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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Extended Stay America & Extended Stay Deluxe hotels in Indianapolis Indiana are infested with BED BUGS

Extended Stay America & Extended Stay Deluxe are 2 of the major hotel chains that are infested with BED BUGS!!
Story by: DjBigO317
What it do family friends & faithful readers, its me DjBigO317 you all already know how i am going to give it to you Live, Real & 100% Raw. I hope you all don’t have weak stomachs. Everyone has heard of the nightmare stories about BED BUGS, in movie theaters well this here gets even worse. Imagine your traveling around the country on business while you sleeping at the Extended Stay America or Extended Stay Deluxe & you get this feeling like something is crawling on you. You wake up & its a BED BUG on your arm! Well this really happened to my family & I while we were in the process of buying a house we were staying at the Extended Stay America 2730 Fortune Circle West Indianapolis,Indiana. Below is a chart that i was able to grab off online so you all can see there life cycle
bed bugs harboring in and on a box spring, bed frame, and headboard & lounge chair & curtains.
They travel from room to room by way of the house keepers,& the hotel staff per when they change the sheets & trow them on the floors, when they vacuum the rooms & not dumping them out per room before cleaning the next room.
My family and I were staying at Extended Stay America for 3 1/2 months. in our last month we were moved to 2 other rooms that were infested with Bed Bugs. Before each move the hotel had us put everything into clear plastic bags so they could run all of our articles thru a dryer at 140 degrees to “Kill the bed bugs” Well in the process the hotel chain damaged our luggage bags & shrunk our clothes. They claimed the insurance would take care of everything our over all damages & lost clothing is estimated at over $2100. To add insult to everything they wanted us to keep paying every week & the insurance only paid us a little over $200. Keep in mind we lost Leather luggage set of 3 pieces brand new in the box still valued over $500, 2 laptop cases (Bags) 1 duffle bag, 3 used older suit cases, 2 pair of shoes, & clothes that were damaged by the heat which cause them to shrink.
I’ve contacted the management teams Justin is site Mgt.& David Hindman is the regional mgt of said property 2730 Fortune Circle West Indianapolis,Indiana 46241
I’ve made several attempts to contact the Corporate Offices via email & phone calls but no response 980-345-1600 left voice mails.
When traveling on business or with family keep in mind it helps to have insurance on your personal articles, baggage, clothes cause if not your going to be Bugged by this for a long time!!! Hotels only cover what they choose to..they will tell you its out of our hands, a nice way of putting you off.

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