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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What is the difference between an Indie record label and a major record label?

Record Labels Independent (or Indie )labels have less capital to work with than major record labels - usually affecting production quality of albums and the distribution of. Independent labels are usually a stepping stone for an artist before going with a more mainstream label and making the big bucks, especially if it is a more underground type of music.

What is the difference between a Major record label and an Independent record label?

Major - is a branche of some big record label. Independent - nor depend to any labels..A major record label is like Capital, Universal, MCA, BMG, etc. which have a gross earnings amount. They also pay strict attention to the bottom line earnings vs. the talent. They have the set machinery in place to take product from concept to sales returns faster. Some labels don't have time to spend with the new artists or the long term artists since there amount of contracted artists are higher than an independent. Many talents who have been with a Major for many years after a certain decline in sales contracts are canceled. Some artists knowing this fact these days have started their own labels like Toby Keith, Garth Brooks, etc. The years of the Independent smaller labels has arrived in the years of 2000 because of the exposure of the internet and the talent's discovery that music has no time limited or age if it is good. Independent record labels have a limited staff but also more time to spend with each artist as their profit is based on the artists job of selling product.

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