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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Brandon Miltsch: The Marketing Business Mind You Can Trust

Brandon Miltsch is known by many as a compassionate, responsibly generous and committed family man with a business savvy hard to touch like a hot stove.  As the saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Who would’ve known that Brandon Miltsch would’ve made it this far, right?  If you ask Brandon the same question he’ll let you know that his motivation for success runs deep in his blood and family roots, so there was no doubting at any point whether or not he would rise to the upper echelon of the business world.  He certainly has!  His global network can only reflect the tip of the iceberg and when I say this, I mean that Mr. Miltsch’s tangible impact on the people he’s reached out to is incomparable.  The world is a better place with Brandon walking and talking and making power moves with his intuitive marketing genius.  Family comes first, but Brandon Miltsch gains a great deal of satisfaction seeing other people and business entities flourish around him.  He knows the imprint he’s left on the world has been immortalized as if he’s edged in stone on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  I guarantee if you combine resources with this mind-boggling revolutionary of the marketing digital age, your business will reach heights farther than the imagination could fathom.  Take a walk with me through the mind and life and times of one such business marketing mastermind!
When you take a deep introspective look at yourself, what do you see as being the greatest joy you get from being in your shoes today?
That’s me being the father of a 1 year old son named Riley and also being a faithful and loving husband to my beautiful wife and best friend Christina. 

How have you managed to balance a hectic business life with your desire to be a family man?
I always make time for family.  Family to me is more important than the most important business meeting.  If it’s a music industry meeting with Lil’ Wayne, or my family, then I pick family first every time.  That’s the number one priority that allows for there to be balance in all other aspects of life.  When you put family first, you don’t have to compromise anything. 

Describe what it was about your childhood that made you out-going and gifted at creating personal connections later in life?
I had a loving mother, father and siblings.  I had a strong sense of family growing up and I had parents who believed in me.  I watched my dad, who was born in Belgium, come to America with no money and build an empire which was amazing to me!  Having him around was a help when I decided to build an empire of my own.  To have family that believes in you and mentors you is a huge blessing within itself!  I find myself mentoring children and I’m basically giving them the love and support that my parents gave me.  Some people think I’m crazy, because when my wife and I had our son, I didn’t go to work for three months.  I lost some profits, but I gained the peace of knowing that I was there for those moments with my family.  I believe that every child should have a mentor.  I’m a 31 year old white business man and a lot of people in my demographic are hesitant to work in areas I’ve spent time in.  You can see me volunteering in Compton, CA., Bankhead, GA., ect. giving people food and necessities. I do much more than just that.  I speak in classrooms and even in prisons.  I believe the people who are causing the most trouble are the ones who need the most attention.  I try to talk to them, relate with them and show them that there is hope.  A lot of people in my demographic won’t step outside their comfort zone in fear of getting shot, but I’m not the type to be intimidated by anything, so I’ll go help out and get my hands dirty and get out there in the streets.  Appreciate what you have!  When I look at my home and then drive through Bankhead, it puts everything in perspective.  I’m not looking to pose like I’m above everyone else with the money and all that, but if I see someone on the side of the road; I’m the type to stop, talk and help if I can.  If more people had the sense and willingness to do that, this world would be a much better place.
How difficult is it for you to stay humble and focused when you’re in a position of power and influence in the music and entertainment industry, along with being an international marketing guru?
I think that has been easy due to me watching my father stay humble and focused through my whole life.  I’ve watched a number of great people in society take that same approach.  They’ve always found ways to give back to the communities no matter how much money they make, or how great life is for them.  For me, it’s not difficult being humble and real, because that’s the only way I know how to be.  A lot of my success in the business world comes from my father who’s been in the advertising world for longer than I’ve been alive.  He taught me focus, work ethic and a willingness to help people.  You can’t help everyone, but when you do find clients who are serious, then it’s very important that you deliver a high quality product.  At an early age I realized that if I work hard for the results, then they will come.  If you’re looking to make the money sometimes you take a loss in the beginning only to make greater gains down the road.  If you over-deliver for a client you end up with a client for life verse a couple pay checks.  My thing is that I over-deliver every day to all of my clients and I don’t have to worry, because they won’t be going anywhere. 

What are your favorite types of music that you grew up exposed to?
The first ones that come to mind are Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Miles Davis and Rassy amongst others.
Do you have the conventional business marketing management educational background? 
Yes.  I started my first business when I was 15 years old which ended up being a car detailing business, and then I made the transition into a valet parking business.  For the last 15 plus years I’ve always been a business entity. When it comes to education it’s important to learn, but I think I’ve gained more knowledge from mentors along the way and from books that I read than college could’ve ever taught me.  I did go to college from 2000-2004 and studied Marketing as my emphasis at Northwood University in Palm Beach, FL.  I moved into the heart of Buckhead, Georgia for the last 5 years to settle down with my lovely wife and great son.  I guess you could say that I’m well-traveled, because I’ve lived in Georgia, Florida, New York and California.  I’ve been through a lot and have seen a lot of things that really make me appreciate the life I have even more.

Since college years are known for being a focal point of establishing professional direction and also a playground for fun times, describe your fondest moment in college aside from graduation.
Even though there was a price to pay, namely tuition, I definitely established rapports with professors that taught me lessons that are priceless.  I had my fair share of partying and fun times when I was in college, because at that point in your life that’s what you’re supposed to do. When you make the transition from living in up-state New York to Palm Beach, not too far from Miami, of course you’re going to party and have fun!  I had a blast in college and don’t regret a thing I did.

You mentioned learning from your mentors, so I ask what advice have you gained?
I can’t stress the importance of philanthropy enough and the huge role that giving back plays in my life. Networking should be a top priority and not just getting a phone number, but building genuine relationships with people you feel you can count on.  Don’t just rely on a local network!  Network around the world, so you have people everywhere that you can rely on and they rely upon you too.
What is your working rapport with Syracuse grad Etan Thomas and to what capacity do the 2 of you make a tangible difference with the youth?
Etan Thomas is a very close friend.  Through our efforts, he’s worked a lot to give back to the community, whether it’s providing meals, supplies, ect.  I’ve focused on helping him and his marketing strategy.  I got Etan on NBC News to talk about his Fatherhood Initiative, but more than all else, he’s been a friend for years now. When I met him, he didn’t have a Twitter or Facebook account.  No social media exposure at all.  I helped build his social medium and showed him how to use it.  That was that.  Our main focus though is giving back to the children and to let them know there are great things for them to do down the road.  Out of all the professional athletes that I work with, he’s an 11 year NBA veteran who truly knows what it means to give back, so that’s why it’s so refreshing to work with Etan Thomas.

When you say that you have a genuine desire to make a meaningful contribution to society, by your standards what is “meaningful”?
Meaningful to me is helping others and putting two different people together that might normally never be seen together.  I like taking someone with a business mind and helping to make their vision a reality. 

When people say that there’s nothing new under the sun, what would you consider to be revolutionary
It’s a form of digital marketing that encompasses video, social media, networking and marketing, plus everything that’s needed for taking someone’s business to the highest level possible.  The same people behind FireWolf were behind Bill Cosby 30 years ago and they’re still doing marketing and branding today.  FireWolf always produces results!  A recent report said that 89% of business owners feel like they are let down by their marketing provider.  That’s horrible!  To think that only 11% of companies in my field are providing adequate marketing services.  I’m excited that we’re part of that 11%, but there’s a lot of improvement needed overall.  If you’re looking for a digital marketing strategy and practice, then FireWolf is the one with the most integrity and most reliable track record to count on.
What are some of your current projects you’re working on?
I have a blog that’s getting a lot of web traffic.  I’m also actively writing a new book about networking and I have a reputable publishing deal.  I’m feeling very confident about my prospects for success with these endeavors. I’m actively doing speaking engagements where I touch on topics such as networking, marketing, branding and philanthropy.           

To what extent in other cities have you expanded the Networking in Atlanta events, or have you focused strictly on the Atlanta area?
The Networking in Atlanta events stretch all around the world!  We are expanding rapidly on a global level and I feel very lucky.  We’ve just opened up in Columbia, South Carolina, so our influence in the business world is spreading and it’s only getting better! We are coming up on our 4 year Anniversary of business and people continue to see our great progress in the communities. They see what I’ve been able to do with it and want to bring it into their communities.  Networking in Atlanta events are vehicles to generate funds for charity, increase business clientele, but more importantly to help others.
Where are some of your favorite places to travel and why?
Grand Cayman for one, because it’s a place where I can just “turn off” the motor and relax.  I like to travel back to the island Christina and I got married on, because that’s a very special place.  I’ve had great times at Nygard Bay.  There’s a private island that a friend/client owns and it’s a pretty famous destination that cost $300 million to buy.  He’s a mentor of mine, also a billionaire who allows me to film music videos on his private island, mingle with my clients and also build my network.    

What did you learn most while an employee at NTT Verio?
I learned that the small to medium size business owners have no grasp on digital marketing.  There’s a huge opportunity to help business owners with their internet marketing and no one at that point tapped into that market.  I also learned what it takes to build a business and be successful.  When I was there I made at least 200 phone calls each day and work 15 hour days.  I learned that’s what it takes in life to get where you want to be. People see me doing fun things and driving nice cars, but they don’t see the time and work put into what I do.  You have to buckle down and isolate yourself if you want to be a successful business owner and entrepreneur.  NTT Verio taught me how to do that.  If I didn’t make 200 calls I wouldn’t have a job, because I’d miss the numbers I had to reach, so I worked from 6am-9pm to get it done. My experience taught me that I never want to be trapped in a cubicle with a desk, so I work very hard every day to make sure that doesn’t happen.  There were a lot of positives, but at the end of the day it was a real wake up call.  

Since you have political leaders at your Networking in Atlanta events, do you ever find yourself becoming politically active with fundraising?  Would you ever run for office, or just stick to being a business marketing genius?
I don’t think politics is in my future even though I have great political relationships and ties to where I could go to the White House.  I see myself as more of a philanthropist than a politician.  I know that politics can get very dirty and that’s not something I would actively participate in.  It could have potentially a negative effect on my family if I got into politics and that’s not worth it to me.

Describe yourself and how others perceive you to be.
I’m a hard worker who’s in love with my wife and son, and has built many genuine relationships.  There are people that can contact their huge network, but how many of them actually know their clients on a more personal level?  There aren’t too many.
What’s your rapport with individuals like Lil’ Wayne and Frank Ski.
We are friends who have helped each other with marketing amongst many other things.  Before anything else, there needs to be a friendship existent between the parties involved.  If I can’t enjoy working with someone, then I just won’t work with them.   

What is it you’d like to expand on from a business perspective that you haven’t tapped into yet?
I’m opening up a few businesses, but as of right now the details are strictly confidential.  In due time, you’ll find out more about my future business ventures.

As a marketing expert, what’s your best advice to indie artists trying to break into the music industry?
Find an investor.  It’s not going to happen unless you have the financial backing and if people don’t recognize the talent you have and invest in you, then you’ll never make it to a major label.  Everything out here is a 360 deal, so the only way you’ll make it in the music and entertainment business is if you have the connections, do the footwork and market your music, and have a budget. The old way of doing things is done where you could go into the label with a connect and vouch for an artist’s music to get them on.  I think it’s unfortunate, but at the same time you have things happening that are amazing like Jay-Z outselling Elvis Presley.  For the independent artists; find an investor and a job.  If it’s meant to work out then it will, but don’t put all your eggs into just the music.  That’s what a lot of artists are doing.  If you’re an independent artist and don’t want to work a job, that’s crazy!  Some of the greatest artists I know were working a regular job when they made it big.  I can take an artist that’s not that great and I can blow them up overnight and have them on 106 and Park with videos and collaborations, and have all the celebrities talking about them, but how do we get to that point?  That’s where the money comes into the frame.  It’s not a fair world.  I can put you up on WorldStarHipHop, but it’s a pay to play environment.  I could have your newest single on the home page for  I can do many other things to market and promote you as an artist, but it all boils down to the bottom line.  Here’s a lesson.  If you can’t convince someone to invest $300,000 in you and your music, how is the label going to convince someone to put a few million into you?  That’s what it takes to be successful in today’s music business.
If you could back track to do anything differently in order to be further along professionally right now, what decision would you have changed?
I wouldn’t change anything.  I look at my mistakes as lessons learned.  Even if I had a business partner that stole from me, everything negative that happens in life is just a lesson for the future.   

What is your mission statement and/or promotional pitch for Brandon Miltsch?
Keep your eyes open for products and movements that have the name Brandon Miltsch associated with them. I’m a Trusted Marketing and Business Advisor.

We’ve discussed numerous topics and positive aspects of your life and career, but to end this interview leave us with an inspirational true story.
I married my best friend, Christina, who I dated back in middle school.  We went our separate ways for over a decade only to reconnect down the road as adults.  (With a humorous tone in his voice Brandon continued) We had dinner and next thing I know I woke up and I’m married to a beautiful woman and I have a son.  (On a deeper sincere note to conclude this piece) I found true love and happiness with my best friend, and now my wife and the mother of my son.

Written by: Bill Oxford
Courtesy of: & Networking in Atlanta

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