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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dyersburg, Tennessee Native Dustin Bailey, known professionally as D Beezy

Dyersburg, Tennessee  Native Dustin Bailey, known professionally as D Beezy was introduced to the world of music the age of 7, by his sister Kelly who was a huge Hip Hop fan. At home, D Beezy frequently heard the sounds of Dr.DreVanilla Ice, and M.C. Hammer, just to name a few. As a result, his interest in the entertainment business, as well as the art of writing rhymes, and recording grew. At age 15 D.Beezy started writing lyrics to beats such asVice Versa By Pastor Troy. 

                 " D-Beezy " 

With his love for writing the next thing on his agenda was learning about the recording process. As he gained an understanding, he was shocked about the complexity of putting songs together.  As chance would serve a very close friend offered D Beezy a program by the name of Hip Hop 5; coupled with his Wal-Mart purchased mic, D Beezy was ready to go.  Whatever quality the outcome lacked, D Beezy made up for in lyricism and ambition. The scene was set for his ultimate pursuit of a career as a Hip Hop MC. Recording his first singles in the make-shift studio served as his greatest inspiration.  Keep a pen and paper on him at all times, he settled the urge to write whenever it would arise.  He shared many of his compositions with close friends, whom reassured him that his talent level would suffice.
Taking Hip Hop seriously, as a committed artist since 2007, D Breezy has been at work with the branding of his sound, his artistry. Beginning with social Media, and always one to keep it very grassroots, passing out CDs at social events and more the buzz surrounding D Beezy has grown. The hustle in him, the business mind that began with sacrificing paychecks from his local factory job to purchase all this equipment, has culminated in popular releases such as "State Bound" "Ready 4 Whateva" as well as "West Tenn Phenom" and "Down 4 Our Country"

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Written by Jason Bourne 

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