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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Lost Book of Rap

The Lost Book Of Rap


1988 the golden age of Rap, a young Charisma Scott finds out her father is gone, she believes it is her fault he has left the family. Her mother has to sell her father’s gold cross chain in order to keep the family a float during their time of need. Charisma believes she must make her father proud by becoming the greatest rapper of all time, and that will bring him back home. There is only one problem, Charisma lacks the confidence to do so and feels she has the weight of the world on her shoulders.


Then her younger sister Corey an avid comic book reader convinces her to incorporate reading a comic book into her style of rapping. She sneaks outside against her mother’s orders and behind her older sister’s back, she hears the neighborhood rappers (the young biggie Smalls, NAS, Tupac, JAYZ & Styles P) talking about The Lost Book Of Rap and her hero The Grandmaster. It is believed this book, will lyrically take the reader to another level, encompassing them with every lyric possible and becoming the greatest rapper of all time.


While outside, Charisma comes to the aid of her younger sister who is being harass by the local 5 percenters. Her sister Corey manipulates her to battle Hassen in order to win the money and stop the selling of her father’s prize gold cross.  She is victorious and gains the much-needed confidence and the money to save her Dad’s Cross.


Until her “arch-rival” Mocca confronts her, Mocca is second in command to Supreme the feared leader of the 5 percenters. Who forces her to battle by snatching Charisma’s father chain off of her neck, and taking the money! Charisma’s lack of confidence gets the best of her, causing her to freeze in her battling with Mocca and looses her father’s chain and the money putting her family in jeopardy of being homeless.


With all hope lost Charisma comes up with an bright idea to find the Lost Book of Rap. She believe with the book she will win the rematch get back her father’s chain, and the money, and get back home before her mother!


Charisma her younger sister Corey and brother Rick embark on a journey that is mystical and dangerous. Crossing paths with Mocca and her evil minion.


From Brooklyn to the Bronx they travel the cannons of Hip Hop.

Charisma and her siblings are hindered and menaced by an array of characters while also encountering encouragement from some unexpected sources and surpises.

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