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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Da Grahynd Music and Xs10magazins has officially re-launched their New radio site in April 2014 and giving the number one claiming radio stations and magazines a run for their money. How is that?

Atlanta, GA, June 05, 2014 -- Da Grahynd Music is changing the way radio stations operate for Entertainment success. Their radio hosts inspire guests to change the way they think and speak about their dreams by transforming conversation, just like manifesting a dream, begins by setting an intention. Da Grahynd Music assists their guests in taking greater control of their career and life. 

Michael Neely, aka Big Mike & Kanzadia Dales, the owners of Da Grahynd Music said, “Our purpose was put forth into a plan to direct the mind to aim for greater success.”

The consistent actionable promotional efforts aligned their guests, advertisers, sponsors, and endorsers to make even the most impossible business goals, possible. This unique radio station’s intentions are to transform the conversations around dreams from fear and doubt, to hope and possibility, followed by efficient and effective action and results. Tune into to listen to how their quality music resembles the true essence of what Da Grahynd Music represents: passion, joy, hopes, and dreams of realistic creativity.

According to eMarketer, "79.3 Million people listen to Internet Radio weekly. In 2011, eMarketer estimated that 37.5% of US internet users ages 12 and up will listen to internet radio-including online streaming of terrestrial broadcasts and online-only radio stations-or podcasts at least weekly in this year. On a monthly basis, 44.3% of web users will tune in to online radio." As you can see, Internet Radio listeners are increasing by the masses that remain the driving force for the independent artist and entertainers to gain global exposure.

About Da Grahynd Music
Da Grahynd Music is the first BDS,BMI,ASCAP,SESAC,SOCON internet radio station that has recently obtained its own Mobile app on Tunein.  A strong platform was built for Da Grahynd Music that was designed around appropriate strategies for getting entertainers to where one wants to be. This involves 24-7, 365 days of Brand Promotion, Radio Rotation Airplay, Interviews, Blogging, Live Chat, Worldwide Viral Exposure, Featured Artists, Compilations, Hottest DJ’s, and Special Events to create major buzz. Da Grahynd Music radio station heavily demonstrates commitment to their guests, advertisers, sponsors, and endorsers for amazing outcomes to occur for all involved.

XS10magazine is a hybrid sexy urban lifestyle and consumer electronics magazine. We present a unique blend of entertainment news and technology reviews from around the globe. XS10magazine embodies a unique combination of edgy articles that feature coverage of music. A-list celebrities, promising newcomers, sports figures, new technologies, fashion, politics, sex, health, and travel. You can't have visually appealing editorial...this needs revision. How about, "XS10magazine's high quality editorials and visually stunning photography stimulate both the mind and the senses.
Michael Neely is a 29 year vet in the music business. He started in the music business back in 1985 in Atlanta Ga.

He got into the music business with good friends. Kenny diamonds,James Smart and mentor AL Haymon.
From then he grew with a hunger to know more and more when it comes to music. He has represented some of the hottest names in the music and entertainment business. 
Flo from badgirls club, Kebo Cyrus, Bushwick bill, Bizzybone, Lexis Mason, Momma Holiday, 

Together with his mentors Kevin Black,Jerry Heller,Steve Lobel they have taught me the pros and cons of the music industry.

Mr Neely brings too the (#RRMG) Rick Ross Music Group label. His knowledge of the music up and downs when it comes too music and thinking out side the box.
Michael Neely was just concerned as being signed too the RRMG LABEL as a AnR. Which he has said it's his honor too represent the streets and the talent that comes from the streets 
Michael Neely is a #AnR for #RRMG and it is my honor to be one. 

You can also follow us on twitter @x10magazine or 

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