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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Talented young lady Bernisha with a bright future

At the age of six Bernisha discovered her voice.She learned about music as she watch her parents performed at churches and social events.At the age of eight her father saw her playing his piano. He taught her a few chords and the rest is history. She wrote many songs at a young age but her first completed song was called "Long ago". Now at the age at 22 she's considered a grounded and talented vocalist, writer/poet, pianist and producer, writing and producing her songs. She has performed in places such as, Cafe 290, Wild Wing Cafe, Moonlight Lounge, The famous Underground in downtown Atlanta and many more places. Although in Competition, sometimes performing with tracks she recorded and a lot of times performing live, she always received positive feedback from the judges, producers as well as the competitors. She worked with different producers like B-rich, Noise Beats and more and have also been requested to work with other producers. The compliments received always talks about her creative words, music and beats. Today her music imitates her life and may very well imitate yours. If you Listen to her message in song and music you will, love and feel her positive message and be able to relate to it in some part of your life.
Be on the look out for this beautiful young lady..

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