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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Markell Clay - Magic (Produced by Jamez Bonn)

Markell Clay was born by the name Markell Justice Clay on July 20 1990, in Virginia. He dreamed of becoming a performer since he was a child, playing everything he could get his hands on from a piano to the drums, and even your heartstrings.

His true passion and talent became the focus when he began singing at the tender age of 12. Relocating to the greater Atlanta area, his career began to soar. Markell quickly caught the ear of music executives, after his stint on the television show 106 & Park on the BET network back in 2010.

Following was the single that took the indie charts by storm with ‘Know It', Clay, quickly developed a dedicated fan base overnight. He continues to captivate his audience, and ever growing his fan base bringing him to the forefront.

Critics are calling Clay, the new Usher, with a soft soulful flow that appeals to all demographics. "My life is all about the music" - Clay, "I thank G-d for giving me the platform and the talent he has, and my fans for supporting me along this journey, this album is for them."-Clay
Markell Clay, Atlanta based newest R&B artist, has officially released the first single 'Magic', on his long awaited album titled simply 'Markell Clay'.

Besides the fact that Clay is doing things the right way, putting out hit after hit, staying on his grind in a positive way, industry executives are defiantly taking notice in his drive and determination to become number one.

During a recent radio interview they asked Clay where did he see his career in the next year…he had one word to give them “Grammy.”

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