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Friday, March 8, 2013

Indianapolis Indiana based Dj creates "The Bully Bashier Tour" by Oliver "DjBigO317" Jackson

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Indianapolis Indiana based Dj creates "The Bully Bashier Tour" by Oliver "DjBigO317" Jackson
story by: DjSquad574

Hey everyone its DjSquad574 the youngest of NerveDjs at age 15yrs. I Just Found out that out of all the tours going on around the country this is only one I would go see & Support. Its called the "The Bully Basher Tour" created by Oliver "DjBigO317" Jackson of Indianapolis,In ft. KCAne MarkCO of St.Louis,Mo & A1dalastdrop.of Ft.Myers,Florida. You all ask why go see & support such a show because I'm a 15yr old freshman & I see the Bulling on a daily in my school here in Indianapolis,In.

I seen the News footage from Fox28 News & the videos online, I feel they really care about whats going on inside of these school walls, it takes a special person to even come to head with that thought saying I wanna make a difference, these are the words from DjBigO317 who has been in the music industry well over 30 years. "Every were I go in big cities & small towns while im on tour I always read the local news paper & front page, local school kid kills them self do to been bullied" I asked why you? Why not me someone has to stand up for our youth, so I decided to grab a few indie artist who were already out on tour run the entire idea by them since they are on Mtv already so I new the kids would listen to someone they see on Tv & Internet faster than if they were a teacher or parent. Below is one of the News Links while they are on tour..

To Book the Bully Bashing Tour to your local school or college contact
 Oliver "DjBigO317" Jackson 317-701-5285 or follow him on Twitter @DjBigO317

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