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Saturday, April 27, 2013

kCAne MarkCO goes after MtvJamz 1st then Bet's 106andPark will debute Anti-Bulling Anthem Video May 3rd!

kCAne MarkCO makes his World Video Premiere on MtvJamz May 3rd for Anti-Bulling Anthem 
story by Oliver DjBigO317 Jackson

When you think of Hip Hop now days one of the 1st things that comes to mind is Bet's 106andPark. Yeah with me too, but not with this new blooded savy rapper whom hails from St.Louis,Mo. he goes by the name kCAne MarkCO. Unlike other St.Louis artist before him like Nelly and Chingy who did there video debute like other kats before them always went after Bet, why cause it was the "Black thang to do".

Well not kCAne Markco he is locked and loaded on MtvJamz for his World Premiere of his Anti-Bulling Anthem video titled "You didn't wanna to be a Hater" which just happens to be sponsored and pushed by the Dj JohnnyO of Nerve Djs based out of Cleveland,Ohio. I asked kCAne MarkCO on a phone interview, 1st of all why MtvJamz not Bet's 106andPark? He stated why do what everyone else has already done before me, I know im different so I let mt actions speak louder then my words. Then I asked him, kCAne MarkCO you are from St.Louis,Mo right? Yes! So why do you have the Nerve Djs pushing your music and not your home town Dj crews and Radio? Hahahaha easy my friend Nerve Djs have been down with me from Zero Day, meaning when I needed a real feed back they were dare no questions asked, like how much is your budget?! So when I signed one of there own to my label NuOrder Entertainment Music Group llc. to head my Radio Commercial Music Dept. Nothing against the other djs crews from St.Louis but I am not a Street Rapper, or part of there Clique so I know how they all roll, I grew up there. Plus 90% of my Fan Base is White and the Dj Crews in St.Louis caters more to Blacks. I'm in this to make money and feed my family, its nothing personal only business.

So why go with an Anti-Bulling Anthem type video? No one is making music for the people, I am the people's artist kCAne Markco! I've been out on my own sponsored tour since Dec 28th 2012 tring to build my fan base by hitting open mics after open mics, driving from city to city in snowy icey conditions everyday. While other artist were at home waiting for the April Thaw my team and I wear already out pushing hard during the 4th and 1st quarter. While I was out on the road we stopped a local gas station in Ohio I think it was and one of my guys was standing by the door reading the new paper. I was like wats good fam.. he was like kids are hanging them selves do to Bulling! That was my motivation plus the song and video was already recorded all I did was do some minor editing to really drive home the message. With that been said make sure yeah check out my World Premiere on May 3rd on MtvJamz "You didn't wanna be a Hater" follow me on twitter

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