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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Who is the real Amber Star stops by

Thank you for allowing us the chance too interview you?


Tell our readers your whole name please?

What style of music do you sing?
WELL I AM VERSITILE & LOV ALL GENRES,But i relate more to hiphop,
rap & Latin/Dance music. But always lov a challenge & like to explore my voice
with different types of genres & Languages.

How long have you been singing for?
I have been singing since i was in middle school around 13, I had stage fright at one point, until i started with talent shows with some friends, that san for fun.

Who is your mentor when it comes to music?
My mentor I would say would be the internet, lol i know it sounds weird but all I know I learned from the web & Articles & how to videos.
Anything you want to learn about is there if you use it properly.

Is it hard singing/rapping in a business taken over by men?
Well, I see it like this, everyone has there own style & swag, which makes all kinds of fan bases for each artist. But in a man's world thru rap, I take it more of a challenge to see just how far i can go. It's a little intimidating but if you know your talent well enough, It should be new grounds for discovery of what you can achive when you  put you mind to it. I look up alot to Missy Elliot when i was younger, I knew she was a beast at her line of work , So i knew there was hope even for women & minorities, especially in the rap/hiphop game.

Do you write your own music?
 Up to now I have wrote about 3 songs . Also collaborated with many artists, and writers, I only like to write to the beats I truly connect with. If not I am still open, I just wont be able to write if I dont feel it. 

So you are a bilingual artist is that correct?
YES! , I am a Mexican- Woman, I am  fluent in Spanish & English, I lov to sing in both as well, whatever my heart feels  @ the moment  is which language i use , My voice expresses itself differently in each language.!! Plus it opens lots of doors to untapped Markets, & International markets as well.

If you were a super hero who would you be? And why?
LOL , Good question, I would have to say WonderWomen. I would like to be a insperation to women, & help motivate them to
find there own super hero inside. I am lloking this year to do a Women Empowerment group. I like to help the community & children
as well.

Coke or Pepsi?
Niether, lol I dont like soda.. But i am a Fanatic of Ice Tea and H20 with Lemon.

What is your favorite color?
RED,!! :D I've been told it fits my personality, Explosive yet spicy. Oh & Glitter also if at all its a color. lol I like Colorful
an expressive colors.

What is your opinion on today's music industry from back then to now?
I feel that the music industry is easier now than before, Independent wise,
but lots of work,persistence & passion is involved> Also if you believe in yourself
invest in yourself it will be the best thing you ever do, DOORS open up alot after that.

What direction you feel your career is taken you?
I feel I am in a totally different place than what i thought or planned.
Many more doors have opened, I lov to sing its my passion, But at this point I am further than that. I want to make others reach there dreams as well. I am an Unsigned & Independent Bilingual Latina Female TV/RadioHost,Singer,Model,Actress,Producer,Director,Booker,Marketer,Promoter,International Voiceover-commercial talent. Also I am CEO of UNIR1Latino TV/Radio, & AmberStarTV. 
Which is why i decided to develop my new network, UNIR1Latino. I wanna show the other side of the BIZ struggles & also the gains and advances one makes, with passion , Dedication,and a humble heart. It's not easy, but its not impossible. Especially for being a women,Minority as well, I feel very proud of what i have acomplished an the irection I am going so far. I thank the Lord & I ask everyday to just give me one more day to enjoy each of my blessing, & for it to never Because @ this point I feel l am living a dream... It only gets better.

What's made you decide to get into the music business?
I wanted to prove to myself that i can reach my dreams ,no matter the type.
If i pulled this off then I would reach self actualization, Which was what i needed after a rough patch thru the recession in 2007 & lost my job of 7 yrs (Nursing).Music was my hidden talent & true passion so I decided to 
challenge myself . Its been overwhelming at times, But I never lost my focus. & here i am today!! I feel like the
happiest women on earth.

If you could do a callabo with any artist who would it be and why?
With Missy Elliot, I know she would bring the beast out of me, lol I really admire her work, Also being a woman with her talents and skills, Makes me know that all is possible, If you believe & work hard.I really look up to her as a multitalented artist. I beleived i could do the same.

What is music to you?
Music is my way of expression, My soul is Music , I had a rough childhood &
Music always rescued me from my depressions or failures, always made me dream that there was more out there than just what was in front of me, It was my excape & my main focus for me when i was younger, Saved me from many , problems and drama as i grew up.

What is hiphop to you? 
Hip Hop Is my spunk, I lov to dance to it, My soul loves to feel hiphop,
I turn all attention for that genre, its what i grew up with, so its what defines me
and my music. 

Do you have any social media sites your reader can connect you with? 


PLEASE follow me on twitter: @amberstarmusic @sensimina @UNIR1Latino @AmberStarTv

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