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Friday, March 21, 2014


OMG what freakn country do we live in?

I voted for Obama and respect some of his decisions but what cmon Obama your behind SOPA after you said you wouldNEVER bring this back is not cool!  I worked on your campaign only because it was time for a change and you told us what you would do but when you come and try to bring this SOPA ish back is unexceptable.  What is SOPA and why is it soooo important we be aware and start doing something against it because it is a violation of your rights. Ever go to youtube and can't share or see a video well thanks to influence of SOPA that was just a glimpse of what's to come its the governments way of controlling your media tv, print but most of all the internet! (SMH)  Still not convinced check the videos below!

I am for people who people getting their just dues but the government is NOTlooking out for the artsists nor give a rats ass about protecting artists but not for this craziness.  They have tried and even passed a law that was simular calledACTA but that wasn't enough they are trying to pull this crap again!!!

People I urge you not to take this lightly if you EVER downloaded a song shared a video or downloaded a link or shared music, videos, movies your screwed!!! This is NOT a joke the government is starting already and if you ever downloaded a free ringtone etc .....YOU ARE SCREWED!!!! 

They are going after EVERYONE please share, spread it all over your social networks.  This is NOT a joke they are building jails to incriminate more people and it's already started.  Be aware they just STOPPED the last bill that resurfaced in January see if passed this bill would have changed the way you LIVE!!! NO JOKE DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY!  If your a artist, music/movie collector, gamer this law DIRECTLY effects YOU!!! BE AWARE!! 

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