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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Soulja Boy is in the hot seat for taking another man’s name and not taking care of his mother Lisa Way

205245_422876541087574_1687615570_nSoulja Boy is in the hot seat for taking another man’s name and not taking care of his mother Lisa Way. A man by the name of David Gresham aka Soldier Boy, tells that he use to date soulja’s mother. The man claims to know all the inside scoop on soulja boy. According to David Gresham, soulja boy mother Lisa Way use to be on drugs, and wants her son back in her life…. now that she is clean. The realsoldier boy claims when Lisa calls her son soulja, he just ignores her. The real soldier boy is also claiming that he was soldier boy back in the 90′s and still is.

He writes:

“I wasn’t gonna do this but when he post this tweet on Twitter I SAID FUCK IT PUT HIS AZZ ON BLAST no matter what people think about me doing this it’s a real life situation how he a Star and his Mother is struggling fuck that shit PUT HIS AZZ ON BLAST you out here FLEXING boy stop playing (I’m doing me. I got no time for groupie niggaz or distractions. I’m feeding my family ‼️) I had to do it because he doesn’t take care of his Mother like he should. This isher room where she stay in a rough hood in Atlanta, I also have MORE exclusive footage. I help her the best way I can but her son is out here livin it up and is able to really take care of her. The story get deeper but I’m not gonna get into that now but all I’m gonna say is Soulja Boy Tell Em you need to take care of your Mother, no matter what the situation is SHE IS STILL YOUR MOTHER boy stop playing. People SHARE THIS, got to put this dude on Blast.

Take care your Mother Deandre that’s all I’m say’n.

When we asked him to further elaborate on the situation, he stated:

“I use to date his mom before I went on the run she gave him my name I’m the real soldier boy of Atlanta and I’m back now free at last and he had not pay homage plus he don’t take care of his mother.”

The real Soldier boy adds

“She told me he just been ignoring her bro. she use drugs and I think he done all he can do he think she not gone change but I talk to her everyday she want help and it’s hope for her he need to take care of her.”

Peep out the slideshow and leave your thoughts on this situation.


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Source By David Soldier Gambino Gresham

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