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Monday, August 5, 2013

The New Queen of RnB is here to stay

Some say that the female R&B genre is lacking something; well Magassia is what they are missing.  Ms. Owwweee aka Magassia is a Florida based singer that has different talents but mainly she is a sure-fire talented vocalist.  Coming from Miami, Florida, Magassia has been on a long musical journey that started in elementary school in chorus class.  She was voted Most Likely to Become a Famous Singer but it wasnt until 2011 that she really started taking being an artist seriously.  Her music is very captivating and leaves you wanting more. She quotes herself as, A lady in the streets and a beast behind every beat.  Her other talents include songwriter, inspiring actress, founder/CEO of Magassia Promotions, and radio hostess with Next To Blow Radio Tuesdays on Blog Talk Radio.  She first got started into radio when the CEO of Next To Blow Radio gave her the opportunity to be a co-host on another radio station and a few months later they started their on radio station.  Next To Blow radio was founded in November 2011.  NTB radio is an online internet radio station that gives indie artist a voice to be heard. Next To Blow Radio supports both indie and mainstream artists and has several other djs across the world.  Magassia is Founder/CEO of Magassia Promotions which was founded in April 2012. Her company consist social media promotions for artists, labels, producers, business and ECT...  As Dynasty Records First Lady, there is one word to describe this Miami label and thats royalty.  She was  featured on a Miami based rappers single named Neno called Over & Over Again that left her new fans wanting to hear more from this up-and-coming singer.  She just release her first introduction single called ''Melody''. Behind this single Melody is a message, where you have to really listen to the lyrics to figure out what it is. Magassia's single Melody has received airplay throughout the U.S. & U.K. and has received excellent reviews. She just had a recent interview with W4CY, The Block Is Hot Radio with Dj Jess & Chuggy where she received an abundance of support.  She had the opportunity to co-host on the Road to Stardom Radio Show based in FLA, where she enjoyed herself and learned a lot about promotion and events.  Magassia was featured in the September/October 2011 Issue of The Road to Stardom Magazine. She is honored to be rank #1 on the charts for Reverbnations in Miami, Fl.  Her recent singles That's How I Like Itproduced by Barry-O was released November 3rd, 2012 and is getting massive exposure across the globe with over 10,000 views on YouTube, as well as "Designer Diva" ft. Hollywood MAC which released April 3, 2013. Magassia is always full of surprises when itcomes to her writing techniques and singing abilities.  Her voice will always put you in that mood and at ease; this is why she is what the game is missing and she will be heard.


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