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Monday, July 29, 2013


Harlem Bred MC Jay Starr has made a name for himself on the underground Hip-Hop scene. With his street certified lyrics and hustler's mentality, Jay Starr has established a following among Hip-Hop purist. Harlem, best known for artist such as Doug E. Fresh, the late Big L and Dipset members Cam'ron, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana, who have all hit the airwaves by storm; still awaits that superstar MC to truly represent the legendary town to the fullest. Jay Starr with his hustler's ambition and versatile lyrical content is slated to be Harlem's most successful MC.
In addition to being an MC, Jay Starr is a very savvy entrepreneur. His company Grind Enterprises is involved with all aspects of media and entertainment. In today's music industry it is important for an artist to be multi-faceted. Not only must they be talented and authentic musicians, but they must also possess the business savvy to market, promote, distribute and sell their own music. Through his company Grind Enterprises, Jay has managed to find new and innovative ways of doings all of those things. Throughout the years Jay Starr has established himself on the underground circuit by consistently putting out music and finding new ways of gaining exposure, allowing him to spread his music while simultaneously building his brand.
This year will undoubtedly be a break through year for Jay Starr. Reaching his peak as an underground artist, it is time for Jay to began the next phase of his bright career. He will undoubtedly continue his quest to become one of Hip-Hop’s finest by shaping the industry rather than conforming to it. Jay Starr will soon cease to be an independent artist making major moves, to become a major artist making history. More info on Jay Starr can be found on his website:
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