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Saturday, March 16, 2013

One of the leading reality television production companies is seeking songs for current programming on MTV.

Category: Music Licensing
Type: Licensing
Genres: All Genres Accepted

They are looking for artists spanning the genres of Pop, Singer-Songwriter, Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap, Acoustic, Trip Hop, Indie Rock, Indie Folk, Teen Pop, Pop-Punk, Country, Top 40 Mainstream and Country Pop. Mainly all genres will be accepted as long as the songs have a current sound.

This is a great opportunity for national exposure as MTV is a popular cable network channel with a huge following and viewership on a consistant daily basis. The artists and track(s) name used will also be super-imposed on the screen during the airing of a shows episode.

There will be a $500.00 sync fee, plus royalties. Due to syndication and mass distribution, royalties are expected to be high. There are no publisher splits so you will not be giving up or sharing any part of the upfront sync or royalty payments if your music is chosen.

This opportunity is open to all artists worldwide.
Deadline April 13, 2013

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