their children but for some reason Usher Raymond was a no-show even though both his high-powered attorneys John Mayoue and Ivory T. Brown were present.

usher raymond

Attorney Ivory T. Brown and Attorney John Mayoue/Photo credit: Dennis Byron

Once the judge discovered that the singer wasn’t present for the hearing, he requested both sides to appear in his chambers. Our source stated that the judge was not happy at all that Usher Raymond wasn’t there. Within 30 minutes, Tameka Raymond along with her two new attorneys (Alexa Ross and Richard Robbins) as well as the singer’s attorneys emerged from the judge’s chambers tight-lipped on what was discussed in the closed door meeting.

Our source stated that Mrs. Raymond was not happy at all with her previous attorney Angela Kinley’s representation of her during the emergency custody hearing and decided to hire her current attorneys.

We did learn that there will be another hearing scheduled for the month of October and the singer is expected to appear unless both sides reach a resolution before the next hearing.

Do you believe the judge will grant Tameka Raymond more parenting time with the children? Do you believe Usher’s work schedule is too hectic for him to care for the children properly? Leave a comment in the box below.

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