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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Who ARE you promoting TO you SURE you wanna be in this? (if you're sensitive, dont read this)

I was inspired today by DJ RIP (Core DJ's) to ask this question)
If everybody is in the music business, the WHO the fuck are we PROMOTING TO??
ALL these fake awards shows that add NAMES to the show to create revenue, ours "so called" NEW LEGENDS acting asses & getting EXPOSED on BLOG SITES ever other week ... man
Everyone can BUY everything from followers, likes, youtube ... damn.
You don't f*ck your publicist.
EVERY bitch with a stolen email list is a PUBLICIST now & misleading artist to believe that sending out BLAST is just what she suppose to do .. thats not it.
DJ's wanna be artists, artists wanna be DJ's, porn stars turing into rappers, singers rapping, rappers singing, niggas that were hot are on reality TV now with niggas that couldn't seem to get to that next level,
Flavor Flav made me NOT believe a DAMN THING that Public Enemy said to me in the 90's & he's STILL in the group now, FOR REAL? ... damn Chuck D (just wanted to say that)
Artist spend 3500-7000 to make videos to put on worldstar for 800 & don't use there OWN video links to catch that traffic (dumb ass) & all most of you
aspiration for the game is to one day be in that TOP BOX when the bitch getting her ass wuped at your local restaurant sits right new to you video, THUS its over looked anyway ... lol
There's NO MORE privacy thanks to TMZ. MEDIATAKEOUT & various others ... no wonder there are no more Legends .. if you say the right thing online, you might get a response back from you favorite artist/star .. no more exclusivity. You wanna be seen, there are consequences (can you handle it)
Money isn't the music business, it's the motivation of the music business .. to MAKE money, thats why its called BUSINESS (thats for all the extra sensitive artists that get upset when they are charged)
TALENT is RARE .. don't gas yourself please .. let OTHERS (outside of your block) do it for you.
Are you SO BUSY trying to be someone ELSE that you FORGOT who you are ... do even you REMEMBER?
SO many people that GENUINELY care about our music BUT they are the ones that get shafted in the end.
I have several TOP 40 mixshows, have my own monitored station in my hometown that i OWN, a syndicated show, a 6 year old show on Shade 45 & I RARELY TALK TO ANY LABELS ANYMORE (tell me whats wrong with that picture)
How do all these people who do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING keep jobs at these labels .. its UNREAL.
DO YOU REALLY WANNA BE IN THIS SHIT FOR REAL PEOPLE ... take a break from the Dro, Kush, Mollys, pills, ect & think about it BEFORE u sign you life away OR let some pussy hype you up to think you are invincible & get ya ASS beat in this shit (ain't no coming back from a ass wupin in Urban Music now)
This shit ain't what you think.
The LESS get more & the MORE don't get SHIT .. dont call it selling your soul, shit most came in this shit without one in the beginning .. whats to sale?
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