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Sunday, March 30, 2014

#IsThisYoThot? Women Suing 2 Chainz for Putting Her On Blast



It looks like rapper 2 Chainz might have a civil case on his hands due to a woman by the name of Tina who claims the rapper ruined her reputation. Damn!

In a video titled ‘#IsThisYoThot’ that went viral earlier this week, we see the woman lurking backstage looking for rapper Cap 1 which she allegedly met through Instagram. Assuming she was a groupie, 2 Chainz asked his good friend Cap 1:

“Is this yo thot?”

Does the question suit the situation? When 2 Chainz told her she was in a ‘blog territory’ rather than running for the door, she decided to give herself a shout out on camera instead! Oh the irony!

“Aww sh-t! This is going on a blog, forreal?! This is going on a blog and you’re really recording? Do I look good? You guys can follow me at Iluvtinaa on Instagram.”

I mean come on, this case can’t be real. It’s not everyday that we get to see what really happens backstage when a rapper is disappointed by a girl he supposedly met on Instagram. However, now that the video has been released it looks like Tina is getting her lawyers involved.



But here’s a twist! According to her Instagram not only is she doing a spread with Vibe Magazine, she revamps herself as ‘#TheNewKimK’ and wishes to get an interview with ‘Breakfast Club’ to tell her side of the story! I guess all publicity really is good publicity!

I feel like @hairweavekiller [2 Chainz] should feel as much embarrassment as I have endured these last couple of days for what he has done to my life, he has not apologized publicly and tries to contact me privately. Everyone re post this at @breakfastclubam @cthagod @angelayee @djenvy because 2 chainz should be the #donkyoftheday let’s get me on the breakfast club so I have a chance to tell my side of the story!

Do you agree with her decision to sue? Or do you think she is suing to become infamous?

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