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Sunday, April 21, 2013

DjBigO317 grants 1st Intervew after 30 yrs in Music Business.. He is Raw & Real on everything he says

DjBigO317 is one of the Rawest & Realist Djs to speaks on the Music Industry
by Charleesmiles

Hey everyone it's me Ms.Charleesmiles I am going to be sitting down with an old friend of mine who is a very out spoken on life and the Music Industry. This interview is not for everyone so this is my disclaimer to you the reading public. Hello DjBigO317 how are you? Im good just koolin Ms.Charleesmiles how are you. So how is your company been doing? Oh Trucker Bangin Ent.Llc is been doing great, its that time of year everyone is tring to get there music heard. I see your always out on the road. 

So tell the people what you have been doing in 2013 I keep seen major things poppin off for some of your past clients, like Friedel Pinkston aka Sy Yung? DjBigO317: Yeah back in 2009 when I meet Sy Yung I told him to always make him self marketable to get into Acting, Modeling to help his Music career push his visual presents out there since he was residing in Atlanta,Ga. Long story short on April 12 2013 he was featured in a major motion picture titled "42" The Jackie Robinson Story staring Harrison Ford & Chadwick Bossman. Charleesmiles: Ok your been real relaxed like its nothing to you? DjBigO317: Naw its not that I can't say to much because he is signed with a record label, there responsible to do the (PR) if they know what there doing. They not paying me so I'm not doing nothing but what I want to do! Charleesmiles: Oh my, I take it you are really mad? DjBigO317: Honestly I'm like Pissed & Disappointed cause Sy Yung has so much talent but its the wrong people around him that are really holding him back, People only hold you back if you let them. Charleesmiles: What is the money song for Sy Yung that would break down the doors to the labels? DjBigO317: His single from a couple years ago called "Bring it Back". Charleesmiles: Why "Bring it Back"? DjBigO317: Its had that (AC) appeal or as black folks say the crossover appeal. Charleesmiles: I remember he was always coming up to the midwest for the longest of times, what happened? DjBigO317: I have no clue to be honest. Charleesmiles: Do you and Sy still speak? DjBigO317: We have not for a few months now. Charleesmiles: If you say anything to him Sy Yung, what would it be? DjBigO317: I still want that video for "Bring it Back" and I don't know whats going on but I wanna wish you the best in your career moves! Life goes on so keep shooting for the moon, if you miss you will hit the stars.

Charleesmiles: Wow that was Raw & Real from DjBigO317, I think more personal cause all the years they had been working toagther so I am goin to flip it a bit.

Charleesmiles: Rep yo city and tell the readers what it has been like for you in the Music Industry? DjBigO317: Hahaha well currently I Rep the Midwest I live in Indianapolis,Indiana. I grew up down south of here in Fort Knox,Ky that is south of Louisville. Well I got my start in Djing by way of Louisville,Ky thru a guy named Dj Bam. When I was a shorty I used to watch Dj Bam and his crew rock out on the weekends on the westend at Shawnee Park. Djing happened to me by a freak accident, I used to be a (B-Boy) a pretty boy and a damn great Break Dance, I got hurt it was a freak accident while dancing, the doctors said your break dancing days are over. I was sick to my stomach cause break dancing was keeping me out of the streets. I still wanted to be apart of my crew but I didn't know what I wanted to do or could do. One weekend my crew had a battle (dancing) at Broadway Skating Rink I meet the Dj, i forgot his name but he asked me to help him dj, he wanted to take a break he said "Don't let the music stop" & I didn't! I interned at WLOU 1350 am off of 22nd & Broadway right there in Louisville, we didn't have a Fm station that would play Hip Hop Music. Hip Hop Music in the 80's was really untested so radio stations were scared to play it or were just not allowing it period in a market like Louisville.

Charleesmiles: What is your thought on the state of the Music Industry? DjBigO317: Can I lie? Its perfect everything is all gravy........ yeah right its really Fucked Up, Serious you have Dj's in the South talking cash shit & over charging Indie Artist. You have the record labels who don't respect the the dj's worth. I mean I can go on and on, long story short its all Fucked Up Period.

Charleesmiles: Wow those are some strong feeling that you just expressed, ok so you been around involved in the music industry for many moons just how long have you been in volved? DjBigO317: Since 1986 on the serious side, I got just about got 30 years on the scene of this thing we call the Music Industry.

Charleesmiles: What are some of the most (OMG) I can't believe that just happen in front of me while touring, djing and working at the radio staions? DjBigO317: The ladies when I traveled around the world  with artists will do anything and everything... just so they can get with the stars!! I am gonna leave it at that.

Charleesmiles: How long do you plan on staying in the Music Industry? DjBigO317: Well I retired back in 2007 after been shot in a Atlanta Nite Club while djing with another dj. But in 2009 I came back out of retirement because I heard this artist named Friedel Pinkston up in Catersville,Ga his stage name is Sy Yung. Thats when I knew I was not ready to leave the Music Business along, its apart of my soul its who I am. I am going to stay involved until the day I pass on. My youngest son (15) Marquise Jackson aka DjSquad574 is up next so he is my personal project, I am going to tech him everything I know & support him 100% for him to succeed in this nasty biz.
Charleesmiles: Lets talk Dj Coalitions, how do you feel about them are they really effective? DjBigO317: 1st I wanna Salute the O.G Dj Johnny O of Nerve Djs, for even extending an invitation for me to join a great family environment, I didn't use the word coalition cause its miss used and miss understood. So I'm a proud member of the Nerve Djs. Now as far as the others, my big mama always told me if you don't have anything nice to say then just keep your mouth closed period!! I still feel djs are still effective because they are the "Spinal cord" of the entertainment field.
Charleesmiles: Let talk about some big things I been reading about involving Mr.DjBigO317, would you care to tell these readers what your cooking up? DjBigO317: Sure I was just signed as the President of Operations & Radio Placements for NuOrder Entertainment Music Group llc. Simply put I make sure the labels radio ready music gets out to all the media outlets, ensuring that all music is encoded in BDS, Mediabase & ready for Itunes, Amazon and all other Digital Media Retail outlets. Insuring that videos are MtvJamz ready, Vevo ready among other things like setting up interviews at radio stations.

Charleesmiles: So if you had to give any advice about this music biz what would it be? DjBigO317: Well understand what your about to get into, research create a business plan of plan of action. Always build relationships and don't trust everyone you meet period always remember action speak louder than words always. In the 30 years I have I can say I have less then 10 Real True contacts in my phone out of 3500 phone numbers I have. It tells you there are that many snakes out there so keep your grass cut low!! For example look at Gansta Boo & Drumma Boy they are doing things on the Indie side & making great money do to the relationships they have built over the years.

Charleesmiles: With that been said I wanna thank you for taking the time out of you busy busy road schedule were can the readers find you at to hire you for your services? DjBigO317: Thank you for even taking an interest in letting me speak on a few things.. alot of folks are scared to really speak to me by doin an interview with me cause I'm like really Raw & Real.. No Politics over here! But you all can look me up on my website thanks my company I own run & operate with my son DjSquad574. All you can find me on you can like my Facebook Fan Page Media and Booking Inquiries contact 317-701-5285 "Serious Inquiries"

Charleesmiles: you all can follow me on

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