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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Geter K, Muscle Mgmt. & Maybach Music Group: Together, A Force in it's Prime

We know your allegiance to Rick Ross and MMG, but aside from your business life who is Geter K?
I’m a family man who grew up in a big family within a family oriented community.  I’m a guy who really wants to see my son play football and little league, go hang out with my friends and have a barbeque or cook out.  I’m into building and when I say ‘building’, I’m talking about building the community and the families within it. I’m just like one of the regular guys.  I’ll sit around on Sunday, watch the game, talk a lot of shit, have a couple of drinks, a good time and enjoy life.

How did you get your start?
I moved down South to Miami from New York and connected with my guy who was friends with Triple C’s, Ross’ crew.  I got in contact with Ross and I wanted to solidify my name in Miami with him.  If there was something that needed to be done and nobody was doing it, then I’d do it.  If I didn’t know how to do something, I’d research it and get it done.  For example, if the cameraman wasn’t available, I’d take the camera and take pictures.  Whatever needed to be done I’d make sure I was the go-to-guy.  Once Ross started Maybach Music, I had it set in my mind that I’d be the one take care of certain things outside the music.  That’s how I made my way up.

Where did you grow up and how did those experiences make you who you are?
I grew up in the Bronx, New York.  Growing up there, it makes you a very street wise person.  It made me a little more aggressive than the average kid coming up around there.  Ask the people in the Bronx and you’ll hear about me.

How have you reached out to your hometown and given back?
I try to do events, cook-outs, basketball games, ect.  It takes a lot more and I’m going to do a lot more as I grow as a business person.  I help put together events meant to help keep kids on the right path.
You have a lot on your plate to deal with, so what is it that keeps you motivated every day?
Life.  I’m a person that enjoys life.  I enjoy learning and seeing new things.  I want to experience everything life has to offer.  There’s so much I’ve yet to experience, so that alone keeps me focused, busy and moving.  I’m watching people that are new to the game, like Rick Ross for example, moving units.  I feel like one day I could also be a pioneer that tried to bring some different influences to the rap game, but also to the music culture. 

Are there any experiences you look forward to?
I haven’t had a million dollars yet.  (Geter K laughs at the thought)  I’d like to see my artists blossom, making sure that everything is moving in the right direction, along with seeing that my business ventures blossom too.   

What moment stands out from the rest as the pivotal moment when you thought to yourself that MMG had something beyond special?
I’ll tell you the truth.  It was Rick Ross’ debut album release party.  (reference to “Port Of Miami”)  When I saw how people gravitated towards him, I knew that whatever we did was going to be big and we were on the verge of something really special.  This was before the battle raps.  I knew Ross would be major!  I heard it in his music and knew he’d be in the music industry for a long time.
We all know that with the success come obstacles, so with all the success you’ve had as a label, what’s the biggest challenge facing you and MMG?
I’d have to say striving forward and continuing to make good business moves.  It’s longevity and wanting to be in the same sentence as Def Jam, Universal and Interscope one day. 

What’s your opinion on Freeway Ricky Ross challenging Ross on using his name?
No opinion.  Get money!  That’s it, really.  Just get money! 

How would you describe Wale and Meek Mill creatively and what about their impact on MMG?
Wale and Meek Mill have had a tremendous impact on MMG!  I mean, Ross is already out there and well known, but signing Wale and Meek Mill showed everyone that Ross was not only a hot artist, but also a great music executive who knows talent.  Wale was doing his thing, but Ross gave him super star status. Same with Meek Mill.  Meek got with Ross and took his career to another level.  They’re shining now!

If you are looking to add to the MMG roster, what do you look for in an unsigned artist?
You need to put in the work.  People won’t do the work for you.  Do it yourself to get to the top.  You have to be doing it big in your hometown and let nothing stop you! If you have a tremendous work ethic, MMG might be the home for you.
I know artists get real emotional about their music. I’ve heard that Ross is very hands on with other projects.  Do you ever think that when an artist is like that with another artist’s work, that it can disrupt the creative process, or enhance the product?
I think in Ross’ case, he has respect for another artist’s creativity.  I think he only enhances other people’s work at this point, because he loves the creative vibe of an individual.  He’ll let you do your work, but he only makes it better when he touches it.  He’ll do his “Ross” thing, give a play on words, or do an adlib.  He’s an artist himself so he’s not like your average exec.  The average exec doesn’t know what the artist puts into their project. Ross knows that fine line and not to cross it.  When great minds come to the table, great ideas are born.

How has the internet changed the music industry’s old business model?
I think right now you don’t have to rely on the big companies to get your music out there.  You can do the work by yourself.  You could be your own boss and it’s like everyone is independent.  The major labels nowadays only do so much.  You can take control of your own movement and presentation of your music. Basically, control your own destiny.  The net revolutionized the game and might’ve hurt the big record companies because of an artist’s opportunity to prosper with their own indie movement.  It helps those artists get their name out there more.

To close this interview, do your own promotional pitch for Muscle Management and MMG.
Look out for Gunplay’s new album being released early next year.  Look for Maybach Music to do some wonderful things in the future.  We’ve got some hot new artists!  I also want to shout out Muscle Management.

Written for X10Magazine & 
Courtesy of:  Muscle Mgmt. / MMG

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